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San Diego Highwayman My Garden's Growin -- A beautiful Garden is a work of Heart

a morning prayer

each new day I wake up and am priviledged to see the sun shining, and NOT grass roots over my head - and my body moves and my brain functions -- I am gratefull --

I shall endeavor to make the world a better place in gratitude for being alive!

I shall plant seeds of flowers -- for beauty

of vegetables, for food for to feed my body

trees, to shade my head and provide oxygen

and "seeds of kindness" out on the highways to feed my soul ---

I enjoy watching ALL of my "seeds" growing while I am here to do so --

A mill does not turn on waters past --

plant "seeds" every day and every WAY you can!

the highwayman

Yol Bolson! - may there be a road -

While I'm Here --

sowing the seeds of kindness on San Diego Freeways -- CBS Evening News June 22nd 2012

the San Diego Highwayman -- "Playin on the Freeway" [ helpin others ] w my faithfull partner Shotgun Shela -- [ the DOGpark sequence in this video is HILARIOUS ! watch the action in the background :) ]

Random acts of kindness caught on windshield cams

WWJD a "Passing it on" music video by the Baggy Bottom Boys -- I LIKE it!

“Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits, Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds, Fill it with sunshine, Kind words, and Kind deeds.”

my favorite thankyou-- drawn by littl Whitney here
notice who's drivin the rig ;) :)

“Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits, Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds, Fill it with sunshine, Kind words, and Kind deeds.”

San Diego Highwayman "Playin on the Freeway" for 40 years

Monday, February 06, 2006
The Highway Man -- by Jane Lui

according to a chinese oracle who calculated my birth and numbers, whenever i run into an issue, someone will be near to lend a hand. it's translated as "royal guest through grand gates"

i got a flat yesterday on the 163. so i called road side assistance. while on the phone with a very nice lady...i saw in my rearview mirror: the Ghostbuster mobile drove up.
i swear.
but on the front it said, "search & rescue."

i pulled my phone away from my ear, looked at it with a raised eyebrow, looked back at the mirror, a man was already walking up to me.

"Hi, i'm here to help. we'll get you on the road in no time."
"What? are you asking for money?"
he hands me a card with the greatest smile.
"no, i do this for fun. i saw you from the other side of the highway, turned around and stopped here."
"wh..what do you mean...you..you do this for FUN.."
while the lady on the phone says, well... it seems like you're ok ..."
"yeah..mm...thanks..i'll call you again if i need anything..."
he had me hooked.
"it's what i do.. i look for people like you and help them get back on the road they call me the Highway Man." i then looked for his cape.
while getting my spare on within 5 minutes, he had me standing on the hill in case some drunk didn't see us around the bend. my job was to Scream, if.

I stood there...stunt
he's been doing this for 20 years. his partner in crime, Shela, had her chin out the window, just waiting patiently in her black and white blotches.
his business card says, "Assisting you has been my pleasure. I ask for no payment other then just for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter."

Today. i am a believer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 November 2008 California Legislature Assembly Certificate Of Recognition presented to Thomas Weller in honor of Outstanding Community Service Joel Anderson Member of the Assembly Assembly District 77 California State Legislature ---------------------------------------------------------November 2008

Reader's Digest

Best of America -- Highway Helper

by Bridget Nelson Monroe



18 October 2008

Shining World Compassion Award

For compassionately devoting your time and life to serving others, for humbly protecting motorists, and for being a dedicated and noble role model, we hereby applaud and celebrate the great deeds of Mr. Thomas Weller, "HIGHWAYMAN to admire."

The Supreme Master Ching Hai


12 September 2008
CBS Assignment America w Steve Hartman
"The Good Samaritan in a Station Wagon"
[link to video below ]


LA Times -- front page -- 24 July 2008
Highway Angel
story by Elizabeth Douglass
video & photos by Brent Foster
[ link below ]


San Diego Reader 19 July 2008
Highwayman Running on Empty
by Dorian Hargrove
[ link to story below ]

my "garden" is growin
03/24/2007 08:18 PM

The Highwayman

Rode in w my bro, in his car, to City Chev this afternoon to pick up my son's diesel 4x for him [ had some work done there *I* didn't want to do ]

Passed by several stranded folks on the I-8 and felt pangs for not bein able to help em [ feel downright nakid w-o my trusty SAR rig ]

One gal was particulary poigniant for me as she had a flat and as we passed she was gittin out a stroller as if she was going to walk away from the car down a nearby off ramp -- anyways I made a mental note to check on her comin back -- and she was still there -- soooo I dropped my son's truck at the home 20, and returned to the scene w my trusty rig -- annnd Shela of course --

Now there's a van behind her car, and a feller workin on changin the blown tire w *her* tools [ small stock jack, 1 arm wrench, ect ] he's makin a go of it but he doesn't know yet the spare is FLAT

I hand him my star wrench and proceed to air up the spare for him.

He allows as to how HE'D passed by this gal once previously as well and when he came back by she was still there and he remembered how his wife had had a blowout on the freeway about 4 months previous and someone had stopped to help *her* ===








MY wife when she needed it"


When I help someone beside the road, I give em a card or 2 and ask em to "pass it on" I liketa think of it as plantin "seeds of kindness" it's NICE ta see the "seeds" asproutin ;)

07/15/2006 02:25 AM
I have now seen you twice on the 8 in the past month. The first time I forgot to post a message that I saw you. I saw you out today helping someone on the Fletcher Parkway onramp. I live right off of Fletcher.

Hey, small world, youngster!

Had a good day yesterday

Those 3 kids had just been told they had an hour's wait for their "road service" in the 100 degree heat -- they were glad to see ME and I had fun helping them Saw them from the EB side as I was heading back to my base 20 after a beach area loop -- previous, had also helped an older fella
[ older then me ]
who'd run out of gas EB I-8 @ College, and was suffering in the heat

Shela and I got a good run @ the "Dusty Rhoads" dog park as well -- whew -- "She" stuck to the shade as we were leaving and I think we BOTH had our tongues hanging out when we got to the rig.

hey i never got to get your name but i couldnt help it but to look you up.
you helped me out ina big way for if you hadint come to assist me i would have been out there in the street looking for someone to help me since im new to this city. Back in my home in texas this wouldnt have happed. well thanks again
sincerely, dennis The guy with the black taurus u helped today september 8, 2004
Yesterday as I was WB on I-8 approaching Waring Rd I noticed a traffic snarl a distance ahead and "lit up" to slow traffic behind me just in time to prevent a man and a woman who were pushing another motorists stalled vehicle out of the 2 lane across 4 lanes to the RS from getting run over!! They had stopped THEIR vehicle on the RS and run out in traffic lanes to assist a motorist who had had a "belt seperation" [ tread came off but tire body stayed inflated ] and then panicked and stalled the car in traffic!

THEY were "winded" but OK and we shook hands, they left, and I stayed to change the tire for the hapless fellow who was shaking and soaking wet -- "HOT day" ;)

As I was finishing up the change a CHP came out the Waring on ramp "running code" to deal with
[ I'm sure ] reported TC due to all the tire smoke and initial traffic tie-up that occured. Gave him a "thumbs up" and he shut down code and waved as he passed

Motorist hugged me and said he was GLAD to be alive -- I said "the OTHER folks saved you, I just changed the tire" WHEW! talk about "heroism" -- on foot -- in freeway traffic

Anyways -- "Lets be carefull out there" [ Hill Street Blues ]
the Highwayman

Oh my gosh - . Highwayman, you are who I thought you were (but up until now I thought you were Highway Patrol!). You helped my son and I out a few weeks back. His science project (a rather large sling shot) fell off the back of his truck on the freeway (very dangerous) and I absolutely could not lift help him lift it. You drove right up and helped place it back in the bed of the truck. Thank you - I have seen you often on the road helping folks out. Didn't know you were a Mammoth Forum member. Happy Holidays!

Hi Cath,

That was you eh? Small world isn't it?

Helped a gal out in the "boonies" on I-8 back in 82 [ turned out to be off-duty sheriff deputy ] several years later she bought a house on my street [ not knowing I lived here ] one day saw me pulling out of my garage and surprised me w reminence of how we met years before and what my stopping to help had meant to her She got mentioned in People Magazine article [ August 19 of 2002 ] because, since I don't ask for info from those I help and don't keep "records" of assists, she was one I could think of for them to contact for story.

Salute to American Heros Award
presented by
Congressman Duncan Hunter
Thomas Weller
October 5 2002

August 19 2002

People Magazine

"As his vintage 1955 Ford station wagon rattles down California's busy Highway 8, Thomas Weller is on the lookout for a breakdown."

**MY SAR RIG RATTLE??!! OOOOOOH I SO wanted to throttle the re-write artist that wrote that!**

**Even with ALL the equipment in it and the fact that it's almost as old as I am -- it DOESN'T rattle -- I HATE rattles! -- little reporter gal that took 7 pages of notes for the story apologized to me for the rewriter's use of that word --[ she never used it to describe my vehicle ] -- ah well :p **

"I didn't think there were angels that roamed the freeway" says Lin Manning,47 a now-retired sheriff's sargent whom Weller aided in 1982.

Says Weller - "Some people go hang gliding; I go "play on the freeway."
The Highwayman [headline]

Angel on the Highway

Union Tribune Sunday July 7th 2002
Mechanic lends a helping hand to motorists in need. by John Wilkens staff writer

For 35 years, Thomas Weller has repaired broken-down cars on local roads. His bill: a request to those he helped to be kind to others.

To most of us a broken-down car on the freeway is a nightmare. To Thomas Weller, it's a hobby.

For 35 years, the El Cajon auto mechanic has been patrolling the local highways in a 1955 Ford station wagon. stopping to help stranded motorists deal with flat tires and empty gas tanks and dead batteries.
He does it for free.
"Helping other people lifts my spirits," Weller said. "I do it as much for myself as for the other people." --------
Auto Trader 05/31/02

Good Samaritan Spotlight
For more then 30 years Thomas Weller has been assisting stranded motorists and accident victims that he encounters in his travels. He does not charge a fee for his aid, but asks rather for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress you may encounter.
Thomas, himself, built the 1955 Ford wagon he uses for search and rescue from scraps. The "Ghostbusters-mobile" look-alike has been Thomas' partner for more then 30 years. The "Highwayman" lives with his wife in El Cajon, Ca. ---

10 Leadership Award from KGTV channel 10 news April 05 2002 This week - KGTV honors Thomas Weller also known as "the Highwayman" with the 10Leadership Award.
"The 10Leadership Award identifies, recognizes, and inspires local individuals who go above and beyond to make San Diego a better place to live by improving the quality of life for those who need it most." --------
E-mail 01/18/01
I just wanted to say thank you for helping with my car on Wednesday. I did make it to school the next day. No worries. The girl with the red Bronco II
"for a whole lot of thoughfullness"
Thanks, Mr Weller, for aiding four ignorant teenage girls stuck on the five freeway. we will remember you and your kindness for years to come
Sarah, Becky, Addirene, Ashely
29 June 2000
Thanks for helping my daughter.
Thanks for "passing it on"
Thanks for making me feel better about the human race.
regards, Dave LaForest
A Man of the Road
"Highwaymen of old were figures to fear, but, here's a Highwayman to admire." ------------Charles Kuralt -- excerpt from his book, Charles Kuralt's AMERICAN MOMENTS published 1998 Simon & Schuster
Daily Californian, Friday, July 5, 1991
*El Cajon resident is a godsend for stranded drivers*
The young woman trapped in her car was hysterical. The vehicle had run out of gas in the fast lane of Interstate 8 East. Fortunately for her, El Cajon resident Tom Weller came upon the dangerous situation and helped her out of it. This young driver is one of thousands that Weller has aided during the past 25 years on San Diego's highways. ---------

White Knight --
Tom Weller was at El Cajon Auto Trim when a man he had never seen before walked up to him and gave him a $20 bill.

"You stopped a few weeks ago on the freeway and changed a tire on my wife's car." the man told him. I just wanted to thank you. --------

article in San Diego Home & Garden Magazine March 1989
1987 -- A note included w a gift dropped off at my house -- "The heart vase because it's like your heart full of care and good wishes ... the bear in pjs because I sleep easier knowing that there's people out there like you...thanx
"I-8 & stranded


Dear Mr. Weller,
On Wednesday, January 17, 1973 at 14.20 Hrs you helped my wife. On Highway 8 East next to the Texas street exit, you put the spare of her stationwagon to replace the flat right rear tire.

This generous action without even knowing us is greatly appreciated and I want to express to you my thanks.

It is indeed a real moral booster to find people who these days are kind and helpful without expecting a reward.

May you, your family and your business enjoy success and many more happy years.
Paul H. Sebrechts M.D.
April 2, 1971
Earlier this week on the way home from work I had a flat tire on the freeway. I was having difficulty changing the tire because my jack was not working properly. A small truck stopped and the driver came out and volunteered to help. I accepted and he courtesly and efficiently changed the tire with the spare.

I was very pleasently surprised to find that he wouldn't accept payment when he finished but instead offered me his card. I thanked him and went about my business.

I just looked at the card and there is no name on it, so I don't know who to thank. Perhaps you will accept my thanks to your whole organization for the help you are rendering motorsts on the freeway.
Joseph H. Byrnes
James Madison High School

Strange but TRUE

Joseph Byrnes passed away last April, and a family member did a search of his name on the internet for rememberences of his life and his note of thanks to me posted on my then, weeks old, site came up. I was invited to attend the celebration of his life, and, while on my way to attend, had one of the most unusual experiences of MY life -- to wit --

on the road "to" Vegas

-- I had made several "assists" this day --
ONE of them was on the I-8 WB between 70th St - Lake Murray and the College Ave exchanges.

I pulled up behind an older Datsun pickup on the RS and steaming -- gal had the hood up and had already located the problem -- a small bypass hose had blown -- well, I carry bulk lengths of hose of that sort for situations like this so we proceeded to effect the repair togeather -- shoulder was wide and unobstructed so I pulled the rig up beside her truck for better access to my tools -- she mentioned she had called her husband prior to my arrival -- as I got out from moving the rig, I glanced back up the road, and there,walking on the shoulder coming towards us, was a man, a little shorter then I and a little stockier, with long hair, a mustache, dark complected [ but not Hispanic ] looked to be in his 40s maybe.

As he came up to us, I asked the gal if she knew him but she didn't. At this point her husband arrived and I went to talk with the walker. He asked me if I knew how to get to Las Vegas? I said "well, yes but I'm kinda busy right now if you'll wait over there where it's safe I'll talk to you in a couple of minutes." -- went back to work completing the repair with the help of the woman's husband -- filled the radiator -- ran the engine for a bit to check for leaks or overheat damage [ none luckily ] and instructed them how to "launch" safely back into the traffic flow -- [ both did ]

THEN -- I turned to the fellow who had waited patiently for my attention and noticed that he was carrying only a large, old fashioned, red Bible and a bottle of water and wore no jacket and only lightweight clothes.

He again stated that he needed to get to Las Vegas and could I get him there? -- I said that I could give him a lift off the freeway and to the train station. He said that he didn't have any money and showed me a wallet that had a Nevada ID in it and nothing else [ and NO -- I don't remember the name on it, but it WAS his picture ]

Well, to get him off the freeway, and out of harm's way and a possible ticket from the CHP I decided to give him a lift to a safer place.

As he got in next to Shela [ my search dog and "shotgun" rider ] she GRINNED at him and moved over without my having to tell her to.

He began to talk of his travels, and having just come from Cuba as I "launched" back into traffic and tried to figure out what I was going to be able to do for him -- I momentarialy got the urge to TAKE him to Vegas before "sanity" returned and I figured to drop him at the Fairmont exit where he could walk safely.

But no -- he pointed to the 15 north exchange and said "that's the way to Vegas please"

So, I took the 15 north and swung off at Friar's Road and pulled to the curb where he could cross to the other side to catch a ride in the right direction safely.

As he got out of the rig, I handed him a McDonald's $5 gift cert book, some of my "survival rations" from the rig's stock, and, as the skys were looking threatening, one of my "trash bag" ponchos I carry for accident victims. As I turned to leave, he put down what he was carrying and reached out with both arms and hugged me and said "thank you Thomas"

I hadn't told him my name!

I drove up the road to the first light [ short distance ] made a right to swing a u turn to come back and reenter the freeway -- He was GONE -- He was only out of my sight for a moment as I turned.

THEN -- I thought back to when I'd first seen him approaching us on the freeway shoulder -- he HADN'T come from the 70th St - Lake Murray exchange because I'd have SEEN him as I passed before I stopped to help the little lady!!

Got home, told the wife, she said "Tom , tomorrow's Easter."

Been doin what I do since 1966, and have had a number of unusual experiences, but this day stands out --

This page is an ongoing effort -- please feel free to check back for updates.

"Shotgun Shela" my canine ridin companion *was* a shelter dog! Been with me 4 years now.

Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die!

You'll never know "who" you might miss if you don't check the shelters FIRST.

If you have a story of meeting the HIGHWAYMAN "on the road" you'd like to share, or an ability to help out with "mission" expenses you'd like to surprise me with --
e-mail me at SNOWtraction@yahoo.com or send it "snailmail" to --

The San Diego Highwayman -- Thomas T
Goose Creek Ranch
504 Macon St.
El Cajon, Ca. 92019

I'd admire hearin from ya.


Cards I give to those I help or witness doin GOOD
the card w graphics is 2 sided -- showin both sides here

Shining World Leadership Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai -- August 2008

Reader's Digest story November issue 2008

German TV story 2009 -- funny stuff here :)

the above link to the German TV story no longer works due to fomattin changes apparently, but, I have DVD that works in player [ thankfully] as there is some neat stuff shown on it ;)

Ramblins from the Highwayman's Roost

Shotgun Shela LOVES to ride
The Road You Leave Behind [ music - video ]

"To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Riding into the sunset


reflections in a highwayman's eye

NPR radio story 13 Sept 2013

Full print version