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50 years -- 1966 to 2016

After 50 years -- You Make a Life by What you Give - San Diego Highwayman by WheelsNotHeels Published on Jul 20, 2017 I met Thomas Weller last week. I've seen him on the freeway and have heard how he's helped stranded motorists for 50 years! He never asks for payment other than to ask that you pass on the favor to anyone you come across who might be in distress or need help. Don't let the chain of love end with you.

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a morning prayer

each new day I wake up and am priviledged to see the sun shining, and NOT grass roots over my head - and my body moves and my brain functions -- I am gratefull --

I shall endeavor to make the world a better place in gratitude for being alive!

I shall plant seeds of flowers -- for beauty

of vegetables, for food for to feed my body

trees, to shade my head and provide oxygen

and "seeds of kindness" out on the highways to feed my soul ---

I enjoy watching ALL of my "seeds" growing while I am here to do so --

A mill does not turn on waters past --

plant "seeds" every day and every WAY you can!

the highwayman

"ABOUT" San Diego with Ken Kramer --

Yol Bolson! - may there be a road -

While I'm Here --

documentary film 2009 from Supreme Master TV "Highwyman to the rescue"

Beulah is ALIVE again!

*MY* Beulah's namesake -- [ read this book when I was a teenager I did ]

Random acts of kindness caught on windshield cams

*MY* personal windshield cam captures of RAOKs done every day and other vids I "like" as well :)

the San Diego Highwayman -- "Playin on the Freeway" [ helpin others ] w my faithfull partner Shotgun Shela -- [ the DOGpark sequence in this video is HILARIOUS ! watch the action in the background :) ]

Coronado Clarion pictorial >chuckle< :) be shure to click play on the sound track ;)

"To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

2008 LA Times front page story Highway Angel video

reflections in a highwayman's eye
photo by

50 years -- 1966 to 2016

February 1st of 2017 my Angel copilot "Shotgun" Shela gained her wings and left this earth after 15 years of riding with me, protecting me -- in March, I suffered a stroke, luckily a small one, my "witch" said likely because of losing Shela - - I've found that I can't delete-remove this "donate" button from my site, so please ignore it as I am unable to continue as the highwayman and have only myself and my "witch" to care for now --

Thomas Weller
aka the San Diego Highwayman
Goose Creek Ranch
504 Macon St.
El Cajon, Ca. 92019

The Road You Leave Behind [ music - video ]

WWJD a "Passing it on" music video by the Baggy Bottom Boys -- I LIKE it!

Hoy por ti, mañana por mi - Today YOU tomorrow me


The man who loved starfish [ MAKE a difference any way you can ]

Highwayman, Thomas T -- his lyrics to a TRUE story of "payin it forward"

a Cowboy's Pledge of Allegiance

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San Diego Highwayman on facebook

Live show from Carlsbad High School 06/01/11 great kids here!

Sam's Diego radio show recently --


July 5th 2004, I was on a beach area freeways "search loop" when I encountered the family, portrayed here in the drawin by littl Whitney, w their stranded minivan, at the sunset end of the I-8 WB.
 They were visitin San Diego from San Jose for the 4th of July holiday and were stayin @ a motel a considerable distance from where their vehicle had become stranded. The alternator had ceased to function and they had run on their battery till it was dead. I had originally intended only to enable them to return to their motel by removin their dead battery and installin my extre "booster" battery in it's place -- but -- after arrivin at their motel -- I realized that they were going to have a really hard time dealin w the situation since it WAS a holiday and most repair shops were closed and they were from out of town.
 Sooo -- I left my "booster" battery IN their vehicle, gave them my address and directions as to how to git here, and had them come HERE the next mornin whereupon I reinstalled their now freshly charged battery and provided them with another fully charged battery as well to fit their vehicle so they could swap em out if-when the first ran dead on their trip home -- [ I have a number of different battery types that are still good that I save for this exact purpose].
The vehicle ran jist fine on just the battery as long as they would drive only in daytime and NOT use the air conditionin -- they made it home in good shape as mentioned in littl Whitney's artwork
 My FAVORITE "thank you" :)
smart & perceptive littl gal Whitney  :)
she even put a battery in the drawin ----
annnd -- NOTICE where she drew Shela!  :) 
“The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today” - Francis of Assisi

recently, I stopped to help a feller on the 163 SB JNO the 5th St off -- down from Mercy hospital --
fella looked like onea Clint Eastwood's "salty lookin dude" w jailhouse tattoos, bulgin muscles, shaved head -- had a beat up earliy 90s Tbird w a BO tire & no spare -- been asittin there fer several hours in the heat -- he'd called a friend to bring him a spare -- didn't fit the hub -- he was from outta town -- just IN town to pick up a friend of his outta jail -- I arrived jist as his friend w the no-fit spare got there -- friend was "interestin lookin" as well,  they was both bummed  -- I gave him my card and took his wheel w the BO back to my "20" and put a decent tire on it that i keep various sizes of fer JIST this purpose [ got bout a hundred or so out behind the barn ] -- took it back to him and put it on the car -- turned to leave -- he grabbed my arm
w tears in his eyes, he said I'd "blown him away" -- he'd sat there in his car readin the card i'd gave him -- he hadn't really believed i was comin back w a tire for him -- nobody had ever done anything like that for him before!
maybe made a convert that day
anyways --



the San Diego Highwayman

The "Mission"

I have been called various things as I pursue my "mission" of helping others on the highways and byways of my travels. Highway Angel, Road Ranger, White Knight, Good Samaritan, are some that I don't mind ----But I kinda like best the moniker that Charles Kuralt bestowed when fellas from Ninth Wave Productions followed me one day to film me "playin on the freeway" [ helpin folks ] on his "American Moments" show in 1996. He said --

"Highwaymen of old were figures to fear, but here's a HIGHWAYMAN to admire."

My "Ghostbusters" rescue rig, so called for its resemblence to the vehicle in the movie of the same name, is a mixture of many makes, models, and years of vehicles blended together to make a whole -- for instance, the front sheet metal, or "clip" is from a 56 Crown Victoria while the rest of the main body of the car is 55 Ford Country Sedan . I originally aqquired it for $35.00 when I found it sitting in a vacant lot in Ocean Beach in 1966. It was badly front-end damaged and had broken windows, missing parts and was basicly abandoned to the elements. I began to piece it back togeather using what came to hand. It slowly evolved over the years into what it is today, a very unusual and distinctive SAR [ Search And Rescue ] vehicle.

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life, that we cannot sincerely help another without helping ourselves in the bargain."

Needless to say, littl Whitney's artwork rememberance, above, of our July 5th encounter, lifts MY spirits considerably ever time I look at it! :)

PS -- Shela is my canine "shotgun" partner, Humane Society "rescue" pooch, and doesn't normally "drive" the rig. ;) Although -- "She"'s SMART enough she probably COULD if she had fingers. ;) Stopping might be a bit RUFF however ESPECIALLY if she happened to spy a CAT :0

Stopped to help this little gal, Jane, whilst out "playin" one day -- never imagined the fun I had helpin her, would result in my favorite chuckle to read ;) -- funny & talented girl, Jane :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Highway Man

by Jane Lui

according to a chinese oracle who calculated my birth and numbers, whenever i run into an issue, someone will be near to lend a hand. it's translated as "royal guest through grand gates."

i got a flat tire yesterday on the 163. so i called road side assistance.
while on the phone with a very nice lady... i saw in my rearview mirror: the Ghostbuster mobile drove up.
i swear.
but on the front it said, "search & rescue."

i pulled my phone away from my ear, looked at it with a raised eyebrow, looked back at the mirror, a man was already walking up to me.

"Hi, i'm here to help. we'll get you on the road in no time."
"what? are you asking for money?"
he hands me a card with the greatest smile.
"no. i do this for fun. i saw you from the other side of the highway, turned around and stopped here."
"wh..what do you do this for FUN..."
while the lady on the phone says, "well... it seems like you're ok..."
" thanks.. i'll call you again if i need anything..."
he had me hooked.
"it's what i do.. i look for people like you and help them get back on the road. they call me The Highway Man." i then looked for his cape.
while getting my spare on within 5 minutes, he had me standing on the hill incase some drunk didn't see us around the bend. my job was to Scream, if.

i stood there... stunt.
he's been doing this for 20 years. his partner in crime, Shela, had her chin out the window just waiting patiently in her black and white blotches.
his business card says, "Assisting you has been my pleasure. I ask for no payment other than for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter."

Today. i am a believer.

Should you wish to, you may contact the San Diego Highwayman
Goose Creek Ranch
504 Macon St
El Cajon, Ca.

Happy trails to you, do a RAoK "pass it on" it'll make YOUR day as well ;)

from the Highwayman, Thomas T.

finally -- "Don't breed or buy while shelter pets DIE"

Shela WAS a shelter dog!

I cain't imagine not havin her with me!

"She" was WAITIN fer *me* @ the San Diego Humane Society 887 Sherman St. San Diego, Ca. 92110


One to One Lasik -- I was apprehensive goin in -- bad as my eye was it was STILL *my* eye and necessary for me to be able to continue "playin on the freeway" daytimes at least. plus -- I'm a WUSS for pain. Gotta tell ya -- NO pain! had the surgery on a Thursday mornin -- drove home MYSELF from post-op examination Friday mornin! 20/20 vision agin WooHoo!

Rescue the Highwayman -- the Turko Files KUSI tv

the ROYAL treatment!

Rides to the "Rescue"

Goin the extra mile!

Turko File fans help get the job DONE!

BACK in GEAR! [ on the road agin thanke to Michael turko! ]


my garden's GROWIN & BLOOMIN

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see how YOU kin make a difference in traffic @

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I'm a HAPPY dog! -- I'm goin for a RIDE!

Smilin Shela
DOG is my copilot - - Shela LOVES to ride

"Christmas at the Shelter" -- don't breed or buy while shelter pets die! -- Shela WAS a shelter pet!

I need to be able to stop to help folks
give me SPACE willya?

Courtesy [ in drivin, as in life ] costs nothin
A lack of courtesy kin turn out to be VERY expensive!

Ridin off into the sunset