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HIGHWAYMAN, Thomas T. -- his lyrics

THE HIGHWAYMAN----his lyrics to the music of the song sung by Willie Nelson

I am the Highwayman-----along the freeways I do drive-----my tools and gas can by my side------manys the maiden whose flat tire I've changed by hand------manys the fellow given gas out of my can-----I take great pleasure out of rescuing lost souls------and I have been around--

2nd verse

I am the Highwayman-----on the mountain roads I drive-----in rain, snow, sleet, and hail I survive------manys the stranded traveler helped along their way-------then came that fateful moment on that Christmas day------I had a blowout and I needed help myself-------and someone came along--

3rd verse

I am the Highwayman-----someone I'd helped before came driving up to say-------can I help you sir?-----You once helped me this way------and thats the way it goes----- it always goes around.-----------

This happenin, on Christmas mornin 1996, is a true story - it happened to ME -- the fella who stopped to help me with my misfortune -- *I* had stopped to help NINE YEARS PREVIOUSLY when he had run out of gas in a snowstorm in nearly the same mountain area!
-----------------Pay it foward----------------------------------- you never know when, how, or where ya might need "it" back ;)

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