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"reflections" in a highwayman's eye
memories of past doins

the San Diego Highwayman, Thomas T -- my "mission statement"

My Story

For 40 years I have been assisting stranded motorists and accident victims that I have encountered in my travels. I do not charge a fee, rather, I present my card,which says

"Assisting you has been my pleasure,I ask for no payment other than for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you encounter."

The card is to be passed on with the "favor"

The beginning of my "mission."

When I was 16, I slid off the highway in a snowstorm late one night. My car plowed into a snowbank and was mostly buried. The only part visible was the back end. After spending several hours in the freezing cold I was beginning to give up hope when a man stopped to help me. His words to me, when I asked what I owed him for his help, are those that now appear on my card.

My therapy

Whenever I can, especially when the weather is really bad, I head out on the highways and back roads looking for folks in trouble.

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that we cannot sincerely help another without helping ourselves"

On my "wish list" are funding, new rescue equipment, new LED and STROBE warning light systems,

[ THANKS to Steve @ Nova Electronics for the great "SLULTRA" & "BULL" LED warning light systems recently contributed ]

FUEL and communications expenses,

[ THANKS to Mike & Jason at Auto Trader Publications for that period in time where you subsidized *those* expenses ]

and most especially, a new vehicle,------- GMC or Tahoe 4x, suitably outfitted for "mission", would be GRAND, and a "wish" come true. [someday]

meanwhile --

Vehicle I built from bits and pieces and have used for 30+yrs, essentially a 55 Ford wagon, [ looks much like the "Ghostbusters" ambulance ] was featured in
San Diego Home and Garden Magazine in March of 89

on Charles Kuralt's "American Portraits" on NBC in 1996,

San Diego Union Tribune article "Angel on the Highway" in July 2002,
People Magazine article "Hoodfella" in August 2002,

more recently in Norwegian magazine Amcar 8-2003 "-landeveiens hvite engel.." and
Swedish magazine Bilsport Classic Nov 2005 "Vagens Riddare" [ can't READ either of THEM but they've got GREAT pictures and Shela's in the Swedish story ]:)

profiled on "About San Diego" w Ken Kramer on KNSD tv 7-39

24 July 2008 -- Front page of LA Times --
story by Elizabeth Douglass --
Video by Brent Foster -- Highway Angel

12 September 2008
CBS News Assignment America series w Steve Hartman
"Workin in my garden"

It is my wish to be out there "playin on the freeway" much as I can -- the price of fuel keeps me from doin so --

For further info or if you'd like to provide mission assistance "Pay It Forward" please contact...

Goose Creek Ranch
504 Macon St.
El Cajon, Ca. 92021