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NAS DAILY Video -- Presented to me 04/12/2024 -- I am GREATLY honored THANK YOU! -- It WAS a life I lived and LOVED for 60+ YEARS of MY life --

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SAN DIEGO There's nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road, and no better feeling than when help arrives. In this Zevely Zone, I met San Diego's Highwayman.

My thanks to ALL that had a hand in this happening for me -- I'm greatly honored!

Our AMERICAN Stories -- "the Highwayman" 06/24/22 Thankee kindly Madisyn


"aBOUT, San Diego" and the San Diego Highwayman with Ken Kramer -- thanks Ken! :)

Doc says I'm now CANCER FREE!

She says she got it all --

4 days 3 nights IN hospital -- 2 weeks, so far, recovering here @ the "Goose" Goose Creek Ranch that is -- OFF the pain meds last Wednesday :) It's lookin like I'm agonna BE here a while longer -- feelin LUCKY and BLESSED!

My "witch" wife Patti drove me in 4:30 am Tues morning, March 29th, 2022, in the rain, and brought me home noonish Friday -- 4 days, three nights IN hospital -- now recoverin -- we were really stressin cause her littl Toyota was IN the shop [ had stopped runnin 2 weeks before, and I was unable to diagnose and fix the issue ] It was the car she was comfortable with, and able to drive capably [ she can't safely maneuver my bigger, much heavier, ambulance ] - BUT, Friday morning, they called to say it was good to go and so -- I've got a LOT to BE thankful FOR! LOT of "thank-yous" to put OUT there -- tiren easily just now, might be a littl while GOOD ONya All! Thankee kindly for all yer good wishes!

My Facebook page -- How I feel about things and things that interest me -- and stories out of my past.

San Diego Magazine article February 18 2021

Injurys suffered, loss of my beloved CoPilot Shela, and a stroke [ fortunately a "mild" one ] suffered shortly thereafter, have convinced me it's "time" ---- I can't TELL you how HARD it is for me to pass by stranded motorists w-out stoppin to HELP em! :( But, I can't run anymore -- and not bein ABLE to RUN! I wouldn't survive :( 51 YEARS -- I "played ON the freeway1" no longer :( LOTSA stories here.

Transitioning from my beloved Shela to my beautiful Sadie Mae whom my "She" sent me to find, after picking her out FOR me, that fateful day, in March of 2017 ---

At this, "the end of my trail", I am deeply honored by yer gift of yer time and expertise Kjaersten. Thank You aGIN -- I kin only hope, that those I have been able to help, WILL "pass it on" in the manner received. I am often surprized -- and enjoy hearing from, folks I've helped in the past You Make a Life by What you Give - San Diego Highwayman I met Thomas Weller last week. I've seen him on the freeway and have heard how he's helped stranded motorists for 50 years! He never asks for payment other than to ask that you pass on the favor to anyone you come across who might be in distress or need help. Don't let the chain of love end with you.

Channel 10 News -- NIGHT NOTE: For over four decades, Thomas Weller, a.k.a. the San Diego Highwayman, has made it his mission to cruise our roads and rescue stranded motorists - all out of the kindness of his heart.

Senator Bill Bradley's radio interview on "American Voices" [ starts about the 14:40 mark ]

I WAS the HIGHwayman for 50 years! "What better way is there to have LIVED?"

San Diego Highwayman's youtube channel whereupon are documented many of my Adventures -- Memories -- and SAVES -- from 50+ YEARS of "Playing ON the FREEWAYS -- *MY* "church" WAS the HIGHway!

a morning prayer

each new day I wake up and am priviledged to see the sun shining, and NOT grass roots over my head - and my body moves and my brain functions -- I am gratefull --

I shall endeavor to make the world a better place in gratitude for being alive!

I shall plant seeds of flowers -- for beauty

of vegetables, for food for to feed my body

trees, to shade my head and provide oxygen

and "seeds of kindness" out on the highways to feed my soul ---

I enjoy watching ALL of my "seeds" growing while I am here to do so --

A mill does not turn on waters past --

plant "seeds" every day and every WAY you can!

the highwayman

Yol Bolson! -- may there be a road --

"Never look at the empty seats" -- Charlie Daniels -- his story of perseverance -- thru life's trials of troubles and tribulations.

"ABOUT" San Diego with Ken Kramer --

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Beulah's continuin story on the H.A.M.B. [ Hokey Ass Message Board ] :) 50 years of "Playing ON the Freeway"

While I'm Here --

documentary film 2009 from Supreme Master TV "Highwayman to the rescue"

the San Diego Highwayman -- "Playin on the Freeway" [ helpin others ] w my faithfull partner Shotgun Shela -- [ the DOGpark sequence in this video is HILARIOUS ! watch the action in the background :) ]


"The Road You Leave Behind" music video by David Lee Murphy

Savin a CLASSIC! [ dash cam video -- On The Road w the Highwayman ]

Random acts of kindness caught on windshield cams

Some of *MY* dashcam incidents recorded --

HOLY MOLEY! -- Mattress in the FAST LANE!

WWJD a "Passin it on" music video by the Baggy Bottom Boys -- I LIKE it!

*MY* Beulah's namesake -- [ read this book when I was a teenager I did ]

Beulah killed! :(

"Chain of Love" music video by Clay Walker

We must BE the change we wish to SEE in the world!

“Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits, Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds, Fill it with sunshine, Kind words, and Kind deeds.”

The Good Samaritan In A Station Wagon -- Steve Hartman CBS September 2008

"On The Road" w Les Rose travelin, sowing the "seeds of kindness" with the San Diego Highwayman 06/22/12 CBS News


"The Road You Leave Behind" [ music video by David Lee Murphy ]

car TROUBLE on the SR 163 --

"To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."


LA Times front page 2008 Highway Angel video

Some tales from a few years back -- and *WHY* one OB resturant lost *our* business :P

Hoy por ti, mañana por mi - Today YOU tomorrow me

"It's *just* a rose"

Up lifting stories -- MotivateUs.com

IMAGINE what would happen if one saw THIS on a California freeway! [ Radio Flyer car ]

“To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice”

Kahlil Gibran

Making a change :)

cruisin the Coronado bridge lookin fer trouble
photo by www.StephenChiang.com

About the necessity of -- the NEED for -- and the nostaligic memories of -- the FRONT PORCH in the making of a life.

Smart-Dog-Knows-Amazing-Tricks-You-ve-Never-Seen-Before -- un BELIEVEABLE!

It's ABOUT time! -- MOVE OVER laws enacted --


July 5th 2004, I was on a beach area freeways "search loop" when I encountered the family, portrayed here in the drawin by littl Whitney, w their stranded minivan, at the sunset end of the I-8 WB.
 They were visitin San Diego from San Jose for the 4th of July holiday and were stayin @ a motel a considerable distance from where their vehicle had become stranded. The alternator had ceased to function and they had run on their battery till it was dead. I had originally intended only to enable them to return to their motel by removin their dead battery and installin my extre "booster" battery in it's place -- but -- after arrivin at their motel -- I realized that they were going to have a really hard time dealin w the situation since it WAS a holiday and most repair shops were closed and they were from out of town.
 Sooo -- I left my "booster" battery IN their vehicle, gave them my address and directions as to how to git here, and had them come HERE the next mornin whereupon I reinstalled their now freshly charged battery and provided them with another fully charged battery as well to fit their vehicle so they could swap em out if-when the first ran dead on their trip home -- [ I have a number of different battery types that are still good that I save for this exact purpose].
The vehicle ran jist fine on just the battery as long as they would drive only in daytime and NOT use the air conditionin -- they made it home in good shape as mentioned in littl Whitney's artwork
 My FAVORITE "thank you" :)
smart & perceptive littl gal Whitney  :)
she even put a battery in the drawin ----
annnd -- NOTICE where she drew Shela!  :) 
She's been ridin with me for moren 7 years now. ever since the day I picked her up from the Humane Society where the first thing she did was jump into the driver's seat, sit down, put her paws on the steering wheel spokes, turn and look at me as if to say -- "Ok, I'm ready, git in and lets go!" She acted real disapointed when I indicated she wasn't going to git to drive the rig --
Isn't it interestin that littl Whitney should draw her IN the driver's seat?
I just wanted to let everyone how blessed I felt that hot morning that I ran out of gas on the 163 north. I had to go to court that morning my sons father was evicting me from the home, I had been on disability for 3 months from my job with a back injury but hadn't received a check, I had no money but couldn't miss court downtown. So I just tried to make it from chula vista. I made it there but on the way back was a different story. I was stuck on the side of the freeway no phone, no water very hot no money! I didn't know what to do. I just thought I would sit there forever. I really felt hopeless. Then I looked in my rearview mirror and saw ghostbusters! I thought I was seeing things. Then there was a man at the passenger door asking if he could help. I told him I was out of gas and he said that's no problem I can help you and before I knew it he was back with gas I was overwhelmed I gave him a big hug and he said that was worth it. He gave me his cards jumped in his car and was on his way. I got in my car in tears overcome by his kindness on this horrible day. I looked at his card and couldn't believe it since then I have told everyone I meet about the highway man some know of him. Others can't believe he exists. To you mr. Highway man I say this : not too long after I was running errands  , I passed by several timesduring the day and noticed an old car with its hood up in the parking lot, after the third time I pulled in and approached the car. A young man shaved head covered in tatoos kinda scruffy looking was under the hood. I inquired about his troubles he said he had been there all day he needed a part he had to wait for his friend to get off work to get a ride to the parts store. Being a woman alone my options in helping him were limited. I opened my wallet took out a twenty and your card and gave them to the man, I told him I can't help much but maybe this will help he wanted my address to send the money back but I just waved wished him good luck and went on my way! Love ya highway man!
You rescued me today. Like an amazing warrior of old you arrived in your white steed and saved the day. I was stranded, half on and half off the road. You were so sweet and so generous of spirit. My gas tank had been syphoned, and i hadn't a clue, but you knew and you braved the oncomming traffic to replace the gasoline. You calmed me and joked with me and then followed me to safety. You are... an amazing spirit and i feel doubly blessed to have had the honor of meeting you; one for the vehicular lift that you gave and two for the spiritual one. Thank you for being such an amazing and shining example of what we all should endeavor to be. The world is most certainly a better place for you being in it!!! Number five is alive and safe at home thanks to you!
Stephanie Jordan

got this this evenin from onea t-days doins -- outta quite a few actually

the "number 5, is ALIVE!" is a reference to a movie called Short Circut in which the female lead is Stephanie -- which we joked about while I was helpin her outta her difficulity
10/27/2006 03:52 PM

Date: 2/4/2014 7:21:24 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: snowtraction@yahoo.com
To: snowtraction@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

San Diego Highwayman
September 21, 2013
my day, Friday, 20 September 2013

coupla "FIRSTS" tday -- 

woke @ 4am, couldn't git back to sleep, got a car "comin to pick me up" @ 7:15 for a national TV interview on MSNBC [ cable tv, it turns out ]

so, I git up and git ready anyways -- putter around doin this & that -- my "witch" & Shela git up & see me off -- town car shows up 15 min early -- GOOD driver 

this is the FIRST time in my life I've ever ridden in a car w a driver that was "sent" for me

[ first first of the day & my life ] 

went to put my walkin stick in the back seat [ I'm gonna ride in the front ] back door wouldn't open easily -- [ more on that later ]

"Woodie" the driver, took me right to the "studio" downtown near the gaslamp district -- right tiny place, what I saw of it anyways -- only one fella there, the techy, Sam - nice fella - - just had a baby daughter, he and wife not sleepin too well just now 

makeup gal, Scarlett, came in fer a few moments and applied some to me [ second first of the day & my life ] to make me beautymus fer the camera [ like that'd help in my case ] and, as she worked she realized that she recognized! me -- I'd helped her beside the road sometime back when she'd had a blowout on her Mini 

all set & waitin fer the show to come time fer my part -- [ bout 21/2 min total ] settin in a raised chair wearin an earwig & makeup w bright lights on me & Sam behind the camera givin me instructions to "talk to the camera -- look at the camera -- not at me" 

come time and I hear the anchor's voice in my ear talkin bout me & askin me questions on how I got started doin what I do

REAL disconcertin, in that I can't see who I'm talkin to and I cant see anythin else as well sides the camera [ room is pretty dark beyond the lights ] 

My daughter in Virginny says I did well but, I think she's kinda gonna say that regardless, right? 

anyways, Sam gave me a DVD copy of my segment of the show and we [ witch & Shela & I ] watched it on my arrivin back at the ranch & to me, it looks like I'm sittin there w a stick up my as- kinda rigid & blinkin like a deer in the headlites 

*when* we arrived back at the ranch, I asked Woodie to hang on fer a moment as I went and got my can of white lithium brush on grease and applied a mite to that door latch that'd given trouble earlier -- shut the door, and asked him to try it -- opened at his touch, easily >chuckle< back when I usta work @ a Shell service station as a mechanic, I gained new clients near every day by listinin up when folks'd git outta their cars at the pumps w loud protestin squawks from their unlubricated door hinges then, I'd walk out & lubricate em for them -- *my* clients cars never squawked 


went "out to play" fer a while

headed WB I-8 JWO the I-15 on the RS there's a beatup [ usta be white ] Ford Tarus w a gas can sittin on it's trunk lid and a torn up tire leanin against the back bumper 
[ BOTH universal signs of distress ]

I'm not positioned to safely land there, so I "goaround" from Texas, back EB to the I-15 and then finally back WB to come up behind em lit up fer pertection.

fella drivin is takin female passenger to hospital - -she's sick -- they've had a BO [ he'd changed the tire already and the donut was on the car ] AND then run OOG as well 

Gave em some 

gave the fella one my addy cards as well cause it looked to me like they weren't in any shape to "buy" anuther tire, and I've still got 3 15" tires left out behind the barn -- told him if he could git out to me I'd have a tire for him --

i'm gonna havet to hit up JYK fer some decent 15" tires if he has any -- I'm gittin kinda shy of em since I retired from "workin" my stock of "emergency" tires is depleatin as I give em away and some I've hadta *throw* away as they've become unsafe to "give* agewise 

Well, NOW - he's ready to "launch" and there a sudden loud series of noises behind us as several cars strike and drag some plastic storage containers that had flown outta the back of a small pickup approachin our position!! ONEa the cars strikein & draggin em neata swipes the Tarus as it heads for the RS -- then the plastic comes disengaged from under and the car continues down the road -- beHIND my Merc, the small pickup comes onto the RS and stops short -- to my relief -- of hitting it -- WHEW!

young gal gits out and starts walkin up pickin up pieces of the busted containers as she comes -- I pick some up as well outta the slow lane next to us as the traffic allows and toss them over onto the RS median -- she picks them up as well 

She'd not had any tiedowns on her load, not knowin what the wind kin do, and didn't have any so I gave her some of those that I carry fer JIST these kinda situations and we strapped down the load t-geather -- sent her on her way w a Via Con Dios as always and onea my addy cards as well cause she insisted she want to return my bungees TO me - She DID, they arrived t-day, priority mail, they were HERE when i returned from *tday's* "playin on the freeway" 

nice thankee card included 

to wit -- 

Dear Angel,

Thank you for your light and assistance today when helping me tie down some of the items to the back of my red truck on highway 8 west Fri. 9/20 
I am inspired by your mission to spread peace on earth. 
I cannot thank you enough for your kindness today and would also like to thank you for being a light for the rest of us.
You prevented injury to others and helped me very much.
Sending you peace and appreciation,


went roundabout some more - -over the bridge & thru the park -- a coupla other assists - and I meet my bro fer lunch @ the denny's @ clairmont square - we're havin lunch on the patio -- where Shela is a welcome guest as well and I notice a fella out in the parkin lot takin pics of the Merc - he looks over and sees me & Steve and allows as to how I'd stopped to help him on the road recently NICE fella, from the Chechen Republic in Europe -- said he'd been "passin it on" since 

He went inside and commandeered our lunch check and paid it

there's more to yisterday's story -- but my mind's goin blank

kinda tuckered jist now -- gonna haveta go siesta fer a while

ent out earlier then normal today to do some shoppin and some "playin". Hit the REI for some Thorlos, took my bro to lunch and checked a problem w his car, then headed to the "Dusty" via "once thru the park" and over the bridge to Coronado -- goin to --SB-- I noted 2 vehicles on the NB GP where Washington WB joins 163 NB -- sooo -- comin back NB I'm "set" to react if they're still there -- they ARE -- so I make a lightining quick manuver in behind them w-out upsetting the traffic flow --[ JUST enough room on the shoulder for my rig ] and inquire as to the prob -- FT on the womans vehicle who had called her son to help her -- HE called AAA on discovering WHERE she was w the FT! AAA was due to arrive momentarily so I bade them adu and QUICKLY "exited stage left" to clear the arena.

On to the "Dusty" where Shela had her romp, dump and chase -- -- nosed a few noses and sniffed a few tails [ SHE did that is ]

Then -- hit the road once more and decided to pass thru the park and over the bridge again -- stopped to assist a family w a FT SB 163 on the RS in the park and was politely rebuffed in that "help was on the way, thanks" so went merrily on my way -- rendered aid at a 2 vehicle TC -- no injuries, thankfully -- hit the bridge over and back and while decellerating into the 5 to 1 lane merge from 1-5 NB to 163 NB I noticed a small car ahead of me running on a nearly flat "donut" spare -- well -- I got on the PA and informed the driver of the hazard and he promptly went to the RS and stopped -- whereupon the tire separated from the rim WHEW It was the SAME family I'd met SB some time before!! The person who'd changed their tire for them had forgotten or not bothered to AIR the spare!! A few moments longer and they would have been out in hi-speed traffic w a tire off the rim

THEY were blown away that we should "meet" again -- as was I course I HAD air for them and sent them safely on their way. WHEW whoda thunk

"Fate is the Hunter" was the name of a movie w Glen Ford [ about an airplane crash and the inconsequental { taken separately } chain of events that led up to it ]

I was thinkin of that as they drove away.

A Speeding Ticket Lesson

Jack took a long look at his speedometer before slowing down: 73 in a 55 zone. Fourth time in as many months. How could a guy get caught so often?
When his car had slowed to 10 miles an hour, Jack pulled over, but only partially. Let the cop worry about the potential traffic hazard. Maybe some other car will tweak his backside with a mirror. The cop was stepping out of his car, the big pad in hand.

Bob? Bob from Church? Jack sunk farther into his trench coat. This was worse than the coming ticket. A cop catching a guy from his own church. A guy who happened to be a little eager to get home after a long day at the office. A guy he was about to play golf with tomorrow.

Jumping out of the car, he approached a man he saw every Sunday, a man he'd never seen in uniform.

"Hi, Bob. Fancy meeting you like this."

"Hello, Jack." No smile.

"Guess you caught me red-handed in a rush to see my wife and kids."

"Yeah, I guess." Bob seemed uncertain. Good.

"I've seen some long days at the office lately. I'm afraid I bent the rules a bit - just this once."

Jack toed at a pebble on the pavement. "Diane said something about roast beef and potatoes tonight. Know what I mean?"

"I know what you mean. I also know that you have a reputation in our precinct." Ouch. This was not going in the right direction. Time to change tactics.

"What'd you clock me at?"

"Seventy. Would you sit back in your car please?"

"Now wait a minute here, Bob. I checked as soon as I saw you. I was barely nudging 65." The lie seemed to come easier with every ticket.

"Please, Jack, in the car"

Flustered, Jack hunched himself through the still-open door. Slamming it shut, he stared at the dashboard. He was in no rush to open the window.

The minutes ticked by. Bob scribbled away on the pad.

Why hadn't he asked for a driver's license?

Whatever the reason, it would be a month of Sundays before Jack ever sat near this cop again. A tap on the door jerked his head to the left. There was Bob, a folded paper in hand. Jack rolled down the window a mere two inches, just enough room for Bob to pass him the slip.

"Thanks." Jack could not quite keep the sneer out of his voice.

Bob returned to his police car without a word. Jack watched his retreat in the mirror. Jack unfolded the sheet of paper. How much was this one going to cost?

Wait a minute. What was this? Some kind of joke?

Certainly not a ticket. Jack began to read:

"Dear Jack,

Once upon a time, I had a daughter. She was six when killed by a car. You guessed it - a speeding driver. A fine and three months in jail, and the man was free. Free to hug his daughters, all three of them. I had only one, and I'm going to have to wait until Heaven before I can ever hug her again.

A thousand times I've tried to forgive that man. A thousand times I thought I had. Maybe I did, but I need to do it again. Even now. Pray for me. And be careful, Jack, my son is all I have left.


Jack turned around in time to see Bob's car pull away and head down the road. Jack watched until it disappeared. A full 15 minutes later, he too, pulled away and drove slowly home, praying for forgiveness and hugging a surprised wife and kids when he arrived.

today you, tomorrow me -- a story --

Just about every time I see someone I stop. I kind of got out of the habit in the last couple of years, moved to a big city and all that, my girlfriend wasn't too stoked on the practice. Then some shit happened to me that changed me and I am back to offering rides habitually. If you would indulge me, it is long story and has almost nothing to do with hitch hiking other than happening on a road.

This past year I have had 3 instances of car trouble. A blow out on a freeway, a bunch of blown fuses and an out of gas situation. All of them were while driving other people's cars which, for some reason, makes it worse on an emotional level. It makes it worse on a practical level as well, what with the fact that I carry things like a jack and extra fuses in my car, and know enough not to park, facing downhill, on a steep incline with less than a gallon of fuel.

Anyway, each of these times this shit happened I was DISGUSTED with how people would not bother to help me. I spent hours on the side of the freeway waiting, watching roadside assistance vehicles blow past me, for AAA to show. The 4 gas stations I asked for a gas can at told me that they couldn't loan them out "for my safety" but I could buy a really shitty 1-gallon one with no cap for $15. It was enough, each time, to make you say shit like "this country is going to hell in a handbasket."

But you know who came to my rescue all three times? Immigrants. Mexican immigrants. None of them spoke a lick of the language. But one of those dudes had a profound affect on me.

He was the guy that stopped to help me with a blow out with his whole family of 6 in tow. I was on the side of the road for close to 4 hours. Big jeep, blown rear tire, had a spare but no jack. I had signs in the windows of the car, big signs that said NEED A JACK and offered money. No dice. Right as I am about to give up and just hitch out there a van pulls over and dude bounds out. He sizes the situation up and calls for his youngest daughter who speaks english. He conveys through her that he has a jack but it is too small for the Jeep so we will need to brace it. He produces a saw from the van and cuts a log out of a downed tree on the side of the road. We rolled it over, put his jack on top, and bam, in business. I start taking the wheel off and, if you can believe it, I broke his tire iron. It was one of those collapsible ones and I wasn't careful and I snapped the head I needed clean off. Fuck.

No worries, he runs to the van, gives it to his wife and she is gone in a flash, down the road to buy a tire iron. She is back in 15 minutes, we finish the job with a little sweat and cussing (stupid log was starting to give), and I am a very happy man. We are both filthy and sweaty. The wife produces a large water jug for us to wash our hands in. I tried to put a 20 in the man's hand but he wouldn't take it so I instead gave it to his wife as quietly as I could. I thanked them up one side and down the other. I asked the little girl where they lived, thinking maybe I could send them a gift for being so awesome. She says they live in Mexico. They are here so mommy and daddy can pick peaches for the next few weeks. After that they are going to pick cherries then go back home. She asks if I have had lunch and when I told her no she gave me a tamale from their cooler, the best fucking tamale I have ever had.

So, to clarify, a family that is undoubtedly poorer than you, me, and just about everyone else on that stretch of road, working on a seasonal basis where time is money, took an hour or two out of their day to help some strange dude on the side of the road when people in tow trucks were just passing me by. Wow...

But we aren't done yet. I thank them again and walk back to my car and open the foil on the tamale cause I am starving at this point and what do I find inside? My fucking $20 bill! I whirl around and run up to the van and the guy rolls his window down. He sees the $20 in my hand and just shaking his head no like he won't take it. All I can think to say is "Por Favor, Por Favor, Por Favor" with my hands out. Dude just smiles, shakes his head and, with what looked like great concentration, tried his hardest to speak to me in English:

"Today you.... tomorrow me."

Rolled up his window, drove away, his daughter waving to me in the rear view. I sat in my car eating the best fucking tamale of all time and I just cried. Like a little girl. It has been a rough year and nothing has broke my way. This was so out of left field I just couldn't deal.

In the 5 months since I have changed a couple of tires, given a few rides to gas stations and, once, went 50 miles out of my way to get a girl to an airport. I won't accept money. Every time I tell them the same thing when we are through:

"Today you.... tomorrow me."

tl;dr: long rambling story about how the kindness of strangers, particularly folks from south of the border, forced me to be more helpful on the road and in life in general. I am sure it won't be as meaningful to anyone else but it was seriously the highlight of my 2010.

when seconds COUNT!
08/18/2006 04:38 PM

This mornin, 11:30 am, I'm headed to get myself slicked up by my long time barber up in La Mesa.
WB I-8 on the RS there's a small white SUV w it's hazards on -- I pull up behind and walk up to the pass side window to see what's up. 2 WFA's w 2 small kids in the back seat.
They've been hit & run and they got a partial plate # on the SV and they're waiting for a CHP unit to arrive to make a report.
Minor damage, no injuries, and vehicle totally driveable.
I suggested that they file a counter report at the station because every second they're sitting there waiting they're in "life threatening" danger!
They opted to FOLLOW my advice and as they safely "launched" into the #4 lane I proceded to, as well, just behind them --
AS -- *I* "launched" I was startled to find my rear view totally obscured by the mass of an 18 wheeler that had "drifted" from the 3 lane all the way over so that it was running half on the shoulder and half on the 4 lane DIRECTLY behind me and rapidly gaining!!! Wellllllllll I PUNCHED the pedal to the metal and managed -- [ without JATO ] to accellerate away from the lumbering beheamoth. Then -- as I watched -- the numbskull was fiddling with his cell phone and a clipboard as he meandered from side to side
I dropped back beside his tractor on the driver's side, GOT his attention w my AIR horns and "read him from the book" on my PA about his potentially "homicidal" behaviour. When last I saw him he was drivin the straight and narrow
If I do nuthin else for a week I'm GOOD and HIGH
4 people STILL alive [ 5 countin ME ]

Major Bummer
10/06/2006 05:07 PM

My SAR rig is imobilized with a damaged differential

After 600,000 + miles -- 4 engines, 3 transmissions, uncountable numbers of Ujoints, axle and wheel bearings -- today -- a rhythmic, continuing, and rapidly growing worse clanking sound, while under power, signalled the end of the line for the faithfull gearbox
I figure the differential was damaged by the incident above when I hadta slam the pedal to the metal to escape the errant semi that woulda run inta me if I hadn't -- 2 teeth broke offa the ring gear -- likely stressed when I hadta SLAM it :(

Luckily -- it MADE it to the home "20" before expiring
I'd been up in the Crest area picking up a load of firewood and was pulling a FULL trailer

The rig has only come home on a tow ONCE in it's 40 year lifetime with me -- THAT was the time a motor mount broke on accellaration allowing the engine to lift and shear off the oil pressure switch -- CAUGHT that by the sudden drop in oil pressure [ has full guages ] called a tow

EVERY other time something serious has happened, it's happened AT the home "20"

Had a RF spindle break here allowing the front end to fall to the pavement as we pulled out to do a "run" - [ 5 minutes later and I would have been at freeway speed when it happened ] -- with the help of neighbors and *2* wheeled service jacks I was able to back the rig into quarters and spent the next day replacing the spindle

Had a rear Ujoint let go as I came around the corner and reversed into quarters on another occasion. --THIS was incredibly fortuitous timing as I had JUST come from an freeway incident where I'd had to "punch it" for all it was worth to get out of the way of oncoming traffic if it had let go then --

Anyways -- I'm in a funk just now 

Well -- "all right then"

Been "marathoning" the "transplant" of a donor rear end from my son's "retired" 56 Ford wagon --
[ identical rear end ] to my 55 Ford SAR rig. Son's 56 has a damaged engine so has been sitting on the main thoughfare beside my "20" functioning as a "roadblock" to keep drivers from using the parking lane as a traffic lane as school begins and lets out down the road [ keeps the walking kids safer ]

When the rig's diff went Friday -- it -- [ along with the ticket I got several weeks ago for helping someone beside the freeway ] put me into a really depressive state. Decided to go out to dinner, as we hadn't for a while, and arrived at Sam's by the Sea in PB to find my high school buddy [ also a Tom ] there before us. While we were "catching up" [ had been a while ] I told him the story of the "nice" officer who had presented me with the nearly $300 ticket for my providing "assistance" to a stranded motorcyclist.

I hadn't noticed that Sam [ the owner ] was standing behind me listening until a stack of bills was dropped on the table in front of me! $300 Sam said "I want to PAY that ticket FOR you"

Welllllll -- I was SPEECHLESS for a WHILE I know, I KNOW, ME? speechless?

Needless to say, I THANKED Sam -- and if I get a judge that sees the world in "color" instead of strictly "black & white" and DON'T get fined for the "offense" I shall be returning Sam's gracious gift

If I DO get fined -- I'll just be able to smile about it


"Transplant" completed late today SAR rig "operational" once again [ noticeably quieter riding since I attended to worn spring bushings, axle bearings, and other "details" as well since it was torn apart ] 

 *a footnote here*  -- in court, the judge looked at the officer and shook her head w dismay and disbelief and said to me -- "Mr Weller, you're free to go." :)  I used Sam's gift for fuel expenses helpin others as he wouldn't take it back :)



Thursday, 18 April 2013
What a BEAUTIFUL day t-DAY!

several different incidents - BEST one was the young military fella -- due to ship out Monday to Afganastan takin his 56 Chevy truck out fer a farewell spin he was --

I'm WB I-8 -- right AT Taylor St OC - in the #1 lane headed fer the dog park in OB fer Shela - when - of a sudden - there's a TREMENDOUS explosion in the EB lanes RIGHT beside me! I nearly jumped outta my lane! al I could see was a black cloud EB -- I started angling over to the right to be able to transition to NB I5 - from there to Sea World DR off -- then back on SB I-5 to the EB I-8 agin -- I'm gittin set w my lights expectin a terrible TC scene, or a large truck w a BLOWN tire or 2 -- I come around the curve under the OC and what do I see? a 56 chevy pickup on the RS JEO the onramp - where people are lookin behind em to move out inta the traffic flow -- NOT a good place to be stopped

well I LITE UP and pull in behind it - don't see no flat tire?? how could *this* be source of that tremendous explosion??

anyways proceeded to contact the young fella clean cut kid ya kin tell he's military -- not a mechanic tho ask him if he was the source of the BANG I'd heard - he sheepishly acknoweldged yup - didn't know why but the pickup lost power and died right then

popped the hood to see a purty clean V8 w a shiny chrome air cleaner & other accessories -- lookin it over, I notice the coil wire is outta the dist cap - -oKAY -- we stick it back in & I tell him to fire it up -- it does right away - so I think oK -- we've GOT it and we launch w me behind him "coverin"

GOOD thing I did cause he hadn't gone far afore he's anglin to the RS aGIN I check the coil wire and it's firmlly in place so I have him turn it over while I lookin at it and whatya know -- theres an arc from the coil tower to the ign *in* wire that I kin see under the shade of the raised hood -- i break out some electrical tape and tell him to tape the coil tower and put some over the ign *in* terminal as I'm thinkin the coil towers cracked and the sparks jumpin to the terminal -- not what it was tho - as he went to put the tape on the terminal he said it was loose, so I gave him my pocket multi-tool to tighten the termial w -- he did, and we tried agin -- nuthin nada, no way -- crankin jist fine but not "tryin" at all WTF? so I ask him did you drop a wire when ya tightened the terminal? He didn't know - -so I hopped up there and had a looksee -- YUP, ign wire had dropped when he was tightinin and the only wire attached was the condenser thingy on the side of the coil -- [ old GM ]

anyways connected em all up and said *this* time we're GOOD to go -- YUP fired instantly

wished him well - thanked him fer his service - and sent him off w a "Via Con Dios" as I passed him after we both launched successfully -- him to have a hopefully memorable [ in a good way ] last spin in his pickup before deployment and *me* to go visit my bro fer lunch @ the Clairemont Dennys where Shela is known to all and welcomed on the patio area
Saturday, 13 April 2013
On the 8, a long LONG time ago --
Hello, Mr. Weller,
Cleaning out a drawer this past week, I came across the card you gave me when you rescued me on the 8 freeway about 27 years ago.  So I was curious, and Googled your name, only to have the article written on the Huffington Post come up.  That was one sweet write-up, and it warmed my heart to know you were still rescuing folks along the way.  I found your website, and thought I’d relay my story.
I was in a little Ford Courier truck in the fast line on the 8, right around Fletcher Parkway when it died.  It was a Friday night, lots of traffic, cell phones were non-existent, and I was in a panic.  How do I get out of my car and get to the other side of the freeway, let alone get help?  I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, while drivers swerved to get around me, no doubt cursing me for holding them up.  Then I see a beautiful, older car pull ahead of me in the lane, and, instead of moving on, started backing up!  Could this be a miracle?  YES!  You were my miracle!  You came to my window, and softly asked “what seems to be the trouble?”  Heck if I knew, but I tried to start the truck again, to no avail.  You calmly told me you were going to get a rope and tie it to my bumper to tow me to safety.  Once you were done, you came to my window again and said, “whatever you do, don’t run over the rope.”  I can’t even remember where we towed it to – someplace off Grossmont Center Drive, I believe.  I thanked you profusely, and said I’d walk to a pay phone to call my husband.  You, instead, drove me all the way to Parkway Plaza so I could meet him there.  I can’t even remember how I got a hold of him, but we were both grateful beyond measure for your help. 
Since then, I’ve always remembered you and that evening when I see someone in distress, and more than once, I’ve helped someone out.  Paying it back and paying it forward always feels great, and I do it with love in my heart and gratitude for my highway “angel” so many years ago.
And now, I’m off to write a check to you as a small token of my esteem for not only helping me, but helping out all those other stranded motorists over the years.  Thank you, Tom!
howdy M'lady

thought ya might enjoy seein this  :)  [ onea my blog posts recently ]


tday was a test - it was only a TEST - actually, it was QUITE a test!

of my patience, perseverence, and attitude ---
on the PLUS side I didn't take the Lord's name in vain -- on the minus side I think I invented some NEW swear words

young fella -- SB SR 163 JNO the Balboa Bridge -- on the RS w a RF blown & shredded on a littll rice rocket Honda

NO spare, but he's GOT one at home -- says he -- so, I take him home off the SB I-5 @ Imperial round 20th St & up to the Golden Hill area I think -- he gits a spare offa a Nissan quest there -- 5 bolt - I ask him if his car is a 4 or a 5 -- he says 5 -- we git back to it and it's a 4 so -- I tell him I'll be back in about 45 min w a spare fer him

he's disbelivein that I'm gonna come back -- he's disbelievin that I'm helpin him at all -- he's askin me several times "how much is this gonna cost me? -- he's disbelievin me -- he asks me who pays me? he's disbelievin that *I* haveta PAY to DO this!! He asks me "are you RICH?"

I tell him "only in Karma"

I come back w 3 different "mickey mouse" donut spares -- NONE of em fit the pattern -- too small [ gonna be lookin fer some w a larger 4 bolt pattern next weekend @ the swap meet ]

he's got 17 inch aftermarket wheels w the type of lugnuts that take a "key" socket to install-remove -- he don't HAVE the "key" I try takin em off w a socket and they jam in the socket -- one by one -- haveta hammer em out w a punch I JIST added to my impact tool kit a week ago due to similer circumstances w anuther incident --

MUCH more to come -- I jist got in & I'm HOT, tired, & worn out -- so I'm agonna hit the shower & rest awhile afore I come back to finish this --

well, I'm baaaack -- after a nice HOT shower and a juicy steak w buttered broccoli florets cooked fer me by my wonderfull "witch" -- that's w a W -- NOT a B

watched some bad news on the telly and came back to finish tellin my story here --

So we got all four lock lugs off -- one at a frustureatin time took a LOT of time hammerin then damn things outta the socket w the punch so's to git the next one -- we take off the wheel and we go to a tire shop on Imperial where we pull in and onea the fellas immeadeatly comes over to me to say thanks fer the popsicles I usta give him on Fridays back when he was jist a kid walkin home from school

they HAVE a tire, good used [ nearly new ] for $50 one fella mounts it up and balances it as well we pull out and are nearly back to the freeway afore I remember them damn lock lugs -- don't wanta dick around w THEM agin so I stop at an Autozone that jist happened to be handy and aqquired 4 ordaniry lug nuts to fit --

we head back NB I-5 to NB SR 163 and the traffic's backed up fer the afternoon rush beginnin so I haveta LITE UP to keep the boogers offa my tail as we decend into the mess -- bout halfway down I notice anuther small car of on the extreme RS near the call box there -- so I tell the kid we're gonna stop and see if I kin help that fella -- I LIT UP my arrow bar and strobes and start anglin over -- folks make a hole for me and I land in front of the disabled and back up to it -- it's an OH [ overheat ] -- I ask the fella the 2 important questions that go w an OH -- "did it DIE?" or "did you shut it off beFORE it died?" he answered correctly

So I was able to git *him* on his way w a cooled down engin & a full radiator told him to turn his heater ON as well to help keep it cool

we went around @ Robinson and came back SB to land behind his littl rice rocket fer the FORTH and last time things finally went well and we launched tgeather w me "coverin" as the traffic was HEAVY but they made a hole fer us when I LIT

this here is like a "Reader's Digest" version of all that went on to git this fella outta harm's way -- but -- I don't have it left in me to tell the long version as t-nite's NCIS nite and I gotta go take a littl nappy so's I don't miss my favorite show

do ya know, this day's doins cost me over $100 -- fuel, tire, lugnuts, etc but, ya'll remember that rescue note of thanks from 27 years ago I'd jist got? -- she'd *sent* me $100 check

unawares, she helped me help this fella


THANKEE M'lady Phyllis

yer kindness got "passed on" this day  :)

GOOD onya
HOly Smokes!
out t-day 03/22/13 "playin" round my usual haunts -- "over the river & thru the woods"
[ thru the park on the 163 and over the Coronado Bridge ] several times, then to the "Dusty" [ dog park @ the sunset end of the I-8 ] for Shela --
one time over the bridge there's a CHP lit up on the RS @ the Coronado end w 2 minivans in front of him -- odd -- so I go around thru the plaza & come out the turnaround to further investigate the situation -- officer's just sittin w his arrow bar goin apprently to cover the minivans from oncomin traffic -- looks like the lead van has had a BO -- I see a jack under the RF -- so -- I proceed to back to a position from where I can "launch" thru a natural break in the traffic and "land" in front of the lead van -- yup, the lead van had had a BO ON the bridge! and the officer was helpin protect em by escortin em off and stayin behind em lit up -- nuthin fer *me* to do as they had already finished the change -- so -- ON to the dog park this time --
Coupla more rounds thru the city's freeways and then I'm coming back from goin over the bridge fer the last time -- NB I-5 to NB SR163 -- I come over the hump around the slight curve w my finger [ as always ] positioned to LITE up my arrow bar WIG wag!

and THERE!

RIGHT in FRONT of me in the #1 lane!
is a small SUV stopped w it's hazards flashin and it's rear hatch open w several people standin behind it !!!

exZACTLY where my Beulah was KIA 08/10/11 !!

Well I HIT my WIGWAGS and EVERYTHING else I have as well cause this is THE most dangerous place in San Diego to my knowledge from the number of rescues I've participated in right here and to my *personal* loss of my Beulah as well !
I run up to the SUV to determine why they've stopped and see a MC down in front of it! The MC rider is up and walking around but he's got a LARGE area of roadrash on his chest and the SUV folks were helpin him and protectin his bike & him w their vehicle -- BRAVE folks! [ or maybe unaware ]
anyways --
on determin what's what I grabbed my bright day-glo orange signal flags outta the Merc and ran back up the hill a ways to alert the incomin traffic to move over afore they crashed into us!
After I'm doing this fer a while -- the young fella's gittin patched up and puttin his gear back on -- then I hear the MC start, he puts his helmet on and turns to look up the hill at me and gives a thumbs up --
He pulls out w the SUV followin and I reduce my "CODE" and follow for a distance untill there's enuf vehicles behind *me* to provida a buffer -- just in case then I shut everything off and continue w the flow of traffic -- a number of folks honked and waved as I went by thru the merge
Hope the young fella's OK -- he was ridin all right when he pulled out -- I'm guessin he came over the hump and around the curve jist a leetil fast and had to lay the bike down to avoid collidin w stopped traffic he encountered there
anyways -- felt GOOD to provide em w some pertection --
My story for t-day 02/21/13
Went out to "play" -- been promisin Shela ;)  DID so fer a while  -- back & forth "over the bridge & thru the woods [ park ] several times - stopped by a resturant I've frequented over the years -- 40 years -- WAS a Denny's THEN a Topsy's THEN Brian's -- NOW it's called Maple -- shoulda guessed from the name it weren't gonna be like *I* am used to ;)
REALLY UPSCALE!  not set up yet to have breakfast -- if they're ever gonna -- hamburger was FOURTEEN DOLLARS!  coke wern't light eaither! 
anyways, I digress, everyone was nice & friendly - must a been 20 plus servers, & staff fer about that many tables & booths -- WAY less places to sit then afore -- seemed like a lotta em were walkin around to look busy ;)
anyways, I decided to give em a try -- took a while fer the food to come, but, it WAS good -- kinda kinky small rectangular boards w paper coverins instead of plates  ??
nice silverware, cloth nappy, no paper nappys until I asked fer some so's I could take last coupla bites of burger out to Shela waitin patiently in the Merc - her eyes fixed on *me* inside the resturant  -- asked for my check -- waitress said
"there IS no check for you -- friend of your's have already spoken for it"    :O
well, that was a nice surprize -- went over and said thankee -- nice couple -- :)
from there, it was once thru the park agin and over the bridge -- @ the top of the bridge, leanin agiainst the moveable jersey wall in the center, is the whole "donut" of a steel radial tire tread!!  wasn't there the last time I passed over --  scannin the traffic ahead for brake lights I don't see any, but --- this  donut is fresh, so whatever lost it hasn't gotten far -- THERE it is -- at the bridge plaza -- van type vehicle maybe Chrysler w a RR FT --  did my roll-out into the plaza and doubled back to where the van had stopped -- RR was onlt sidewalls -- fell had driven it offa the bridge after the explosive blowout that threw the whole tread donut inta traffic behind him [ caused a TC between 2 vehicles followin him we come to find out later ]
anyways -- spare on thisun was kinda hard to find -- turns out it was built inta the LR corner of the van -- tho it didn't appear to BE there - it WAS  ;)  was flat of course ;)
changed out the ruined RR, installed the donut spare, aired it up to 60 and prepared to leave -- just then the folks whose cars had been damaged by the ruckus showed up and the fella assurred em he was gonna make it right w em -- he said to me he wanted to give me somethin for helpin him and I, of course said "just pass it on"  but he was insistant, and said he worked "for the government" and made me take a gold coin he'd carried in his pocket for years -- I accepted as a souveneer, and pocketed it w thanke and *almost* asked what he did for the government?   and if he told me would he haveta kill me?  
got home, looked at the coin, ---------------------------------------------------------  well I'm GLAD I didn't ask the jokin questions -------------------------------------------------
"Central Intelligence Agency"    "United States of America"   
30 January, Wednesday 2013
3:30 pm

just got in after a day's fun helpin others -- several incidents -- the ONE that stands out and made it all worthwhile was the young mother w 2small infants OOG in the CD WB I-8 JEO the I-5 interchange - *narrow* CD here and high speed traffic on ther slight curve is nervewrackin goin by - littl gal burst inta tears when I said I was there to help -- got her calmed down and her SUV runnin and she followed my instructions perfect as to how to "GIT OUTTA DODGE" safely --

I backed a ways around the curve and waited for a "natural" break -- upon which I FULLY LIT and accelerated on the shoulder to merge out into the #1 lane flashin my HI beams so she would "launch" as well -- She DID sucessfully - and i "covered for her to attain "flow of traffic" speed -- after which, I passed by as she waved thanke

Saturday mornin 26 January 2013
simple trip to the bank this mornin got REAL excitin fer a few min on the WB I-8 to NB SR67 transition WHOA!

MC down!

[ more on this later after I calm down a mite ]

well, I'm back now after havin my breakfast & gittin my highspeed nerves backta normal --

came around the WB I-8 exit to NB SR 67 transistion and RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE [ on the RS ] encountered a "situation" where ther'ed been apparently a multi vehicle crash eariler, and there were still several vehicles on the massively torn up shoulder -- the vehicle closest to me as I LIT UP and came in for a landing behind it, was a lifted pickup w one of thos tonnuae covered beds and three fellas were attempting to lift a fairly large, crashed, MC up inta the bed to git it outta there -- [ remember this was a "lifted" pickup ] all the time vehicles are comin whizzin around the curvin transition -- heedless of the rainslick surface! I'm pretty "puckerd up" as I approach the fellas to lend my strength to theirs, to lift and position the bike on it's side in the bed of the truck so we kin "GIT OUTTA DODGE" posthaste!

The FOUR of us t-geather were enuf to make it and we got it settled in and I told the drivers to wait until they saw my high beams flash before "launching" I backed up a mite so's i could better see oncomin vehicles, and, when a break arrived punched it as I flashed my high beams and covered their launchn effectievly as they pulled out -- [ they couldn't "PUNCH IT" w-out losin the MC outta the back of the truck ] so I stayed behind em LIT until they could match the speed of oncomin vehicles - after which. I broke off and headed to my bank --

now, I didn't really HAVETA go to my bank this mornin -- but *sumthin* was pushin me to git OUT there - and I was JIST in time because of it
Tuesday 22 January 2013
anuther dead alternator - dead battery situation t-day @ the Second St to WB I-8 on ramp -- right at the END of the OR where everyone is lookin behind & to the left of em as they merge -- makes it REAL dangerous to be stopped there

I saw them as I was takin the EB offramp comin home from a "tour" out "playin" -- went around & under the OP and came out LIT UP & strobin so's I wouldn't git run over by the drivers jockeying behind me --

a small car was on the RS w the hood up and the driver trying to deploy onea these jump pacs himself -- NO luck, because yes, the car would start -- but then would immeadeatly die when he disconnected his jumper -- [ NO power left in his on board battery due to the dead alternator ]

didn't *have* my plug-in jump pac due to the last folks I loaned it to not keepin their word to return it soo on *his* promise to return -- I removed my GP75 DT battery from my LARGE booster, installed it in his vehicle, dropping his dead battery into my LARGE booster's case to more easily carry it home where I'll charge it up for him to retrieve when he gits his alternator replaced and comes by w *my* battery to return it

leastways --- that's how this is sposed to work -- let's hope he keeps his word I can't stand TOO many dissappointments finaniancly

TWO encounters w DRUNK drivers t-day

both female

first before I'd even left surface streets of El Cajon!

she ran a red light and woulda plowed inta my right side had I not braked and taken evasive action --- THEN -- she swerved from the right lane next to me [ just in front of me ] directly into MY lane -- causing me to hard brake and take evasive action aGIN!

TOLD her about it a the next red light! to her hand waving and smiling and making signs w her hands -- [ no, not the finger ] light changed, she took off, and I pulled inta the Pep Boys parkin lot where I was headed -- fella came up to me and said he saw the whole episode and couldn't believe I'd been able to avoid hittin her --

second one was a FREEWAY incident! transitiong rfrom I-5 NB to I-8 EB, an older Explorer came up behind me @ a high rate of speed on the transition -- I'm behind a car transport 18 wheeler that is transitioning @ a reasonable speed and I've got nowhere to go -- so I HIT my brakelites a coupla times -- NO effect on the oncomin vehicle -- then I LITE up w everything I have rearfacin! -- vehicle finally slows just a coupla feet off my back bumper -- continues to tailgate me to the I-8, where, as I signal and begin to move left the IDIOT floors it and nearly brushes my left side as she bulls past me, passin me on my left as I'm signalin and movin left, causin a vehicle next lane over to take evasive action as well some STUPID STUPID people out there t-day -- decided that the THIRD time [ if it happened ] might be my undoing-- so I reluctantly headed back to the ranch -- just got in -- feel like I'm agonna stay in resta the day - been lucky twice not gonna push it
14 January 2013
well, I had an interestin day t-day -- first part was kinda dull - just cruisin my normal haunts -- takin Shela for her romp & dump @ the "Dusty" - witnessed the remains of a TC bein cleaned up there -- someone weree'nt payin attention and ran into a stopped vehicle :P
then, I headed out, to go once more thru the park, and over the bridge, before headin back to the ranch -- as I'm tranistionin from SB SR 163 to SB I-5 I see a small white car coming to a stop on the NB RS JSO the NB SR 163 off ramp -- don't know that they're actually in trouble, so I continue SB to take the bridge exit and cross over to Coronado -- coming back, and merging to the NB I-5, I spot a small sedan stopped in the SB CD with a mini van pullin up behind it as I watch!
This does not bode well for either of them as it's a dangerous spot they're in due to the curve of the freeway there, so I take action immediately to exit @ Pershing and double back nearby to come out onto the SB I-5 "LIT" and angling over across the lanes thru traffic to the # 1 lane where I fully LIT w my directional LED lite bar strobin RIGHT
as I landed behind the minivan, folks who had made a hole for me passed by with a coupla toots of their horns and waves spoke w the driver of the minivan - seems the driver of the small car was a friend, who had been followin her to a mutal destination and had got disoriented and had STOPPED IN THE CD where she had gone around and come back to help her friend, and then they were BOTH afraid to try to merge back out inta traffic due to the blind curve and high speed of oncomin vehicles
I told them both I was gonna back up around the curve to where i could be well and easily seen by oncomin vehicles and then I was gonna "run a break" for them to be able to "launch" safely -- they were to watch for me coming and when I flashed my high beams rapidly they were to "launch" POST HASTE and STAY in the # 1 lane untill they had achieved "flow of traffic" speed -- after which they would be on their own
I proceeded to do as i'd explained to them and as I came round the curve the first driver DIDN'T immediately launch -- which lead to hesitation by the second driver -- which caused *me* instant consternation as I was "LIT UP" and flashing my high beams for all I was worth!!!! They finally both got launched successfully and with me behind, to protect em, we achieved "flow of traffic" speed, after which, I broke off and angled successfully to exit @ 28th St and return NB [ mentally wishin them godspeed and hopin they made it to their destination safely -- [ the first woman should NOT be driving a car ]
anyways --
Now I'm NB agin and I reach the spot where I'd seen the small white car stoppin on the RS - it's still there -- battery dead, from drivin w a defective alternator -- it's a small Dodge-Chrysler product -- onea them where the IDIOT engineers decided to place the battery *inside* the LF fender area - accessable only by removin the LF tire and part of the fender splash shield -- STUPID STUPID STUPID place to put a battery!! [ can't easily install my backup battery there ] so I'm contemplatin the situation, when a small pickup pulls in beHIND my Merc and the fella comes up and ribs me fer not wearin a reflective vest!! someone who works for Caltrans and knows me and we've met before and he'd given me a vest on anuther occassion as a gift [ funny guy ]
anyways -- I've got an appointment I've got to keep so I ask the stranded couple if they'll promise to return my portable booster I'm gonna plug inta their cigarette lighter to power their car after i jump it w my BIG booster -- they vow to do so, so I DO just that, give em a card w my address info on it, and send them on their way to their job they was headed to, a coupla miles away, w a Via Con Dios
here's hopin they keep their word! -- them boosters are expensive -- and I have to *modify* each one that I git w a higher rated circut breaker so's they don't "kick out" when folks step on their brakes or use their turn signals -- lucky I always carry TWO ofem --
01/18/13  edit to the above
Well -- it don't look like my booster's comin back this time haven't heard from the couple I loaned it to --

ordered thisun tday --

along with this --

to plug it in with, to power a dead alternator vehicle outta harm's way -- upta now, I'd fashioned my own version of this, for use in my rescuin folks -- we'll see how this-un works out -- dang -- I coulda used the money these cost to be out there anuther day or 2 -- the way it goes sumtimes

don't liketa be out there w-out all my options available --

helped 8 folks w different "situations" tween then & now -- but I kin jist feel anuther alternator - battery situation comin up so I gotta git prepared --

last 2 times I've been fuelin up to go out to "play" folks have approached me to say THANKS fer helpin their friends-realitives recently -folks git to talkin -- then they git to DOin -- makes it worthwhile, it does
01/22/13 edit -- well, these people have NOT returned my booster
:( happens sometimes -- can't let it git me down --
Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:04 pm
bout mid day t-day, I was headed WB on the I-8 just passin Magnolia -- when I noticed, a distance ahead, a large older car w the trunk lid open on the RS of the SB 67 merge TO I-8 WB -- right AT the merge point :o

got into position, "lit up" and rollin on the I-8 shoulder, to be able to cross over 2 lanes of the transition thru heavy traffic -- to land safely behind what turned out to be a early 90s Lincoln where the fella had been tryin to deal with a LF tread seperation, centrifigual flail - that had whipped his fender somethin fierce afore they got stopped - tire didn't blow or lose pressure -- the tread came loose around most of the circumference of the tire -- he said his lug wrench wouldn't fit the lug nuts -- on closer inspection, ONE of the lug nuts was a lock nut requirin a key socket which they didn't have :?: this is a common complication I encounter often :x

prior to our timely arrival *He* had attempted to TIE the tread on around the tire with a length of rope :doh: intending to drive the car off the freeway @ the next exit [ W Main St ] BOY am i GLAD i got there before he tried THAT :sweat:
I kin jist visulize the probable concequences of THAT :x

Anyways, out w my lightweight service jack, my impact, my lock remover kit and WHALLAH!

Spare on and them under way safely 8-)

tried to pay me he did ;) and when I wouldn't take it he tried to give it to Patti, who also told him to "Pass it On" :!: and help someone he comes across, in any way that he can -- he vowed to DO that
08 December 2012
we was out t-day "playin" [ "She" and I ] and had several good experiences helpin folks -- then -- I hadta renew my driver's licence @ the local DMV -- was PACKED -- luckily, I'd previously signed up fer an appointment so it wern't too bad -- then, got home from that, and asked my "witch" "what's fer dinner?" to which she replied "OUT!" so we went out -- headed for our fav Mex resturant Casa de Pi...co over by Grossmont center --

headed there, we came upon a fella strugglin w large mattreses that had blown off his pickup's shell rack -- RIGHT ON THE TIPPY TIP OF THE GORE POINT where El Cajon Blvd enteres I-8 WB -- traffic whizzin by on BOTH sides of us -- a VERY dangerous place that time o day [rush hour ] LIT UP I did, and pulled in behind him and unlimbered some LARGE bungees I carry for JIST this sorta situation -- helped him secure the matteress down tight, and sent him on his way w a "Via Con Dios" --
[ he'd said GOD sent me! ] -- I said "Nah, I do this for FUN"

adrenalin was still pumpin as we had a very special dinner, just the TWO of us, nobody else there yet due to our early evenin arival and we were waited on like royalty -- the food arrived like it had been ordered special, and everything was DELICIOUS -- all in all -- onea my BETTER days

"any day you wake up on the *right* side o the grass is a GOOD day"

"SOME days are BETTER"

"NO bad days!"
03 December 2012
tied my record for a day's assists t-day NINE

FTs OOGs OH & a TC [ no injuries luckily ]

coupla folks real hesitant initally -- >chuckle< git that a lot

"what are you lookin for in return?" "why are you helping *me*?"

I kin see it in their faces

it's a tough world out there

*then* they realize

3 ofem were on the way back from my dentist appt this mornin early - fixed me up good he did had a painfull weekend tho

other 6 were this afternoon, once I got some heater-defroster issues fixed on my Merc [ took a coupla hours to diagnose & remedy ]

04 December 2012
Excitin time on the Coronado Bridge t-day! annnnd -- littl gal OOG on the SR 163 -- details comin up later -- jist got in - kinda tuckered
wha? WHOA! what day is it? what TIME is it? where'd the time GO?

just woke up from my nappy -- what's a nappy? that's what "codgers" haveta take after a fun days playtime
actually, I think it was *yesterday's* "playin" that caught upta me --

t-DAY's was a work van on the Coronado Bridge WB that had it's hood fly up and SMASH the windshield just after it passed the merge from NB - SB I-5 onta the bridge! I had just crossed the bridge WB as well and was returnin EB when I spotted the van cattywumpas across the #1 lane WB [ blockin 1 of 2 lanes open WB at the time]

I "LIT UP" and dived for the "go around" route, thru the Barrio Logan neighborhood below the bridge, and came roarin up the OR just in time to intervene and warn a pack of vehicles comin from both SB & NB I5 -- blocked the #1 w my vehicle "LIT" & my arrowbar strobin right -- signaled to the van driver to reverse back, past me, into the "pocket" formed by the moveable concrete "Jersey wall" barriers -- as he did, I then reversed into the pocket ahead of him shutting off all my lights as well to lessin the "distraction factor" to passing traffic on both sides [ lookie loos slowin to have a look cause a LOT of "secondary" TCs ]

traffic flowin smoothly agin, I assesed the damage and the passenger's minor cuts from flyin glass [ he was lucky SO was the driver ] and I managed to secure the hood down w 2 large bungee cords, of the 12 I carry for JIST this sorta occurance, fastened em to the wiper pivots, across the hood, down under the van's front to the sway bar underneath. Tied a coupla knots in em to tighten their fit appropietly. The windshield is shattered and bulgin in but secure enuf that the vehicle kin be driven off the bridge w-out a tow

Told driver NOT to "launch" W me but to wait for a large enuf "natural" break, AFTER I'd left, to launch himself -- [ since I was in front and couldn't "cover" his escape ] HE listened AND followed my instructions glory BE

saw the van pass by in traffic as I was situating myself @ the bridge plaza afterwards
*other* situation I encountered t-day was a simple OOG - easiest thing I kin do -- NB SR163 JSO the Robinson St OR - a leetil, older model, SUV w a right cute xray [ girl ] driver -- hugged me THREE TIMES she did! said I'd just MADE her day! "hey!", I said, "QUIT that!" [ no I didn't ] MADE *my* day she did
26 November 2012

I was on the side of the 8 East Saturday afternoon with an empty gas tank. I had already walked to a hotel parking lot, paid a cab to take me to a gas station, 1 gallon of gas didnt cut it so I called my Acura roadside assistance. This takes quite a bit of time so I always attempt to fix it myself. I thought you were the roadside assistance, and little did I know, who in fact you really were until I got home and pulled your card out of my pocket. I shook my head and instantly started crying. My older sister lost her baby to sudden infant death syndrome last week at just 1 week old. Thanksgiving I went to the Ralphs on University Ave in Hillcrest and bought a rotisserie chicken for a homeless woman I saw on the corner en route to meet my family for our own meal. I do the little things that mean the most. I had an extra $8.61 I did not mind sparing on a Holiday. Little did I know, this actually does pay off. I had the day from hell Saturday and the running out of gas just topped it off. I served 10 years in the Army, I have a Masters Degree, I have always tried relentlessly to make my mother happy. Nothing works. I had just had a screaming blow out with her 10 minutes prior to the empty gas tank. You have no idea what you did for me that day. I have your address and would like you to know that this kind deed did not go unnoticed. Because of you, and your selfless act, I will forever be grateful. You truly have changed my life, in every way, shape, & form.

I sincerely thank you from the kindness of my heart !




Don't aspire to just make a living -- Aspire to make a difference that you lived!


Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:44 pm

Certain areas of San Diego freeways are right dangerous!

I know most ofem from long experience, and so, as I'm approachin one I've got my fingers on the buttons fer my roof mounted warnin lites and my foot poised over the brake pedal --

t-DAY, on the SB SR163, comin upta the Washington St. overcrossin, I noticed some random brake lites and swervin vehicles ahead of me some distance so I got extra "set" for somethin bein outta the ordanairy comin up jist outta sight round the curve --

wooo- HAAAAA!! lucky I was already "set" acomin round the curve cause there RIGHT in front of me is a LARGE Salvation Army Disaster Relief Command Center van cattywumpas cross the #2 lane and coverin the OR from Washington St. EB to 163 SB!!!!

run outta gas he did! :lol:

Driver's tossin cones out behind it to try to warn oncomin drivers and the traffic's backin up behind it on the on ramp from Washington

well, I "lit up" and dove fer the RS in fronta him as I couldn't git behind him due to circumstances -- :doh:

grabbed my 5gallon gas can and [ wouldn't ya KNOW it! ] the gas filler cap was on the left side -- ALL the way back in the corner so's I hadta stand out where the traffic was flashin by jist inches away WHEW!

got him gassed up and he said if I'd meet him @ the Shell station downtown @ the enda the 163 he'd fill my can so I met him there 8-)

then -- I went back NB on the 163 to check out a small car I'd noticed in passin SB that looked like it had 2 flats -- it DID -- no one there and both RS wheel-tires missin and the flat do-nut spare set under the RF disk to keep it outta the dirt -- RR drum jist a settin on th e dirt --

well, I figured to do onea my "coyote" tricks and set about installin the donut on the RF and airin it up so's when the folks came back they'd git a surprize to find somea the necessary work already done 8-) LIKETA do these kinda things :lol:

BUT, jist when I'd finished installin the do-nut spare and was buttinoin it up I happened to lay my hand on the fender and -- whoa -- this car's RUNNIN :o

I look in the winda, and there's NO keys in the ignition!


somethin don't feel kosher here! --

SO -- I packed up my gear right quick and made a hasty EXIT to a spot where I could stop and git onta 911 to report the circumstances -- headed back bout 15 min later and there's THREE CHP [2 car units and 1 motor ] on scene along with a tow -- they had the trunk open and were lookin at somethin init!! hope it wasn't a body! :?:

passed by in lanes a lookin and the officers waved

like I said -- interestin day --

now - YISTERDAY - I had a photog from American Profile Magazine aridin w me -- and all we come upon fer him ta git pics of was a young family w a FT SB I-5 JNO the Imperial OR -- young fella was doin all right achangin the flat -- BUT -- wait for it -- ;)

He didn't know his spare was FLAT as well! [ betcha ya'll KNEW *that* was comin ]

I "Lit up" behind him to cover since he was between on and off ramps at a spot where drivers often DRIVE on the SHOULDER as they're mergin and he had his whole family outta the car astandin there!

I walked up and pressed my thumb inta the sidewall of his spare do-nut and -- shure enuf flat!

aired it up, gave him a couple of my cards -- his wife said God sent me! I said naw I'm jist havin fun out here "playin" :oops:


t-day was ONEa *them* days where everything goin along nice & easy -- sorta borin -- unTILL -- I'm EB I-8 headed home -- crossin the I-5 interchange - JEO it I look up @ the raised WB lanes and I see a fella frantically hammerin on somethin I can't see in the CD I *can* see the roof of a pickup so I'm thinkin he's had a BO and he's tryin to git the lugs loose --

well, i have JUST enuf time and space to manuver over 3 right lanes to git off @ Taylor, cross over and hit the WB 8 where I lite up as I come outta the ramp and folks are good enuf to let me git to the #1 fast lane w out difficulity - *then* I FULLY LIT UP because -- THERE -- in FRONTA me is a 15-16 foot fishing boat w a LARGE OB motor alayin partialy in the fast lane and partly on the CD shoulder!

fella is warpin a line around a CD guardrail post and back to his trailer fender that was jammed into the tire either by the boat ridin over it or the fender hittin the CD wall
[ it was *that* he was poundin on when I first saw him from below EB -- ] secures the line and backs hit truck-trailer so the line nearta pulls the fender OFF --

now anuther fella shows up who'd witnessed the same thing I did EB at near the same time and "came around" to help as well -- he pulls off in front of the "situation" and come runnin back to assist -- togeather, we finish ripping off the destroyed fender and bend a bent brace away so the tire can turn w out bein shredded --

next, the first fella runs a line from the bow of the boat to the guardrail and secures it and then, w the second fella assistin, I on one side and he on the other we lift the bow as the first fella backs the truck & trailer under the boat - whereupon we git it trailered agin --

NOW - the Calvary -- 2 CHP cruisers arrive and lite up to close the #1 and #2 lanes behind us WHEW! 2nd fella "launches" out inta the now cleared path and makes a clean exit

now *here's* the rub, first fella had not secured the boat to the trailer in the first place which is why it flew off in the face of the wind gusts off the ocean t-day he's preparin to leave agin still wout securin the boat to the trailer I said "WAIT A SECOND secure a bowline to the trailer!" while I ran to the back of my rig and got some HD loooong bungee cords I carry fer folks in trouble and tgeather we streched a coupla ofem over the boat --

with the CHPs running interference "cover" for us we launched safely then I took off ahead to "git outta Dodge" watched in my rear view as onea the CHP took off and the other waited until we came upta Ingram then LIT his reds and pulled over the truck & trailer where it was safer to do so

I'm guessin he wern't too happy bout all the "disturbance to the flow" caused by the fellas lack of proper preventitive measures -- luckilly -- NO one hurt!
Not onea my "better" days t-day

Out playin t-day, hadn't had the pleasure of helpin anyone yet -- crossed over the bridge, as is my custom, lookin fer folks in trouble, did my turnaround @ the bridge plaza and began my "launch" into traffic up the bridge, heavy on the accellerator --

Suddenly, the Merc staggered twice and lost power in an uncharteristic way -- momentarialy I thought it was just ...an anomalaly in the fuel I'd jist purchased this mornin -- then, caution won me over and I instantly went left to the CD and LIT up my arrow bar and began to back - return to the bridge plaza
Luckily I hadn't past the "point of no return" where I would have been forced by traffic to continue to cross the bridge [ there are NO shoulders on the bridge! ]

Merc still runnin but I don't trust it

Pulled up into the plaza parkin area in front of CHP station there and checked out my engine @ idle noticin that my visible inline fuel filter's level was varyin some in sync w the engine's idle varyin in speed --

Got down under driver's side door area on frame where my centrifugal electric fuel pump is mounted and noted the fuel level varyin in the visible filter located there as well

Laid a finger on the pump housing which *should* have been runnin w a steady whirr -- it wasn't -- it was pulsin w an unusual beat and stoppin-restartin agin when I tapped on it


Am I going to risk bein in dire straits if it don't make it over the bridge??



Done WAY too many rescues on the bridge to risk bein stranded onit mself

Sooooo -- out w my trusty cell and call a tow from a company I *normally* use to help others

Officer @ the CHP quarters was kind enuf to let me use their "facilities" so I didn't have to spend my waitin time hoppin on one foot -- or haveta use the bushes

My next stop t-day *woulda* been the 76 station on Robinson where they have onea the cleanest restrooms in San Diego [ my regular pit stop ]


don't look like I'm gonna git to help anyone t-DAY

still not a *BAD* day tho - [ "EVERY day is a GOOD day when you wake up on the *right* side of the grass!" ]

Fuel pump coulda given out in a worse place at a worse time or without warning --

thankee Lord

Well now -- I've heard from the Search and Restore folks -- I'd asked bout their show's doins --
fella Tom, [ good name that ] sent me an application & instructions on howta film a video of what they'd liketa see as to who we are, where we live, and what it'd mean to us to have Beulah brought back to shinin NEW life agin --
I figure if they kin do THIS -- http://www.powerblocktv.com/player/s...-04&ep_show=SR to a 55 Chevy they oughta be able to make my Beulah come back alive & w some upgradin to boot
Here's hopin -- got the application completed, video shootin done by a friend of a friend who came down from LA to do it w his girl friend helpin -- [ he had heard from that friend that I needed it done and they surprised me showin up @ my door Sunday late afternoon ] -- got it all done up by evenin -- gonna send it out t-day Monday
Sorry to say, *this* did NOT come to pass :(
Beulah's remains are still, at this writing, 11/12/13, intered on stands, in a covered parkin spot, in my small back yard -- awaitin a miracle -- she is so badly damaged that only a complete teardown & rebuild will bring her back to workin life agin -- been prayin for one.

Yesterday, Sunday, in the mornin, met a few folks "on the road" as Shela and I went out to "play" some. She, the Merc, and I don't like heat much but, we hadta git "out there" some as it had been a coupla of swelterin days asittin home -- did I mention none of us like HEAT? The Merc's got a mechanical temp guage I installed that has a blinkin red LED w a beeper that goes off when she's unhappy -- luckily -- I'd sense enuf to put a micro switch on the beeper so's I kin silence it sometimes -- otherwise I'd a been listinin to the damn thing MOSTA yesterday :0
Sittin beside the road w the engin idlin and the lites goin on a miserable hot day ain't conducive to a happy Merc :P
Anyways, headed out WB I-8 and noticed EB between College & 70th st a vehicle w a FT -- went around @ College and as I came back up on EB passed a CHP on the RS w a vehicle in front of him -- didn't appear to be a traffic stop but I *never* wish to interfere less I'm certain -- continued on to the vehicle w the FT and "made a difference" for a coupla a folks that woulda had a struggle otherwise -- they vowed to "pass it on"
Then, as I'm WB agin, i notice that the vehicle in fronta the CHP has it's hood up so I'm pretty certain it's not a traffic stop and the officer's tryin to help em so I come up behind at a distance and walk up to ask the officer if I kin help -- NICE fella -- just made a new friend anyways the family's troubles were more serious then I kin fix so a tow was gonna be necessary [ officer was a sittin there to make shure help arrived for em quickly as they had small childeren w em ] -- did I mention it was HOT sunday mornin?
Well, once agin on my way WB and I pass a large pickup pullin a horse trailer w several horses in it asittin on the RS of the on ramp to WB I-8 from SB I-15 -- can't reach em safely, so I haveta go to Texas st - go around & come back EB 8 to 15 NB -- off @ then back on SB I-15 to take the WB I-8 where i "lit up" to git followin vehicles offa my tail so's i kin "land" behind the truck & trailer safely -- truck has HUGE tires and the LR's blown and missin mosta it's bulk -- only thing left on the wheel is the tire's sidewalls -- they've BEEN there for quite a while and the horses wern't likin the heat much [ why I just HAD'TA stop & help when I saw em ] just now a AAA service truck arrives as well and pulls in in fronta em -- I go up and talk to the AAA guy and we agree to work tgeather to help these folks -- he grabs out his service jack and begins to lift the vehicle - -I grab out my beautifull SnapOn impact [ THANK YOU KCM! ] and am running off the heavy lug nuts as the wheel is comin off the ground -- fella wheels over the spare he'd already taken down and had ready [ was low on air but I got the "cure" fer that ] -- and tween the 3 of us we had the truck ready to move in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail i got to pet the beautifull horse's velvety noses as I passed em w their heads out the windas - and I think they was sayin thanks as well AAA truck launched first -- then -- when i gave im the high sign w my high beam liltes, the horse truck launched w me behind im LIT up & coverin their escape -- as he got up to speed safely, i passed im by to the waves of thanks from him & his wife
coupla more incidents, anuther FT & an OOG -- hosed down Shela @ the Coronado bridge plaza, then headed for the OB dog park so's She could romp & dump once more "thru the park" [ as I call the 163 traverse ] & back to the bridge plaza fer anuther hose down fer Shela -- did I mention it was HOT?! then -- on home, to the "roost"
[ sign over the front driveway say's "Highwayman's Roost"
Arrived home to the "singin" of the Merc's "HI temp" beeper
did i mention it was HOT Sunday!?
Hosed Shela agin, then a cool shower fer ME as well -- not too long after comes a knock at my door and Damion & his girl Deborah have arrived to surprize me -- what a WONDERFULL day
sorry fer the loooong post guys -- when I'm feelin good I git kinda long winded sometimes
GOOD on ya'll and THANKEE kindly fer yer well wishes and support

I got "chased" by a CHP yesterday -- I came over the Coronado bridge -- as i'm prone to do -- several times a day when I'm out "playin" -- lots of interestin things happen on that bridge --

and, as i did my turnaround @ the plaza and launched back to San Diego, I noticed a patrol unit comin up fast behind me -- thinkin I was gonna be in his way, I moved over one lane to the right -- had an "oh shit" moment as the cruiser came up beside me and slowed -- It was someone I've known since he was born wantin to say HI

so i followed him off the bridge into the barrio neighborhood below where we had a nice chat catchin up -- on leaving, we both returned to the bridge, crossing to Coronado agin -- and well -- Whoa Susanna! I noticed in the opposin lanes back to San Diego 3 fellas out of a compact car apushin it -one fella asteerin -uphill - towards the crest of the bridge -- hadta be OOG - so I did a RIGHT QUICK turnaround @ the plaza agin and headed back to assist - HUGE traffic backup it was causin -- ahead of me i could see a CHP unit lit up and running a break to git to em as well -- when he got TO em he pushed em off the bridge and right back to the exact spot where we'd just had our chat - whereupon I was able to give em some gas -- ANNND some ice cold bottles of water from my cooler -- them fellas were SOME tuckered and overheated from apushin that littl car
little excitement @ the Coronado Bridge t-nite -- Patti & I went out to dinner @ the Green Flash in PB -- on the way home stopped in the CD EB I-8 near Taylor St for a young gal in a disabled car -- her friend showed up just at that moment to take her away and leave the car for a tow so we proceded on -- noticed a SUV on the WB side @ the Mission Center OF so swung around @ Texas & went back to he...
lp -- *looked* like a FT but -- woman was just makin a cell phone call -- [ folks don't realize the danger they put themselves and others in when they do this ] and AND -- they kin git TICKETED fer doin it! :(

anyways, now we're headed WB and I decide to go "once thru the park and over the bridge" as I hadn't been out to "play" t-day due to the extreeeeme HEAT :( -- so, continuin thru the park, we have one incident on the RS JNO the Cabrillo Bridge where the vehicle is in a HIGHLY dangerous spot and the driver has wisely decided to exit the vehicle and is standing some distance behind and away from it havin already called a tow -- I congratulated him on his thinkin and, launched back inta traffic on a "natural"

-- now -- comin up on the Coronado bridge exit -- I see a traffic altercation happenin ahead w about 5 - 6 cars nearly piling into each other as a vehicle ahead of them is being driven very slowly and errattically -- that vehicle goes onto the gore point of the bridge exit and stops -- I pull up behind it and LITE UP to cover thinkin it's outta gas -- or? driver exits the vehicle and it starts rolling backwards towards MY car! driver just stands there watching it move - i yell at him to put the car in park or set the emergency brake! he just stands there - I dive in thru the open right side window and pull the emergency brake on stopping the roll -- car is extremely overheated and steaming - there's collision damage on the RF bumper -- looks fresh - driver is VERY drunk and unresponsive to questions -- I can't let this fella leave and possibly kill or maim someone so I decide to deflate the RF tire but my valve core remover won't fit the tire valve -- I go back to the car and tell Patti to call 911 NOW - she does and hands me the phone -- I make the report and am standing by waiting for an officer to arrive when the driver approaches my vehicle -- I tell him [ on my PA ] to go back to his car SEVERAL times -- he ignores me and comes up to my driver side window to tell me he's going to leave the car and walk away -- I tell him to STAY with his car and he ignores me and starts to walk ONTO the Coronado Bridge IN the #1 lane [ the FAST lane ] of the bridge connector!!!

I make anuther call to hasten the arrival of an officer to intercede here!! just then the officer pulls in behind me and I advise him of the situation -- and then the drunk fella decides to return from the bridge on ramp and to his car -- the officer took charge and i waited and watched a leetil till I got ta thinkin bout my wife a sittin there w me and we'd just come from dinner -- so i told the officer [ on my PA ] i'd be at the bridge plaza and he nodded -- headed over and related the events as they'ed happened w the drunk fella, to the officer on duty there & gave him my card for contact if needbe --

WHEW - interestin evenin out
Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:36 pm
last-NITE's adventures were all w the same young fella --

been goin out mostly near twilite recently as the Merc, Shela, & I - NONE of us likes nor tolerates HEAT well

anyways, agin, I didn't git outta El Cajon afore i come across an oveheated older Jeep loaded up w all the young fella's belongings, 2 bikes on the roof along with a large cargo pod and the interior filled w th erest of his stuff - ...even the passenger seat.

he's asittin on the RS JWO the West Main St on to WB I-8 and that JEEP'S HOT -- come all the way from Illinois, Chicago he did and was a tryin to git to Mission Beach where apparently his GF lives --

asked him "the questions" I did "Did it stop on it's own or did YOU shut it off?" he answered correctly -- he'd shut it off

got him goin w pourin water as he started up th eengine and had him turn on the heater as well -- [ it's anuther radiator ya know , helps to cool an overheated engine ]

anyways -- continued on WB and took the Severin off to refill my water can at a station there -- took a while cause of the cheap-ass water and air supplies a lot of gas stations have nowadays got it full and headed out agin WB 8 figurin I'd do a loop over the bridge then back to the "ranch"

takin the SB SR163 offa the 8 I come upon the SAME fella on the South end of the curvin offramp overheated agin gotta be a stuck thermostat he'd takin a wrong turn [ bein from Illinois ] and fortunately fer him landed in my path agin

told him bout the parkin lot across from Mercy hospital on the Fifth St offa the 163 and instructed him to go there where I'd meet up w him

GOT there OK and called a tow for him to take him to where he wanted to go to in Mission Beach -- He wasn't in any shape to be spendin the rest of the nite beside the road or worse so I told him when -if he could, he could pay me back for the tow BUT he didn't *owe* me for it just PAY IT FORWARD when the oppertunity presented itself

Went back to check on him some time later, tow hadn't arrived yet so I made anuther call - was answered by the tow driver just then comin up the hill -- said he could SEE my lites a sittin there and I could see his too -

GOOD timing! and a good nite's work -- I'm gonna sleep well

got a nice e-mail this afternoon from last nite's fella

Hello Thomas,

This is Scott . You helped me out last night and I would like to send you a check for the tow.
I would also like to thank you once again for assisting me with my jeep and keeping me company. It was a long trip and you helped me to stay positive.

I look forward to when it is my turn to help those in need and send the message!

Also, I would like so set you up with padres tickets, if you are interested. But let me know soon because their season is coming to an end!

Best of luck out there,

Saturday Sept 29th
got a check in the mail t-day -- young fella Scott -- for the tow I set up for him that night -- good as his word 8-) THANKEE Scott -- GOOD onya --

What a WONDERFULL day t-day!

Got to help a littl gal who'd hit a BRICK alayin in the #3 lane WB I-8 JWO the 125 -- *I* SAW it just in time to miss it myself and was gittin on to 911 to report it when I noticed a leetil car on the RS -- right AT the offramp ON the fogline w the LF down & blown -- black rubber marks on the pavement leadin up to it -- couldnt git over in time to come up behind her soo had to do a rollout on the RS of the offramp once I'd passed her and then back up TO her w all lites lit and arrow bar astrobin -- littl gal was some wrought up -- had nearly crashed on hittin the brick when her tire blew -- got her calmed and had *her* call 911 for the brick whilst I quicktimed the tire change [ dangerous spot she was in ] all the time keepin an eye on the incoming traffic whippin by just inches away -- [ jist AMAZING how many drivers do NOT move an INCH further away!  ] I kept expectin some one else to hit the brick and go out of control towards us but we got outta there OK. Asked her if she'd had one thump or 2 as the rear tire-wheel looked ok? She said "one" so I told her to go down the off ramp and drive on city streets to be shure rear tire-wheel weren't damaged as well -- to be safe -- afore she got back on the freeway to continue -- 1st of the day [ spare *was* flat BTW ]

2nd of the day -- continuin WB on the I-8 came suddenly upon 2 pickups in the CD -- 1 WB & 1 EB JWO Texas St -- agin -- I couldn't git to the CD in time to come up behind em so had to do my rollout in the CD and back up to em all lit agin -- wB fella had a RR BO and [ w his heart condition ] had called a buddie to come help im -- they had difficulity gittin the spare down and were strugglin w it as I arrived -- gottem to continue w gittin the spare down as I jacked up the RR axle and removed the blown & shredded tire w my *beautimus* SnapOn" battery powered impact wrench! THANK YOU KCM [ Kansas City Mark ]  yer gift has "made my day" many times since you sent it - it truly IS a GGGREAT gift!  anyways - got their situation resolved and then it was "thru the park and over the bridge" a coupla times -- gave Shela a hosin @ the bridge plaza to cool her down some and then headed to the "Dusty" [ OB dog park ]

3rd & final of the day -- from NB I-5 I'm transitionin to WB I-8 and I see a disabled vehicle w a RR FT on the RS of the I-8 just a short distance from the merge -- I go to the GP [ Gore Point ] of the merge and come to a halt on the tip of the point to wait fer a break in the WB traffic so's I kin git to the disabled car - whose driver is emptyin the trunk to git to his spare -- i'm sittin waitin showin NO lites so as to not cause a traffic rumpas for quite a while -- then -- a CHP cruiser shows comin over the hump -- spots me -- and goes to the RS and pulls up next to me [ 4 lanes over ] -- I point to the disabled and the officer GITS IT right off and powers backwards on the RS about an eighth of a mile -- waits fer a break himself -- then lights up code three w his siren wailin and performs a weaving traffic break for ME to be able to cross the 4 lanes to git to the disabled, as he flashed by I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me a coupls whoops on his siren w a smile

Shela got her romp & dump @ the Dusty & we headed home --

What a wonderfull day we had
The day before, Saturday, on goin to the swap meet, I had the happy circumstance of encounterin a couple that had had a blowout on the 67 and were strugglin w it -- the fella was jumpin on his one arm lug wrench tryin to break the lug nuts free --  I saw em up on the raised road as I was gonna turn into the swap meet so I continued on down the way to enter the freeway and come up behind em to help -- in the meantime, a CHP had arrived and was behind em w his lights agoin to protect em -- I pulled in front of em and got to gittin em outta their difficulities [ yer beautiful impact agin :) ] the CHP provided "cover" as I was workin and as I finished up he approached and thanked me for helpin em and said he was going to do a story about what he'd witnessed and asked me for some of my cards :)   so I had a good Saturday as well  :)

I've done more rescues over the years in just goin to the bank, to git a haircut, to the dentist, to the swapmeet -- just anywhere I happen to go -- ya never know ;)

Then there's *this* -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myuIEOMDl_U kinda nice
went out to "play" t-day and came home on a roll back m-self 

fan belt on the Merc let go on the 94 WB near the I-805 parently - thought I'd heard an odd noise bout then -- obliviously continuin on - I come upon a a stranded small pickup on the RS JWO the I-15 and swung over to land in front of it -- backed up to it and investigated -- no one there and nuthin I could see wrong to fix "coyote like" for em so -- on returnin to my vehicle I noted a "trail" where I had landed and backed up and I could smell coolant *then* noticed my blinkin red LED temp warnin lite aflashin but I'd shut off the beeper yisterday as it was agoin fer most of the day what with the miserable heat & all - temp was registerin the highest it's ever shown

DANG it!

Where I was jist then was a *narrow* RS shoulder so I accelerated WB jist a short distance further and off the 94 @ the 30th St exit -- there's a WIDE RS near the end of the exit where I pulled over and shut down -- GOOD thing!

Fan belt had gone and as it whipped around it grabbed up onea my tranny cooler lines outta it's bracket and wrapped it up and over the now vacant bottom pulley -- slicin into the rubber coolin line and sprayin tranny juice all over the engin compartment coolant lost was from overheat due to fan belt comin off -- no leaks as such -- hopefully no OH damage.

Called a tow, and they were there right quick, bout 20 min - and no -- nobody stopped to help me buuut -- I was offa the freeway and outta sight of most cept fer them that was takin the off ramp

okay, I'm DONE fer t-dAY it's too HOT to be dealin w this jist now --

tomorrow's anuther day -- long as I wake up on the "right" sida the grass agin

had a coupla adventures tday "On The Road" onea them involved an idiot - moron - impaired? I don't know what? driver that tailgated me as I was "lit up" and manuverin in the fast lane to git stopped in the CD WB I-8 JEO College, where a female motorist was in distress and a MC CHP officer had stopped to help -- Officer SAW the whole episode happen as he was watchin the oncomin traffic and recognized me acomin in -- wrote the tailgater's licence down as he passed, as his bike was on the other side of the jersy wall facin EB -- be nice ta hear that the officer was able to "read from the book" to the ?? driver!

had 2 OHs [ overheats ] & 2 FTs [ Flat Tires ] as well - all in all a real nice day -- got my spirits lifted

This mornin,


On the way to my dentist appt, @ approx 9am - [ I'm supposed to BE there @ 10 but i always leave early -- jist in case -- and bring a Louie L'amour book w me ] I'm WB I-8 JEO the Mollison off ramp when, all of a sudden, in fronta me, the traffic in all lanes comes to a screeching halt!

I'm in the #4 lane and I haveta stop suddenly - lighting up as I do so to warn oncoming traffic -- the vehicle directly behind me comes to a halt a safe distance behind me but -- NOT so the pickup behind it!! As I brace for impact, the pickup, luckily, goes to the shoulder and PASSES the vehicle behind me before coming to a stop as well on the RS shoulder - nearly beside me.

If it had *not* gone to the shoulder it would have driven the car behind me INTO me!

He then proceeded to git back in line and come up behind me and sit there -- blocking oncoming driver's view of my warning lights --

I *spoke* to the driver on my PA telling him to "GO AROUND! GO AROUND! GO AROUND! so my arrow bar and warning lights would be visible to oncoming traffic and *hopefully* warn them in time of completely stopped vehicles in the traffic lanes.

He did NOT -- he actually pulled back onta the shoulder, got out of his vehicle, and came up to my passenger side window and screamed at me that he was a taxpayin citizen and *I* had NO right cause him to stop nor to tell him what to do ???????


He said to me that "it was MY fault that he almost crashed!" and he was gonna report me to authorities and cause me trouble w em ??????????

I said "what would you HAVE me do? did you not SEE what was going on in front of you!? Where was *I* supposed GO? Why weren't you able to stop in a timely manner? He responded with a lot of threats as to what he was going to do to me with officials -- whew -- I said "look -- here's my card, you have a problem with me call me at home -- but THINK about it afore you do. -- now GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!! [ he finally left ]

Nowta the *CAUSE* of the tie-up --------

Three dogs were running in lanes of the freeway -- three seperate women drivers had pulled to the RS shoulder at the top of the Mollison off ramp and were attempting to corral the dogs -- as the traffic began to break up & move away - my "litup" vehicle was blocking the # 4 lane and the off ramp w my arrowbar directing traffic to the left and my strobes and flashers givin a bright warnin -- nobody was comin close -- the women, now free from gittin possibly run over, were able to capture the two smaller of the dogs, but, the third -larger dog, was evading them and running in and out of the #4 lane and the off ramp lane -- they put the 2 they'd captured in the back seat of onea their cars and I left my vehicle and and ran up to help --

The dog was terrified and skittish and wouldn't come close enuf to grab - UNTILL - I had an inspiration - I always carry liver chiplets in my shirt pocket for Shela - and I had put some in my pocket even tho "She" wasn't with me on this trip -- thankfully ---[ as "She" would have likely had a violent reaction to this man's aggressive approach ] -- whew --

anyways -- the dog came upta me close enuf to grab to git the chiplet -- but -- went "postal" when I did - almost lost im agin -- he was a pitbull "puppy" and I was hopin he wasn't gonna clamp on my hand or arm -- scratched me up a leetil, but never actually bit me - calmed down as I stroked and talked to him and was able w the women's help - to git him in the back seat of the car w the others WHEW!

About now, I look up and see the Animal Control van approachin all "lit up" as well -- so -- I bid the ladies adieu, gave the high sign to the approchin van, jumped inta my car and "got the hell outta Dodge" down the offramp then up the other side and back on my way

Got to the dentist's -- thinkin bout the events just transpired - and figured I'd better call CHP and be pre-emptive -- just in case -- the fella had made a lotta threats ---

Officer who took my report reassured me that he *knew* of my efforts and that *if* they recieved a call form that fella it would be taken w a grain of salt -- whew

What a mornin ----

Oh, & my tooth is fixed up jist fine thanksta my GREAT dentist!

I got to help a young military couple t-day -- him just in from Afganistan -- they wern't havin a good day at all w flight delays, missed connections, etc, etc -- :( final straw was their pickup truck stopping on the WB I-8 just short of Ocean Beach w a blown alternator and dead battery as a result -- all of, BOTH of their luggage in the bed of the truck -- stranded next to the fast lane -- JWO the I-5 interchange -- saw em from the EB side and doubled back from Taylor to help w whatever their trouble might be -- they had called AAA but were givin a considerable wait time soooooooo I got out my portable booster w his promise to return my battery on gittin his alternator replaced -- then he'll come out to my place an retrieve his freshly charged battery from me here. As we were changin out the batteries there AAA tow arrived earlier then expected and driver offered to have him follow the tow [ now that his truck was runnin ] to an OB parts store so he could purchase an alternator to repair his truck himself -- a money savin measure for him -- made my day givin them a hand! :)

footnote to the above -- Unfortunatly, these folks have NOT returned my battery :( forcin me to have to purchase anuther -- happens sometimes -- not everyon keeps their word -- oh well

Came around the curve from SB SR163 to NB I-5 to see 2 vehicles on the RS -- BMW *on* the fog line w a LR FT and a young fella attempting to set a jack -- ON THE FOG LINE !!!! fella layin in the traffic lane to do so!!!! other vehicle a small pickup ahead of the BMW fully on the RS and relatively safe,
I cannot safely stop w-out causin a TC so I continue on down the next off ramp -- manuver thr...u traffic in littl Italy to git back up on SB I-5 from where I transition to NB SR163 -- to Robinson off ramp - coming back SB and transitioning to NB I-5 agin -- LIT UP with everything I have, rear facing, as I came around the curve -- fully expecting to see a serious injury or fatality crash on reachin the scene agin --

Luckily, in my absence, the fella in the pickup had persuaded the BMW driver to move his vehicle fully onto the RS -- WHEW!

Landed safely behind both of em and shut off ALL of my lights to the rear so as to not distract drivers passin by -- made short work of changin the BMW's FT for the young fella after admonishing him a littil bout where he had stopped initally -- WHEW! :( he and his VERY pregnant GF were right gratefull to be under way agin

Then, I started to repack my gear, prior to launchin, only to hear the second driver holler "I need help TOO please!"

I had *thought* the pickup driver had stopped to help the BMW driver but what, in fact, had happened was that the pickup driver had hit an object in lanes that blew his RF tire and the BMW had apparently hit the same object and blew it's LR tire.

Well, no worries, got the pickup fixed up as well and safely under way :)

btw -- *both* vehicle's spare tires were FLAT from not havin been checked over time -- luckily my air tank is large ;)

So then, I decided, to manuver thru Littl Italy agin -- to SB I-5 to NB SR163 to WB I-8 headin for the dogpark for Shela as we've been out now for a while -- it's nearta 11:30 am as I flash by in the #1 lane and catch a glimpse of a fella on the RS JEO the Hotel Circle South OR - I don't see him in time to git to him so I haveta manuver thru and over 5 lanes to take the OR and double back to return WB

pull up behind him -- it appears he's got a FT as he's positioned his jack under the car BUT-- he's got it dead center under the FRONT of the car! ??

Well, he don't have a FT -- he'd run outta gas -- at SIX AM this mornin! and been battlin circumstances ever since! Walked miles to purchase gas [ 1 gallon can ] car wouldn't start on 1 gallon as it was on an angled shoulder -- he'd pushed the car to different angles [ no effect ] and he was trying to use the jack to shift the gas in the tank so the pump would pick it up and start --

Nearta got emotional as I told im I had fuel for him and all he had to do in return was to "pass it on"

Onea my *really* BETTER days t-day!
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April 26 2012
drove up to Escondido to purchase 2 "pickers" ladders [ 8' & 12' ] I found on Craigslist this mornin --
"Right outta the gate" entering the I-8 WB from Second St, I encountered a gal in a SUV w a LF FT and NO spare -- lucked out, in that, I was able to air up the FT and it held it long enuf to git her off the freeway @ Mollison -- in the process of going to and returning from Escondido w the ladders, I made a total of 8 "assists" [ 5 ofem while them ladders were strapped to my roof rack! ] luckily, I'd made shure that my LED warning lites and strobes were not obscured, cause I shure ended up NEEDIN to USE em to protect mself and those I was assistin --

On return to the "ranch" I found an e-mail waitin for me from the first gal's husband thankin me for helpin her as she had gotten the tire fixed and then reentered the freeway from Second St WB to discover a 2 vehicle TC had occurred in the exact spot I'd been able to help her vacate! You jist never know how things might go ---------- if she'd still been there! --  I call these kinda episodes "When Seconds Count!"
that April 26 2012 email -- 

So I got a call this morning from my wife that she got a flat tire. I’m so grateful that you were able to help her out this morning!! She later calls me and tells me that not 20 min after she got the tire fixed she got back on the highway and as she approached to the spot she pulled over at earlier there was a two car accident in the same spot! We are truly blessed for your kindness today!! May your travels in life keep you safe by the blessing of God!



footnote here bout them "picker's ladders I'd bought -- 

by theHighwayman Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:05 pm

Forth of July is a BIG deal round these parts -- for MANY reasons -- both patriotic and personal - my grandmother was born on the forth -- "witch" & my anverserie's on the forth [ cain't ferget it ] - fireworks are shot off right down the street @ Kennedy Park and crowds attend every forth -- so we have a big party every year on the forth - ...- takes a lot of doin -- a full day before and most of the forth gittin ready -- then mosta the next day puttin it all away for next year --

This year -- t-DAY -- nearly didn't happen -- I was fastenin a coupla flags to the back gate crossbar -- it's TALL -- usin a picker's ladder I bought recently -- ladder had a coupla loose bolts i'd noticed and told mself I was gonna fixem but hadn't yet -- reached out to fasten the flags -- ladder shifted -- grabbed the crossbeam w my right hand -- ladder fell -- I'm holdin the crossbeam w ONE hand -- managed to git my other hand up - then grabbed and interlocked my fingers over the beam -- called out for HELP! several times -- 2 seperate neighbors responded & came RUNNING across the street -- grabbed the ladder set it up under me and held it for me! 3 other neighbors arrived from the next street over at the same time -- concrete driveway under me would likely have been unforgiving had I dropped onit from the height I was hangin from

I'm THANKFULL for GOOD neighbors!


 Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:03 pm  Coyote [ trickster ] strikes agin!
Went out to "play" t-day for jist the second time in a week -- [ been sick ] & now my witch has got it
got one fella goin that was OOG SB SR163 by Mercy Hospital -- fella was REALLY freaked by the passin traffic -- I saw him when i was SB mself but couldn't git over to where he was so hadta take the Washington EB exit -- double back to NB163 -- get off @ Friars Rd and double back agin SB 163 --
LIT up as I came to the EB I-8 to SB163 merge area so I could scoot over to where he was sittin -- no problem --
fella saw me comin cause he was watchin the traffic comin by him -- did I mention he was freaked out by the speed of passin traffic?
anyways -- got him goin w LOTSA thanks - and pulled outta there m-self to head up to the hillcrest 76 to refill my gas can used -- filled it up and was firin up the rig to leave when the fella I'd just helped came over from the other pump island to say thanks AGIN -- seems he was talkin to his friends on his phone and he said "you're not going to BELIEVE what just happened to me!"
anyways to the "trickster" incident --
I'm headed SB on the I-5 and see JNO the Pershing DR off ramp, a small pickup w what looks like a LF FT --
well, I "goaround" @ Imperial and come back NB to pull up behind
NO one around, LF low on air but not flat -- however - RF BLOWN & SHREDDED [ truck was partially ON the raised RS over the curb ]
good spare [ had air ] layin in the open bed, so I proceed to change out the RF -------- -------- NG - the spare wheel is different then the wheel on the RF and won't fit the disk brake hub 
I put the flat tire wheel back on the RF whilst I raise the RR to install the spare wheel there [ Fits the drum brake hub ] -- then I take that wheel and change out the RF w *it*
air up the low LF tire
throw the blown & shredded in the bed, stick onea my "pass it on cards" in the window frame and launch outta there
NOW -- about my "launch" I'm LIT -- I've waited for an open "window" in the traffic -- I've GOT one and am "launching" -- STILL LIT mind you --
a S.I.D "Selfish Ignorant Driver  changes lanes directly into the lane behind me at high speed and *I* haveta take evasive action to not get worn as a hood onernament 
WELL , I got to TELL em about it as they finally swerved back into the other lane to come past me -- 
SOME day I'd liketa see the "MOVE OVER" [ away FROM --  not TO  ] law *enforced* 
tDAY -- 29 November 2011
t-day, on the way to a dentist appointment -- NB I-15 JSO Aero Dr -- a small pickup ahead of me began to slow -- slower and slower -- and headed for the shoulder --

well -- I headed for the shoulder behind him and "lit up" to cover as he rolled progressively slower to a standstill - said [ on my PA ] "Howdy pardner, look behind you" He JUMPED! never saw me at all behind

fella was OOG -- said he was tryin to git to a job he'd JUST started t-day and was trying to git there on what gas he had -- almost made it 

couldn't BELIEVE that I'd stopped and was gonna give him some gas -- said I'd saved his job for him

gave me a good feelin

ya just never know -------------------

@ about 9:00am aprox, I was waitin in the leftmost [ turn -only ] lane to turn left from EB W.Main St. to EB I-8 on-ramp under the overcrossin
a white older model extended cab Ford pickup w a white camper shell pulled up on my left crossin the double yellow to do so, into the opposin lane of traffic
I spoke to the driver sayin he was in the WRONG lane whereupon, on the light changin, he proceeded to shoulder past me on my left causin me to haveta take evasive action to avoid contact
proceedin up the on ramp driver jammed on the brakes -- causin me to have to react suddenly  w mine to avoid hittin him -- Shela, my dog was thrown forward only saved by her safety harness from hittin the dashboard or windshield!!
then proceeded up onta the I-8 EB where he meandered from lane to lane never gittin upta freeway speed
I went around on his left, 2 lanes over keepin a distance and watched as he entered the 67 NB behind me -- pulled over, I did to the emergency call box positioned jist after the overpass to wait for him to pass so's I could follow at a safe distance whilst gittin on to 911 to report a suspected impaired driver -- stated what had occurred that I'd experienced and witnessed and gave the licence# & description of vehicle to the operator
as he approached my stopped position he swerved AT me w his right signal on!  straightened out and proceeded to the Bradley off where he turned right, cruisin right THRU a red light w-out stoppin!  did the same at the next light!  
proceeded on down Graves to Broadway turnin WB on Broadway  right on Magnolia then right inta ECPD parkin lot -- asked him in the PD lobby if he'd been drinkin -- didn't answer that question -- jist said he was tryin to git away from ME  --
told my story to desk officer and left as I had an appointment -- offered my card for contact, didn't stick around to determine the outcome
Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:38 am
well, yesterday, I just couldn't stand it anymore --

HAD to go out and "play on the freeway" [ w my "backup" vehicle 56 Merc Amblewagon ]

Shela's been lettin me know she's bored as well -- whinin, goin out inta the shop and givin sharp barks while lookin at me over her shoulder

anyways fired up and headed out for a beach area run -- Shela got to cavort & sniff butts @ the "Dusty"
we went over the bridge & thru the park a coupla times [ over the river & thru the woods  ]

come across 2 folks OOG [ Out Of Gas ] gottem goin

THEN, headin home on the I-8 EB, [ twilite now ] JEO the 70th St - Lake Murrey OC I'm runnin in the #1 [ fast lane ] as I come round the curve I see a small pickup backin in the CD w it's hazards on -- well I "lite up" and land behind it as it comes to a stop - inquire of the driver as to problem?

He's backin up to git to ladder that fell off his rack!

I look back and *NOW* I see it layin lengthwise right ON the fog line tween the #1 lane and the CD!!!!!

I musta gone right OVER it!  as I was focused on landin behind his vehicle safely -----------------

LUCK? --- or?

anyways -- I run back on the CD and git it, and he straps it on and takes off safely

I launch as well ---- only to LAND agin a short distance further round the curve as I come upon a MB sedan asittin there w a LF FT [ Flat Tire ] lady's in some distress and scared -- she'd *hit* the ladder as it fell off the truck and blew her tire - she's on the phone w AAA when I arrive and give her my card and I hear her say "I'm ok now, the Highwayman's here"

Got her goin and myself as well safely and as I manuver out inta traffic it crosses my mind "what IF?"

HOO Boy!

went out this mornin -- coupla loops round the beach area freeways -- no traffic to speak of -- Dusty dog park for Shela -- headin home -- EB I-8 passin the 805 OC I start smellin hot rubber smell -- quick check of my mirrors -- *I'm* ok -- smells gittin stronger as I pass the I-15 OC -- THEN -- ahead of me in centerlanes --SUDDENLY -- a HUGE cloud of smoke, like an explosion -- swervin vehicles, objects flyin in the air!!!

I "LIGHT UP" w everything I've got and manuver to block traffic behind me so a small motorhome can make it to the CD shoulder from center lanes [ bout 6-7 wide here ] BOTH RR duals blown & shredded! i'm gonna guess that onea them was deflated prior and *that* was what I was smellin

littl tiny older lady drivin -- gits out shakin like a leaf -- goes to look at the blown tires and I haveta grab her to keep her from gittin hit -- tell her to git back inta her rig and start callin for help --

cars are brakin -swervin wildly to avoid LARGE tire debris -- large tread "gator" and one WHOLE tire tread round alayin in the #1#2&#3 lanes -- I back my vehicle w all systems "LIT" to where the pieces are layin in the lanes and run out to gittum -- prayin -- MAKE it, and return to RV to comfort woman -- CHP shows up -- they had it as a crash from all the disruption!

left after fillin in the officers on situation -- hadta git home fer turkey day celeb WOW Black Angus was SLAMMED -- lucky had reservations -- no "cleanup" jist Shela boxes

YOUTUBE -- the San Diego Highwayman's video page

CAREfull pardner!
I'm on duty here!

Pet Safety Sitter

Talk about DEJA VU !!! *THIS* is almost exzactly the SAME move by a S.I.D. that KILLED MY BEULAH! 10 August 2011 -- only difference is *this* woman didn't brake suddenly and *I* had somewhere to escape to -- [ if you turn up the sound you kin hear my air horn blarin ]

Folks, if you VALUE yer "fur people" that ride with ya --
SECURE THEM with a "Pet Safety Sitter"  [ a chest harness for yer dog that secures to yer vehicle's seat belt or shoulder harness -- if Shela had not been wearing one she likely would have been severely injured, if not KILLED, thrown thru the windshield like a projectile,  when "Beulah" was killed, back in 08/10/11 
 Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:27 am
funny how things go sometimes ==

Saturday, I come upon a vehicle on the gore point of the Pershing Dr OR to NB I-5 -- vehicles whizzin by on both sides -- fella lookin right concerned -- battery dead due to alternator failure, so no hazard lights workin --

well, I've GOT the solution fer that -- pop in my booster battery and follow him up to Hillcrest intendin to retrieve it there -- in gettin to Hillcrest I'm noticin a white van gittin RIGHT on my tail several times so I "speak" to it several times bout tailgatin -- the third time I git a leetil irate in how I'm speakin  we pull inta a parkin lot and the van pulls in behind and it crosses what passes for my mind that there might be trouble comin --

No, it's the fella's friend that he'd called fer help afore I'd arrived and the friend had arrived on scene jist in time to see us pullin away and so had followed closely to not lose his buddy in traffic -- my fella is from Brazil and English is his second language, so his friend interpets for us as I decide to leave *my* battery in his car so he kin more easily move it to git his alternator replaced over the weekend -- it's Gay Pride parade and everything in Hillcrest is JAMMED --

anyways -- fella calls me Monday afternoon to haltingly say he'll be out Tuesday @ 10am to swap batteries -- [ I've got his charged and ready for im ] shows up on time w gratefull thanks -- wants to pay me fer rescuin him -- I told him "pass it on when you can, as you can" -- shook hands then he grabs me in a bear hug!

waved as he drove off

THEN -- later *that* afternoon at nearly the SAME place -- jist a few yards further North of the gore point -- on the RS this time -- a Windstar van, no one there first time I stop, so I leave a card in the driver's side window as I always do when no one's around -- come back a second time coupla hours later as I think I see someone sittin in it as I pass by SB on the SB SR163 to SB I-5 on ramp and double back from Imperial [ I coulda sworn there was somebody in the driver's seat ] 

anyways, comin down that way agin, later fer one last look, [ "spidy sense" tinglin ] THIS time the hood's up as I pass by SB so I make ready agin to land behind the van and WHOA! there's a fella there all right and he's injured -- broken collerbone, 3 broken ribs, he says -- I ask where he'd gone when van quit -- he'd walked off the freeway to git to a bus stop to git to hospital to git treated for his injuries -- he's an American livin in TJ -- said at last stop he'd made he'd hadta git a jump start and then jist before van died on the freeway it'd started "jerkin" in traffic 

I said "I KNOW what the trouble is!" and "Here's what I'm gonna do for you" put my battery [ same one I'd just got back that mornin from Isreal [ the Brazilian fella ] inta his van -- started right up -- sent him on his way with his promise to return my battery soon as he gits his alternator replaced -- YUP - another alternator failure episode in nearly the same place -- whoda thunk?
Certain areas of San Diego freeways are right dangerous!

I know most ofem from long experience, and so, as I'm approachin one I've got my fingers on the buttons fer my roof mounted warnin lites and my foot poised over the brake pedal --

t-DAY, on the SB SR163, comin upta the Washington St. overcrossin, I noticed some random brake lites and swervin vehicles ahead of me some distance so I got extra "set" for somethin bein outta the ordanairy comin up jist outta sight round the curve --

wooo- HAAAAA!! lucky I was already "set" acomin round the curve cause there RIGHT in front of me is a LARGE Salvation Army Disaster Relief Command Center van cattywumpas cross the #2 lane and coverin the OR from Washington St. EB to 163 SB!!!!

run outta gas he did! 

Driver's tossin cones out behind it to try to warn oncomin drivers and the traffic's backin up behind it on the on ramp from Washington

well, I "lit up" and dove fer the RS in fronta him as I couldn't git behind him due to circumstances -- 

grabbed my 5gallon gas can and [ wouldn't ya KNOW it! ] the gas filler cap was on the left side -- ALL the way back in the corner so's I hadta stand out where the traffic was flashin by jist inches away WHEW!

got him gassed up and he said if I'd meet him @ the Shell station downtown @ the enda the 163 he'd fill my can so I met him there

then -- I went back NB on the 163 to check out a small car I'd noticed in passin SB that looked like it had 2 flats -- it DID -- no one there and both RS wheel-tires missin and the flat do-nut spare set under the RF disk to keep it outta the dirt -- RR drum jist a settin on th e dirt --

well, I figured to do onea my "coyote" tricks and set about installin the donut on the RF and airin it up so's when the folks came back they'd git a surprize to find somea the necessary work already done
 LIKETA do these kinda things 

BUT, jist when I'd finished installin the do-nut spare and was buttinin it up I happened to lay my hand on the fender and -- whoa -- this car's RUNNIN 

I look in the winda, and there's NO keys in the ignition!


somethin don't feel kosher here! --

SO -- I packed up my gear right quick and made a hasty EXIT to a spot where I could stop and git onta 911 to report the circumstances -- headed back bout 15 min later and there's THREE CHP [2 car units and 1 motor ] on scene along with a tow -- they had the trunk open and were lookin at somethin init!! hope it wasn't a body! 

passed by in lanes a lookin and the officers waved

like I said -- interestin day --

now - YISTERDAY - I had a photog from American Profile Magazine aridin w me -- and all we come upon fer him ta git pics of was a young family w a FT SB I-5 JNO the Imperial OR -- young fella was doin all right achangin the flat -- BUT -- wait for it --

http://www.americanprofile.com/articles/san-francisco-highway-helps-motorists/  [ don't know WHY it says San Francisco here?]

He didn't know his spare was FLAT as well! [ betcha ya'll KNEW *that* was comin ]

I "Lit up" behind him to cover since he was between on and off ramps at a spot where drivers often DRIVE on the SHOULDER as they're mergin and he had his whole family outta the car astandin there!

I walked up and pressed my thumb inta the sidewall of his spare do-nut and -- shure enuf flat!

aired it up, gave him a couple of my cards -- his wife said God sent me! I said naw I'm jist havin fun out here "playin" 
Tue May 10, 2011 3:48 pm 
got ta do onea my "coyote" tricks t-day 

headin in after a SUPER day helpin folks outta difficulities on the freeways, the Coronado bridge, *and* city streets

I'm EB I-8 approachin the Waring Rd OC when I notice an older Z car on the RS bridge over Waring Rd

LR flat & shredded, no one around and car locked up

look in the window and see the "collapsible" spare settin on top of stuff in the back greenhouse window

[ these cars have a funky spare that actually inflates like an air mattress --  thing is, it takes a compressed air bottle to inflate -- car comes w one -- obiviously this person didn't have one or didn't know bout it  ]

anyways, w my handy dandy vehicle entry tool, I git inta the car, git out the spare, inflate-install it, and put the blown tire where the spare *was*

lock up the car and pull out chucklin 

SOMEbody's gonna have a surprize

jist LOVE doin this kinda thing

he he, chuckle, snort -- [ that's a Shela laugh ]  & "She" DOES too!

THISUN always gives me a chuckle -- :)  FUNNY  girl Jane --
Monday, February 06, 2006
The Highway Man -- by Jane Lui

according to a chinese oracle who calculated my birth and numbers, whenever i run into an issue, someone will be near to lend a hand. it's translated as "royal guest through grand gates"

i got a flat yesterday on the 163. so i called road side assistance. while on the phone with a very nice lady...i saw in my rearview mirror: the Ghostbuster mobile drove up.
i swear.
but on the front it said, "search & rescue."

i pulled my phone away from my ear, looked at it with a raised eyebrow, looked back at the mirror, a man was already walking up to me.

"Hi, i'm here to help. we'll get you on the road in no time."
"What? are you asking for money?"
he hands me a card with the greatest smile.
"no, i do this for fun. i saw you from the other side of the highway, turned around and stopped here."
"wh..what do you mean...you..you do this for FUN.."
while the lady on the phone says, well... it seems like you're ok ..."
"yeah..mm...thanks..i'll call you again if i need anything..."
he had me hooked.
"it's what i do.. i look for people like you and help them get back on the road they call me the Highway Man." i then looked for his cape.
while getting my spare on within 5 minutes, he had me standing on the hill in case some drunk didn't see us around the bend. my job was to Scream, if.

I stood there...stunt
he's been doing this for 20 years. his partner in crime, Shela, had her chin out the window, just waiting patiently in her black and white blotches.
his business card says, "Assisting you has been my pleasure. I ask for no payment other then just for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter."

Today. i am a believer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Good intentions vs a LACK of common sense!
 Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:56 pm
gotta wonder sometimes --

my grandson's birthday celebration t-day @ Chuck E Cheese in Mira Mesa --

been out w Shela cruisin -- helped a coupla folks w their difficulities

headed over --

locate a shady parkin spot, cover the windshield w it's snapon white sun reflective cover -- even tho it's in the shade

all four windows down 4 inches w their ventshades -- floor vents open for convection

Shela's harness unsnapped so's She kin move around if she wants to

water dish on the seat if she wants some

I'm inside w the kids -- sittin where I kin see the rig, jist in case -- good thing I was -- SDPD pulls up & 2 officers start lookin the vehicle over --
I go out, w my pizza & soda to see em -- somebody called to report dog in a car w the windows up!

Officers determined for them selves there was no problem -- Shela wern't even pantin -- opened the door for em so's they could see it was cool inside -- no worries

wouldn't it be nice if everyone had common sense to go with good intentions!?

I'm thinkin I'm gonna put a sign in the window -- "Dog is NOT in distress! USE some common sense and LOOK at her! You break my window, you WILL pay for it"! I kin think of a few other things to say as well --  if only --
August 2nd 2008 -- this from an e-mail I sent to a fella who'd ridden shotgun w me the day before filmin my doins --   
Yisterday was one of my "better" days -- a "good" day bein one, in which, at least,
I wake up on the right side of the grass ;)

Things worked out really well -- even helped that one fella both of us didn't care fer much ;) :)

hope ya got home safe.

taDAY -- was one of my BEST days -- went out "on yer dime" :) and made no less then  7 assists -- & ya remember how I told ya bout that "messenger" incident?

Well TWO of the seven were like that -- somethin drew me to where those folks were in trouble -- in the first case it was an erratic driver I was followin & gittin ready ta report, till, of a sudden, he straightened out and began ta drive normal like -- and THERE -- was the family that so badly needed my assistance, w a shredded tire and inadequate jack :)

the second incident was jist after, and I got one of my "go THISaway" feelins and followed it, and came upon a leetil gal w a tire shredin blowout on the SB I-5  

Was out "playin" from 11am to 6pm and arrived home to discover Patti dressed & ready to go "out" ta dinner -- so we did -- up to Alpine @ Janet's "Montana Cafe" where Shela is known and welcome on the patio dining area :)

On the way [ ya'll never guess ;) ]  we happened on a young fella OOG beside the highway -- we were in the "undercover SAR"  Lumina that I showed ya the trunk load ;)  so we got him under way as well for a total of 8 "assists" taDAY


One of my BEST days taDAY!

CODE THREE by Rick Raphael -- a book I read while a teenager that is the basis for my naming "Beulah" [ my SAR rig ] and, along with my being pulled out of a snowbank by a samaritan one blizzerdly winter's night, has likely influenced my life's direction in assistin others all these years

Mt Laguna snow --

Early one winter's mornin, I was checking conditions on the mountain prior to bringin a passel of kids up to play in the hoped for snow.

Drivin up the icy, snowcovered Sunrise highway, I was doin all right w no chains on -- untill -- I encountered a flatbed ranch truck pullin a horse trailer w 2 horses init that hadn't made it to the top of one particulary dangerous curve-hill before it lost traction and came to a stop on the icy road --

now -- in itself -- that was bad enuf -- BUT! -- the movement of the horses in the trailer was causin the rig to slowly slip downhill, to the right, becausa the crown of the road, jackknifing as it did so, approachin the edge of the road where there was a steep dropoff of considerable distance!

I came to a stop behind, and then couldn't proceed uphill my self as my tires jist spun on the ice as well -- spoke w the driver as he sat petrified at the wheel, afraid to move and wishin the horses weren't -------

I hadta quickly back down to a nearby turnout where I proceded to chain up my SAR rig in RIGHT QUICK fashion, whereupon I rushed back up the hill to position my rig in front of the slip-slidin truck & trailer -- hookin up my 30 ft "snatch strap" to my tow hook & his front bumper & prayin all the while that the horses would be still long enuf so's he would'nt take me over the side W him if he went -- he's only a coupla feet from the edge now -----------

anyways -- gave him the "high sign" to apply power -- annnnd w my rig churnin and his tires aspinnin we got him straightened out and movin slowly UP & over the hill to a safe level spot where he was gonna wait for someone from the ranch to bring him chains -- don't know if he hadta clean his seat after this "adventure"
well, here's anuther -- same area, different winter --

Over the side! on the Sunrise Highway

I've picked up some habits in my drivin experiences, & onea them is investigatin things that don't look right -- specially on snowcovered mountain roads in the winter --

So, it came to pass, that I DIDN'T pass, a bent over snow stake that had fresh lookin skidmarks leadin up to it  --

I stopped and looked over the side --

There, about 50-60 feet down the mountainside, was a small import pickup w a shell layin sorta on it's side w it's rear dock bumper corner hooked on a low hangin tree branch!

got a picture of thisun somewheres -- gotta see if I kin find it

People inside yellin for all they were worth for help -- afraid to move too much because the branch was the only thing holding the truck from contiuin it's plunge [ there was a small boulder too but they couldn't see that, nor could I till I got down there ]

With adrenalin pumping, I plunged over the side and mostly slid on my heiny down to where they were to help gittum out thru the raised door -- nobody hurt luckily, cept fer pride likely, but truck smashed up some -- [ they was wearin their seatbelts ]

NOW -- for the FUN part -- learned a lesson here -- NEXT time I do somethin like this, I be tyin off my climbin rope to my tow hitch hook and I'll rappell down w my ascenders in my pocket fer climbin back up!! took me like 30 seconds to git *down* -- w a REALLY sore butt after  then nearly ten min to git back *UP* to the road

I call this "experience"

What wisdom can you find that is greater then kindness?

"Chain Of Love" [ music video ]

Shela's a HAPPY girl!
"She's" goin for a RIDE w her Highwayman

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

Welcome to my blog!
Just t-day I stopped to help a mom, her daughter, and baby granddaughter w their broken-down small motorhome -- turns out they're livin in -- goin from place to place nightly

battery had been low on water and exploded in traffic on the I-8 EB JWO 70th -- MH was stopped on the *narrow* RS stickin out inta the offramp lane on a slight curve -- oncomin traffic couldn't SEE it till they were ONit -- no hazards since battery blew!

*I* missed seein it myself initally, and hadta do a "goaround" to git backta help em --

didn't have what I needed with me to gittum under way, so headed back to the ranch to collect the necessary items from Beulah's stores -- meanwhile -- I called 911 and asked that a FSP tow GIT there pronto to give em a courtesy tow outta danger --

I arrived back on scene bout 20 min later [ still there ] and began to effect tempory repairs to git them "outta Dodge!"

JUST as I got it to fire up w my aux battery installed and my aux portable ignition lit up -- CHP motor arrived w a FSP tow followin him in -- we're already runnin, so the motor officer took the lead and we all launched inta the rush traffic w the "lit" tow bringin up the rear

this ain't the end o this story but i jist got called to dinner -- "I'LL BE BACK"

well now, I'mmmm BAAAACK!

we got off the freeway, and proceded to Denny's parkin lot where I looked over the MH tryin to find the ballast resistor I suspected of failin -- w my battery init the engin would kick over jist fine but die right off when key turned to run position -- [ that's symtomatic of a failed resistor but also kin happen w a damaged electronic ignition module ]

couldn't find a resistor anywhere [ followin all the danglin wire harness ] but vehicle runs ok on my porta ignition

her battery is exploded [ literally ]

soo -- on observatin & talkin w em bout their "situation" I decided to leave my new battery in their vehicle -- and I hooked up the porta ignition semi permantly and showed the gal howta operate it -- ran the on-off rocker switch thru the doghouse
[ engin cover ] and draped it over the steering colomn


haven't had need ofit in a coupla years and these folk needed it moren I do --

told her, if she gits "situated" better I'd liketa havem back -- but theyr' her's no worries

littl gal teared up when I told er -- I mighta have jist a mite as well -- but *I'm* comin home to my "ranch" whilst *they* look every nite for a place to park where they won't git rousted -- or worse 
 Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:39 pm
"Beulah" [ my venerable, one of a kind, SAR rig ] DESTROYED! --  K.I.A.  in a multi vehicle TC -- on the NB I-5 to NB SR163 transition downtown San Diego 08/10/11 -- wishin to find an independant witness to this occurance -- more on this later --
story here --
using my "backup" vehicle now [ 56 Mercury ambulance conversion ] it can't carry all the gear Beulah did -- [ why I hadta go for some gear to help the gals in the above incident ]  nor is it as nimble and quick in handlin, but at least it gits me out there --
DeJa Vu !!
tdAY -- Sunday 11/06/11 @ about the same time, 2:00pm that Beulah [ my venerable, one of a kind SAR rig ]  was destroyed at the SAME exact spot on  08/10/11, I'm on NB I-5, approachin the NB SR 163 transition, and I see a small compact car on the gore point of the transition, w an obvious RR FT -- I'm momentarialy hesitant, as this is the EXACT spot [ and time of day ] that Beulah was killed [ destroyed! ]
 well, I make my deciscion, and "land" behind the stricken vehicle w my arrow bar and strobes  LIT up to cover --
young fella, from out of state, military family [ his wife's in the service ] NO spare tire!  Luckily, tire not *completely* flat, so I aired it up enuf to git him offa the freeway and gave him "pass it on" cards &  my card w info so's he could git in touch after and  told him I'd HAVE a spare for him if he did -- no charge -- [ I have a number of these "donut"spares available for these kinda circumstances that I've either picked up @ the swap meet or folks have given me for this purpose ]
yesterday, I drove up to Alpine in my "backup" rig seekin an engine located there for "Beulah" my main SAR rig, and I passed by a small SUV on the RS JWO the Los Coaches offramp huddled up against the hillside -- looked to be occupied -- decided I'd stop if still there on the way back -- hour & a half later, near dark, turnin cold, It was still there -- passed by WB -- went round @ Greenfield & come back EB -- mergin outta the Greenfield on ramp, I notice a CHP cruiser comin up behind me -- I'm gittin set to "land" on the RS to see what the SUV's trouble might be when the CHP comes up on my driver's side and waves -- he was SOME surprised as I "lit up" to land  but gave me a thumbs up as he surmised why 
anyways -- leetil gal was lookin pretty drawn and concerned  as I came upta her passenger side windah to inquire as to her difficulity -- was OOG -- brightened like the sun had risen when I told her I was givin her some gas 
still lookin for an engine --

BEULAH's plate for 40 years
Rests In Pieces now -- barrin a miracle -- :(

Rescue the Highwayman -- the Turko files KUSI tv

highwayman @ home on the ranch
take time to smell the roses

To each of us is given a life. to live with honor and to pass on having left our mark, it is only essential that we do our part, that we leave our children strong. Nothing exists long when it's time is past. Wealth is important only to the small of mind. The important thing is to do the best one can with what one has.

A beautiful garden is a work of heart

Coronado Clarion article

This weblog is my online journal of incidents I've encountered whilst "Playin on the freeway" 
I refer to my doings as "playin" but, in reality, what I go about is deadly serious as a mistake made kin cost a life --
here's a number of incident stories I've put to paper over the years --

A highway TR

by theHighwayman Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:51 pm
Some things, you jist don't see coming --
Some folks call me Highwayman -- cause I liketa "play on the freeway" [ as I call it ] helpin folks--
Usual incidents I encounter are flat tires, out of gas, overheats, traffic accidents and the like.
I'm pretty well equipped to handle most things I come across, and I keep my vehicle in tip top shape to be able to manuver quickly and safely
Well, this one hot summer afternoon -- I'm WB on the I-8 approachin the West Main St. off ramp as I notice quite a long line of cars strechin out onto the freeway lanes from the ramp
THEN I notice vehicles backin up the ramp to the freeway lanes!
Well, somethin ain't right here so I LIGHT up my warnin lites and come in behind the last vehicle in line w my arrow bar goin to deflect oncomin traffic
As the vehicles in front of me clear out inta the freeway traffic lanes, I git a view of an overturned car w folks tryin to help the occupants -- 3 vehicles badly smashed up in total, about midway down the ramp --
Well -- I prepare to GIT down there to render aid, when, all of a sudden, my engine
[ which had been runnin jist fine upta now ] up and DIES!! not only that -- it won't restart -- leavin *me* asittin smack in the middle of the offramp, at the top of the ramp
Well now, it's afternoon, like I said, and the sun is in the eyes of the approachin drivers so it's difficult to SEE my warnin lites aflashin -- have a couple of near misses afore I grab out my neon red-orange signal flags and run back a ways to use em to GIT the attention of oncomin drivers so's they don't run inta *ME* & my rig
I'm doin this fer quite a while it seems
I'm stayin where I am, providin "cover" closin off the ramp -- cause I can't leave anyways -- wishin for a CHP to show up -- I'm havin quite a few drivers waitin till the last second afore they veer off back inta the freeway lanes, so I'm pretty busy fer a while -- then -- I take my eyes offa the incomin traffic fer jist a second as I look back down the offramp to see how things are progressin and I turn back jist in time to FRANTICALLY wave my flags at an oncomin Explorer whose female driver is talkin on her call phone and NOT PAYIN ATTENTION TO WHAT'S IN FRONT OF HER!!
Nearly HIT me she did as she swerved back inta a traffic lane to the acopanyment of numerous horns blarin as she cut folks off
Now the paramedic ambulance and engine co shows up and runs down the now empty off ramp and gits to work on rescuin the trapped folks
A CHP cruiser follows em in and the officer asseses the situation and comes backin up the ramp passin me and gittin behind me to light up and close the ramp -- tells me "thanks" and she'll take over now -- I say I may need a tow as my SAR rig died jist where it's sittin and won't restart -- then I try to start it -- ROOHM -- fires right off at the first turn of the key -- well -- WHAT the HAY?
Thinkin bout it afterwards -- IF -- I had followed thru on my first impulse to GIT to the wreck scene and assist -- *I* mighta been killed by the female Explorer driver who jist WASN'T payin attention at all as she barrelled down the exit lane
now whatta think caused my engine to die jist when it did?
[ rest o the day was ordainary ]
btw -- NEXT time I use them flags I'm agonna be wearin gloves -- had blisters on palms of both hands from the wavin of em!

thisuns goin inta my book
it is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that we cannot sincerely help another without helping ourselves in the bargain

 when seconds COUNT!

08/18/2006 04:38 PM

This mornin, 11:30 am, I'm headed to get myself slicked up by my long time barber up in La Mesa.

WB I-8 on the RS there's a small white SUV w it's hazards on -- I pull up behind and walk up to the pass side window to see what's up. 2 WFA's w 2 small kids in the back seat.

They've been hit & run and they got a partial plate # on the SV and they're waiting for a CHP unit to arrive to make a report.

Minor damage, no injuries, and vehicle totally driveable.

I suggested that they file a counter report at the station because every second they're sitting there waiting they're in "life threatening" danger!

They opted to FOLLOW my advice and as they safely "launched" into the #4 lane I proceded to, as well, just behind them --

AS -- *I* "launched" I was startled to find my rear view totally obscured by the mass of an 18 wheeler that had "drifted" from the 3 lane all the way over so that it was running half on the shoulder and half on the 4 lane DIRECTLY behind me and rapidly gaining!!! Wellllllllll I PUNCHED the pedal to the metal and managed -- [ without JATO ] to accellerate away from the lumbering beheamoth. Then -- as I watched -- the numbskull was fiddling with his cell phone and a clipboard as he meandered from side to side

I dropped back beside his tractor on the driver's side, GOT his attention w my AIR horns and "read him from the book" on my PA about his potentially "homicidal" behaviour. When last I saw him he was drivin the straight and narrow

If I do nuthin else for a week I'm GOOD and HIGH

4 people STILL alive [ 5 countin ME ] 

iffin I hadn't stopped and convinced the leetil lady to move out, that littl SUV wouldave been a moth on the radiator of the 18 wheeler!!!  a few seconds longer and *I* woulda been the moth!
Ya jist never know!   :)
 "Head out on the highway"
"Lookin for adventure"
"and whatever comes my way"

Great day today -- many different "incidents"
BEST incident was the Volvo wagon EB on the Coronado bridge [ right at the top ] w a blown and shredded LR tire.
Traffic was backin up, but I managed to work my way thru it as I'd *just* come over the bridge WB and there was no obstruction at that time so I knew something had to have JUST happened.
Arrived behind them and "lit up" -- gal drivin, fella w his arm in a sling gets out and I ask if he can get the spare loose while I attack the flat -- he goes at it and so do I -- lug nuts must have been tightened by an elephant -- won't come loose w my 12v impact soooo I make a dash for the SAR's back end and come up with a "persuader" bar stored there about this time a CHP pulls up running w his reds on and jumps out to appraise the situation. Initally tells me that the car will have to be driven off the bridge on the rim  but I ask for just 90 seconds and they'll be on their way on their spare
He's estimating the hazards and says OK
"Persuader" bar makes short shift of the overly tight nuts and the power wrench runs them off and back on w the spare, drop the jack, [ luckily *this* spare HAS enough air  ] throw the blown tire in the back, fella tries to pay me [ hurriedly gave him my card and told him to "pass it on" ] They "launched" w the officer given em cover. Picked up my tools and equipment and tossed them in the rig and prepared to "launch"as well, officer comes over and says "MAN, you must have worked on a pit crew!" "THANK YOU for helping them"  covered me as I "launched" as we neared the East end of the bridge -- I went north, they went South but not before they honked and waved.
Made MY day.
But -- AGAIN -- I forgot to turn on my windshield cam
someday -- maybe I'll have one that turns on automatically when I "light up"
"Fate is the Hunter"

 Went out earlier then normal today to do some shoppin and some "playin". Hit the REI for some Thorlos, took my bro to lunch and checked a problem w his car, then headed to the "Dusty" via "once thru the park" and over the bridge to Coronado -- goin to --SB-- I noted 2 vehicles on the NB GP where Washington WB joins 163 NB -- sooo -- comin back NB I'm "set" to react if they're still there -- they ARE -- so I make a lightining quick manuver in behind them w-out upsetting the traffic flow --[ JUST enough room on the shoulder for my rig ] and inquire as to the prob -- FT on the womans vehicle who had called her son to help her -- HE called AAA on discovering WHERE she was w the FT!  AAA was due to arrive momentarily so I bade them adu and QUICKLY "exited stage left" to clear the arena.
On to the "Dusty" where Shela had her romp, dump and chase --  -- nosed a few noses and sniffed a few tails [ SHE did that is ]
Then -- hit the road once more and decided to pass thru the park and over the bridge again -- stopped to assist a family w a FT SB 163 on the RS in the park and was politely rebuffed in that "help is on the way, thanks" so went merrily on my way -- rendered aid at a 2 vehicle TC -- no injuries, thankfully -- hit the bridge over and back and while decellerating into the 5 to 1 lane merge from 1-5 NB to 163 NB I noticed a small car ahead of me running on a nearly flat "donut" spare -- well -- I got on the PA and informed the driver of the hazard and he promptly went to the RS and stopped -- whereupon the tire separated from the rim  WHEW  It was the SAME family I'd met SB some time before!! The person who'd changed their tire for them had forgotten or not bothered to AIR the spare!!  A few moments longer and they would have been out in hi-speed traffic w a tire off the rim
THEY were blown away that we should "meet" again -- as was I -- course I HAD air for them and sent them safely on their way. WHEW whoda thunk
"Fate is the Hunter" was the name of a movie w Glen Ford [ about an airplane crash and the inconsequental { taken separately } chain of events that led up to it ]
I was thinkin of that as they drove away. 
I'd had a routine time "playin on the freeway"  on this HOT summer day and I'm now plannin on headin home, NB SR163, approachin EB I-8, gettin ready to transition to the 8, when, all of a sudden, a vehicle careens past me at a high rate of speed, weavin across the lanes, nearly causin a TC w other vehicles!
Well, I abandon my plan to head home and, instead turn on my windshield video camera and begin to follow the errant driver at a distance, NB on the 163, gettin ready to call 911 as it appears that there's likely gonna be an accident in the offing soon due to his errattic driving -- we transition from the NB 163 to the NB I-805 and continue for some distance till he begins to drive normally -- I'm thinkin bout layin off and headin home as we approach the Miramar OC -- turn off my video camera and begin to change lanes to do so -- when -- I notice a small import sedan in the SB CD w it's RF down likely w a FT and the trunk lid open -- an occupied child seat in the back and the male driver sittin in the driver's seat lookin right AT me!
As we make eye contact he gits VERY animated and waves at me ---------
Well, I'm takin the off ramp anyways so I figure I'm gonna go back and investigate -- manage to manuver thru traffic from the SB on- ramp to "land" behind the vehicle -- he has a RF FT -- has a spare [ it's flat - he doesn't know that yet ;) ] -- but NO jack -- as I produce my jack and air tank and begin to sort out his difficulity he tells me that he's living in TJ w friends and he'd called them on his cell -- they were comin up w a jack for him and while they were talkin they had told him about this guy that drives around San Diego in a "weird" old station wagon that looks like "Ghostbusters" helpin folks in trouble -- 
then, WHO should appear?
well  -- it gets spookier!
As I prepare to leave after helpin him [ he's gonna stay and wait for his friends who are on their way ]  I go to "launch"  around him and I am nearly cut off by a small car that crosses in front of me to the CD -- the doors pop open -- and fellas jump out wavin their arms for me to stop!  I manage to pull into the CD in front of them and they come runnin up to my rig all excited because THEY are this fellas friends who had told him about me and they just couldn't BELIEVE that *I* had actually showed up to help him and wanted to meet me see the rig and meet Shela!!   :) 
whoda thunk?
I call thisun "the messenger"  [ it's happened before ]  I wonder sometimes ???  ------------------        

Coronado Bridge "sightseein"
Today -- *I* got to "sightsee" from midspan of the Coronado bridge -- how many people get to do THAT??
For a moment ---
as I poured fuel into a OOG pickup for an embarrased young military fella -- [ called me "sir"  ] saw him in the EB lanes as I was WB over the bridge so I hung a quick uee at the bridge plaza and doubled back
Sure was a happier event then SOME times I've been at midspan on the bridge 
ON the Coronado bridge today 
Went out "searchin" tday -- took Shela to the dog park @ OB -- "She's" some happy -- been askin ta go 
went over the bridge several times in the course of the day's run --
LAST time over WB I noticed in the EB lanes a tire "carcass" that hadn't been there previously -- turned around @ the plaza and started back EB -- passed the carcass as it was gittin hit and causin vehicles ta swerve to avoid it 
keepin an eye peeled fer the vehicle that lost it as it couldn't have gotten too far --
THERE IT IS --- on the bridge "collector" ramp to NB I-5 -- on the curve -- right in the middle of the #2 lane ---a little old lady standin behind her MB sedan w the RR tire blown and shredded and the rim diggin into the road surface -- prob she hadn't been hit yet cause she WAS standin behind it and that made it noticeable enough fer drivers TO notice since the sun was makin the MB's hazard flashers hard ta see.
Well -- I "LIT UP" w everythin I have rear facin!! jumped out and began to rapidly change out the tire after advisin the lady to git inta the car where she'd be safer --
SEVERAL near TCs as drivers either ignore or can't see my warning displays  ONE comes slidin to a stop jist feet away and our eyes lock and he mouths "sorry"
whirlwinding the change -- I look up fer a second, and see a CHP "lit up" and MOVIN through the traffic @ the crest of the bridge -- he covers the lane behind us w his cruiser sideways and comes up jist as I throw the shredded remains inta the trunk and yell fer the woman ta GO! GO! GO! no time fer nicities 
anyways -- HE said thanks fer helpin her then we both "GOT the HELL outta Dodge" 
several other "ordinary" incidents as well -- but THAT one -- well THAT'S the kind thing that keeps me "out there" searchin.

 recently, I stopped to help a feller on the 163 SB JNO the 5th St off -- down from Mercy hospital --
fella looked like onea Clint Eastwood's "salty lookin dude" w jailhouse tattoos, bulgin muscles, shaved head -- had a beat up earliy 90s Tbird w a BO tire & no spare -- been asittin there fer several hours in the heat -- he'd called a friend to bring him a spare -- didn't fit the hub -- he was from outta town -- just IN town to pick up a friend of his outta jail -- I arrived jist as his friend w the no-fit spare got there -- friend was "interestin lookin" as well  they was both bummed  -- I gave him my card and took his wheel w the BO back to my "20" and put a decent tire on it that i keep various sizes of fer JIST this purpose [ got bout a hundred or so out behind the barn ] -- took it back to him and put it on the car -- turned to leave -- he grabbed my arm
w tears in his eyes, he said I'd "blown him away" -- he'd sat there in his car readin the card i'd gave him -- he hadn't really believed i was comin back w a tire for him -- nobody had ever done anything like that for him before!
maybe made a convert that day
anyways --

Went out this mornin to the bank and ta git my ears lowered by my fav barber.
Going WB on the I-8, I see a Mustang in the CD with a CHP behind it and figure “someone’s gittin a ticket.”
Coming back, I see a tow @ the Mustang and think ?? as I continue on my way.
Anyways — it’s a bit later morning now and and I’m agittin ready to go out to “play” fer a while on the freeway — I come over the rise WB agin, and there’s the Mustang — STILL there — someone small sittin on the passenger side — so I light up and pull off in front of it — back up to it and investigate.
Little girl’s been cryin.
She’s had a tread delamination blowout on her LR tire and the remaining tread, flailing around the wheel well had damaged the body as well.
CHP had stopped to help her and had requested a tow to change out the tire for her “courtesy” as she had no HE [help enroute], no funds to pay, and no one local to assist her.
Tow driver had done as requested and left but didn’t notice she couldn’t leave.
She said to me that the car “wouldn’t move” after the tire was changed.
I immediately suspected that the spare wasn’t correct and was jammed on the brake caliper. [ Seen that before. ] So, without further ado, I removed her blown tire from the trunk and told her I’d return with a good one for her in about 20 min.
She protested that she couldn’t pay. I assured her that that wasn’t an issue as I gave her my card and explained my reason for being there.
Now I’m sizing up her situation as I’m talking with her, and it looks to me like she’s got everything she owns packed into that car. I’m guessing she’s been having a REALLY bad day [or more]
Sooooo …
I got a tire of the same size from my stock I keep for these kinda situations, mounted it up on her wheel, and took it back to her on the freeway.
Took the spare off, installed the good tire, and tried to move the car.
Which wouldn’t start.
She’s looking pretty sad just now.
She had said it wouldn’t “move.”
It comes to me from past experience that the Mustang [ and other Ford vehicles ] have a “rollover” cutoff switch for the fuel pump located in the trunk on the LR wheel well. So, when the LR tire blows in this fashion it often trips that switch with the flailing of the tread against the body metal.
I locate the switch, press the button, and try to start it again…ROOOORHMMMMMM
The look on her face made my day!
Reason I didn’t *think* of that switch first? She REALLY needed a tire to continue her journey safely…the other 3 were okay…
Recently recieved a commendation from a CHP officer for "lighting up" instantly with ALL my rear-facing strobes, flashers, and warning lights as I approached an occuring incident I percieved as inherently dangerous.    
       In the officer's words, I "saved that family's lives by my actions" [ I just happened to be in the right place at the right time ]    
       On the other hand, when I'm changing a flat or providing gas for some stranded soul I oftentimes display no flashing lights at all if I judge the situation to be fairly safe since a passerby's attention is DRAWN to the situation by the lights, that otherwise might have escaped notice. [ It doesn't take much to cause a "traffic wave" that can rapidly escalate to an "incident" where none existed before. ]    
       I've noticed our local CHP have pretty much discontinued using THEIR rear-facing warning lights as well while on routine traffic stops when they judge their situation safe enough.— highwayman, Aug 27 2005 

Today's fun included providing transport for 5 passengers [ 1 adult female and 4 children ] from near Japatul bridge WB I-8 to the Motel 6 near Taylor St almost to the I-5 [ family from Arizona coming here for vacation ]
Shela was polite enough to scoot over so mom could sit in her place holding littlest rugrat while I had to shift equipment and supplies so's the other 3 [2 girls and a boy ] could perch in the rear.
Their Expedition decided to blow a circuit critical to the running of the engine -- luckily it didn't catch fire -- [ there has been a recall for this, and I *want* on of these?? ] and they were stranded in the 100+ degree heat just east of the bridge.
Tow truck would only take 2 in the cab [ pop and the eldest son ] and a taxi, if summoned, would only take 4 ?? [ total of 7 in family ] so one would be left at the side of the road   ?? NOT! I just decided I'd traveled far enough East and took mom & the smaller kids to the motel where they already had reservations
Then I tried to take Shela for her promised "run" @ the OB dog park BUT -- nothin doing -- WB I-8 traffic at a crawl from Taylor on [ beach traffic AAAND the "over the line" tournament going on today ] -- SO -- I hit the NB I-5 [ you should have SEEN the SB traffic ] and "looped" around to the 52 to the 805 to the 163 --to the SB I-5 -- over the Coronado bridge and back and then homeward bound -- UNTIL -- from the 2 lane EB -- I sighted a Bronco w a FT on the RS [ up against a sound barrier on a curve ] -- couldn't manuver to assist w-out causing a traffic "incident" so "went around" and came back "lighting up" as I approached.
Guy was trying, but jack wouldn't raise high enough, so he was stymied. Gal was near hysterical from the near misses of passing vehicles prior to my arrival [ because they were on the curve ] they had the vehicle's right side almost touching the sound wall as it was a narrow shoulder there.
With 4RESCUE's back end "lit up" and "covering" us as we worked, things proceeded swiftly and they got on their way safely -- all in all a really GOOD day's "adventures"
Still owe Shela her "run" however  tomorrow's another day 



kinda excitin day

by theHighwayman on Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:54 pm
Well "the weather outside is frighfull"
But I was havin a great time helpin folks @ numerous incidents of different kinds in the blustery rain --
right upta the moment my wipers suddenly stopped and my engine died seconds later 
I was jist comin up on a "situation" on the RS that I had done a "go around" to be able to approach safely [ couple of vehicles had played little "tag" in the rain and when I first saw em were stopped IN a traffic lane but I wasn't in position to come up behind em safely w-out causin worse mself soooo
anyways my wipers quit suddenly as I was comin up onta the freeway from the underpass ramp -- makin it kinda hard to see -- then -w-out warnin the engine shut down like I'd turned off the key 
luckily -- I had enuf momentum that I was able to coast in behind the damaged vehicles -- that were now on the RS out of traffic lanes -- and my emergency lighting and arrow bar were still functional 
anyways, after determining no one was hurt and they were exchangin info and callin a tow fer the one I went back to my vehicle to figure out if *I* was gonna need a tow 
Well, my old SAR rig don't have lectric wipers like t-day's --
it has vacuum powered wipers -- engine vacuum -- that drops on acceleration, normally causin the wipers to slow down jist at the time ya NEED em to be workin their fastest -- UNLESS -- ya have a Trico Electro Vac [vacuum booster] that kicks in to keep the wipers goin
I *had* one until t-day 
It seized -- stoppin the wipers -- AND -- blowin the main ignition fuse -- lucky I carry spares
took me a leetil while to figure it out in the pourin rain 
no tow fer me t-DAY 
Now -- anybody got a Trico Electro Vac asittin on the shelf somewheres?
I'd admire ta have it so's I kin keep on "playin" in bad weather
well *most* officers I meet are friendly
had one "light me up" and pull me over bout 5 year ago, 9:30 @ night, jist short of *my* offramp from I-8 EB -- I'd been out cruisin fer several hours and hadn't come across anyone ta help so wasn't feelin real great jist then, when, HO LEE CHIT! -- NOW I'm gonna git a ticket -- an I cain't think fer what?? -- an WORSE -- I never saw him comin -- [ I keep a pretty good lookout bout traffic ahead, around, & behind me ]
anyways -- officer walks upta my window -- sticks his hand in and shakes mine -- and allows as to how he's seen me at accident and breakdown incidents fer the 17 years he's been on the East County beat and he's never had the opprtunity ta say "thanks" --
[ cause I always leave right away when officers or medics arrive and establish control -- lessin they ask me ta stay ]
I said "officer, ya nigh on ta give me a heart attack jist now"
he chuckled  NICE fella
a couple over the years haven't been friendly [ which is why I leave right away ] -- one who REALLY wasn't isn't an officer any longer

 ya never know ---
bout passin it on
t-DAY, I went out to "play" and was headed WB I-8 when i spotted a fella on the RS w what looked like multiple flat tires.
spent a good deal of time & fuel "goin around" to git to him cause where he was in an interchange was difficult to git to -- [ missed twice, and on the third attempt hadta settle fer hikin a short distance over from a connectin ramp ]
fella from Virgina had hit an object layin in lanes and blown 2 tires ANNND bent the rims, one totally destroyed, one I pounded back inta semblence of usefull shape once i got it to my shop.
anyways -- i'm tellin him i'm gonna take his wheels and git him fixed up and he's reluctant  says what if I don't come back w em? I say "well, ya jist gotta trust me dontcha?" course i'd given him a card but he hadn't read it yit 
well, on the way back to my 20 to fix *him* up, I'm runnin at a good clip in the one lane, when, what should happen but a work van swings in front of me -- i'm thinkin bout blastin my air horns as he did it closern I like -- i'm noticin as well that the spare carrier cable under the van is swingin empty -- JIST THEN I notice the LF tire rapidly deflatin  that wasn't like that when he made the close lane change --
I DO hit the air horns and git on my PA to tell him he's havin a blowout and to GIT TO THE RIGHT SHOULDER! NOW! NOW! NOW! GIT TO THE RIGHT SHOULDER! NOW! NOW! NOW!
hadta yell it twice afore he reacted and started anglin to the RS [ there's NO shoulder in the CD at that particular spot ]
guess he made it cause when I'm comin back w the other fella's couple of tires the van wasn't there  [ I was agonna give him a hand as well iffin he'd still been there but it had been a while timewise -- [ maybe he had a spare *in* the van ]
anyways --
I git back to the fella thats waitin -- and he tells me that while I was gone, someone ran outta gas and came coastin upta him, in this dangerous spot he's in, and he jist happend to HAVE a can of gas in his trunk that he gave to that person and gottem goin --
i said "SEE? it's workin ain't it?"
on the bridge t-day
came onta the WB Coronado bridge from the SB I-5  transition --
bout halfway up the bridge there's an older leetil Honda or Toyota stopped in the right lane w 4 fellas in it -- 4 latino "gangbanger" types -- scary lookin -- [ tatoos, shaved heads, ect ]
pull up behind it and light up so's to protect them & me while stopped --
Walk up & ask the driver "what's wrong, you out of gas?" 
He says "what do YOU care!" w a scowl -- all four fellas lookin unpleasent & mean
[ now, I'm thinkin they're figurin I'm some kinda official or somethin because of my safety reflective gear I'm wearin ]
I say "well, if yer outta gas I've GOT some for you.
fella looks stunned ---------------------
"REALLY?"   he asks
I go back to my rig and git the gas can and proceed to give him a coupla gallons --
car starts right up
all of a sudden these four scary lookin-actin fellas are smilein and laughin and sayin THANK YOU as they drive away 
:)  made their day I think  ---- MINE too! 
  **   Now an interesting thing happend to me, several months after this incident above -- now, I can't say fer shure, but it feels likely Karma was at work here --
I was SB on SR 163 late afternoon one day -- transitioning to the SB I-5 -- when a small vehicle came up on me at high speed from behind and began to tailgate me closely -- I "warned" it twice by flashin my brake lites -- it came closer still -- I then used my rearfacin strobes to suggest that it back off -- vehicle came around me on my right -- swerved AT me TWICE!
When I didn't react, the driver flipped me off and rocketed in front of me to brake suddenly, then took off driving erratically -- well he got my attention, and when he took an offramp down into Barrio Logan I was displeased enuf that I followed him -- not a wise thing to do - he turned into a neighborhood where folks were out in the street in the early evening -- sitting in front of their homes -- groups walking around --
I finally had got close enuf to tell him [ on my PA ] that what he had done back up on the freeway was felonious and literally assult with a deadly weapon and to KNOCK IT OFF!!!
Well, he pulled over, got out of his car, and started walkin back towards me with a smile on his face [ NOT a nice smile! ]
I looked around at my surroundings and realized, of a sudden, that I had likely done a very foolish thing -- reversed my vehicle and started backin up to the intersection -- he started walking faster - I backed up faster -- all at once - a fella his size came outta the crowd and grabbed him around his neck and held him -- talking to him as I backed around the corner and left --
Wouldn't it be sumthin if that fella that stopped him was onea the fellas in that car on the bridge?  I *believe* in Karma!   
Bill Clinton story
Howdy Bill,
Way back when you were participating in a "Town Hall" meeting at the channel 10 headquarters here in San Diego I went down to attempt to meet you. Didn't get to, due to full venue and security, so I decided I'd at least get to see you go by in your motorcade. to that end, I positioned my SAR rig at the entrance to the onramp I figured you'd take to enter the 94 freeway.
Surprise -- your motorcade headed off in a different direction so I proceeded to enter the freeway myself heading to Coronado where I had some business to take care of.
Surprise AGAIN -- your motorcade came out of a different on ramp onto the 94 right beside me!
I'd wondered at the lack of traffic when I'd entered the freeway -- seems the CHP closed it down for your passage but someone forgot to close the on ramp I'd entered from :O
As I was right beside your limo the "chatter" on the CHP "gold" channel suddenly picked up [ I have a scanner in the rig ] about an old white stationwagon that looked a lot like "Ghostbusters" that was right beside the presidential limo. At that moment the door on the secret service van closest to me rolled back and there were a couple of serious looking guys with what looked like Uzies surveying me intently! I don't know what might have happened next had not I heard a voice on the "gold" say "It's oK -- I know him -- he's NOT a threat!"
With that, I decided it was time to "get the hell out of Dodge" and dropped back from the motorcade to follow [ as it turned out ] at a safe distance to Coronado.
Just wondering if you remember any of this or if you even noticed.
Certainly gave me a story to tell!
by theHighwayman on Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:07 pm
was in onea my down moods
headed out for a beach "loop"
right outta the gate, came upon a black rubber "trail" enterin the I-8 WB from the 125 SB that ended at a leetil, older, blazer SUV w a blown RF tire
gal sittin in it lookin pretty sad -- vehicle loaded w everythin she owns -- livin init -- well it HAS a spare but it's buried in the back and the back hatch winda won't open from the out side so she hasta crawl over everythin inside to pop it -- spares good -- but FLAT [ of course ] anyways -- I git the spare on and air it up while I'm sizin up her situation -- I ask her if she kin afford to buy a tire at a tire store - since "donut" spares aren't ment for long term use - nope - she tells me she was on her way to sell plasma to git gas money -- gas guage needle's sittin near empty -- she hasn't enuf gas to git to my "roost" so's I kin *give* her a tire -- Well, I make my decision, and put in 4 gallons [ savin 1 for the possibility that I might encounter someone needin it while travelin back to the "Roost"and gave her directions to git there - while Patti's gittin her life's story, [ cept we never got her name ] I fitted a matchin tire from my take-off stock kept fer JIST this purpose and gave her some MacDonalds gift cards for food -- couple of "Pass it on" cards as well -- ya never know
then -- ON with the "loop" agin -- crossed the bridge several times in the course of crusin thru-out the afternoon -- no incidents *there* that day
encountered 4 other folks in different places w varyin situations 2 outta gas, and 2 w flat tires, that I was able to assist outta their difficulities -- always enjoy surprisin people 
hey, whatta ya know, I'm not "down" anymores 
it is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that we cannot sincerely help another without helping ourselves in the bargain

had a good "play on the freeway" day t-day
2 FT & 1 OOG incidents
1 right outta the gate -- young couple w a blowout -- asittin on a gore point of an off ramp -- he's got the car jacked & the blown tire off but the donut spares got the wrong bolt pattern -- don't fit  while I'm lookin at it I hears em talkin bout what are they gonna do?? jist bought the car used recently -- littl money fer a tow & tire --
well, I give em my 3 pass it on cards & tell em I'm gonna take their blownout & bring em back a usable tire AND a donut spare that'll fit as well -- [ got a selection "back at the ranch"  ]
he says then take ours that don't fit so's ya kin help someone else w IT sometime -- done & did 
they was smilin big as they drove away 
me too
then there were the couplea guys w a small pickup w a blowout in onea the MOST dangerous places in San Diego -- NB SR163 JNO the Washington St OR -- luckily JNO the right curve swing IN the turnout space -- where I saw em as I was headed SB and jumped off @ Washington to come back to em -- LIT up as I came down the ramp so'as to lessin the likelyhood of *ME* gittin hit as I landed behind em -- [ this IS where the paramedic was killed jist a short time ago -- ]
gottum under way safely --
lastly -- jist an "ordinary" out of gas situation EB I-8 JEO College on the RS -- got him under way safely as well --
onea my "better" days
[ every day's a "good" day when ya wake up on the "right" sida the grass -- "better" days are those when ya git to help someone else along life's highway as well  ]

went out to the OB dog park fer Shela  [ went over the bridge a coupla times & thru the park along the way ]
comin up on the dog park, I notice an older motorhome parked in a RS turnout -- people pourin gas from a can inta it -- I'm AT the dogpark for bout 30 min and I see these folks across the highway, STILL there and now attemptin to jump the MH  battery low from crankin -- I'm sittin in the dog park parkin lot and they're across a 4 lane divided highway & a cyclone fence afrom me -- fella crosses over on foot & asks if I kin giveum a jump start - I loan him my portable jumper and they try it -- no go -- not enuf gas  well --- I haveta "legally" go about 2 miles outta my way to GIT to em -- [ causea the road design ]  - BUT -- I go roundabout a bit and l"ite up" to hang an illegal U turn to git back to em - jist as I do this -- outta nowhere -- a CHP crosses my path!  --  I'm thinkin "Great, NOW I'm gonna git a ticket"  nope,  the CHP was enroute to help the MH as well and "covered" the scene w HIS lights whilst I assisted  them folks on their way  -- then the officer THANKED me fer helpin em   :)

a GREAT day t-day!

Incident on the 8
Mid morning, medium to heavy traffic, I was EB I-8 when I noticed a white pickup w a xray driver stopped  WB w a FT in the CD between Fairmont and the I-15.
I exited @ Waring and and "went around" to return WB and pulled up behind in the CD
[ didn't activate ANY lights, not even hazards, so as to not impact traffic flow. ] *she* had her's on.
2 vehicles "on scene" at this point, traffic not affected.
Spoke w the lady who indicated she'd called her husband, who was on the way, but she was really scared and would be happy to be "out of there" sooner if I'd help her.
Began to change the tire [ spare under the truck bed ] as I was proceeding with this --husband showed up and pulled into the CD ahead of her truck and came back to help.
3 vehicles "on scene" at this point traffic flow still not being affected.
Now a FSP tow arrives on the CD behind my rig, pulls marginally into the #1 lane w his tires turned right and "lights up" w his roof lights to cover us as we're finishing the tire change. [ did I mention her spare was flat? had to air w my tank ]
4 vehicles "on scene" traffic flow NOW being affected by constricted #1 lane and "lookielou's" perception of a possible accident to observe in passing.
NOW a CHP officer stops in the EB CD to inquire - assist w whaterver problem may have occurred. [ don't know if he "lit up" as well as I couldn't see the rear of his vehicle. ]
Friendly officer.
5 vehicles "on scene" significant traffic slowing beginning on BOTH sides of the freeway!
Husband begins to stow the blown tire under the truck -- I grabbed it from him and threw it into the bed w a "no time for THAT -- let's get OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!!
We did, luckily, w-out incident -- but -- WHEW --
view from the bridge is spectacular!

last week, got to enjoy the view fer 20 min as I sat, providin cover, fer a 2 vehicle TC right near the top, EB, in the #1 lane [ of 2 at that time ] fella wern't payin attention and ran inta the rear of an SUV & got his nose stuck under ;)  no one hurt, luckily, but vehicles requirin 1185's  
[ tows ]
I'm all the time tellin folks that the freeway's not a dog park and if they follow too close they're agonna git brown on their nose ;)  first CHP unit took 20 min to arrive cause there was a traffic mess on the WB I-8 near the 5 at the time w multiple TCs they were busy with -- THEN -- there was the traffic, backed all the way up inta Coronado, that they, & the tows, hadta git thru as well.

fun times ;)  

sooo -- I got to sit there & enjoy the view :)

leave ROOM when ya drive folks!

been doin rescues & tendin incidents on the bridge since it was built in 69 -- lotsa stories -- some funny -- some interestin -- some not so funny :( [ won't mention the not so funny ones here ]

one night, late, I pulled up behind an older Dodge station wagon stopped by the rail [ he was standin behind the car lookin over the rail ]and inquired of the driver his trouble. He said he was outta gas. I said "well, no worries, I've GOT some for you."

He said he didn't have the key to the lockin cap -- well, I'm some worried, cause we jist had a near miss from a driver who wern't payin attention, so, I'm a leetil excited and I twist off the cap w my bare hands!  Put in some gas. tell him to try startin it  rhoommm -- starts right up!  he waves and drives away.

well now, as i'm drivin away, I ponder the fact that the Dodge started instantly -- that year model, when it's run otta gas, takes a while fer the fuel pump to git it upta the carb -- likely he were'nt outta gas ;)  anyways --

by theHighwayman Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:46 pm
One day I was NB I-805 early evenin [ twilite ] approachin the 5-805 merge when I come upon an incident on the RS IN the right traffic lane there was a rear-end multi-vehicle TC where a pickup had hit and pushed a car into another in front of it in slowing traffic -- no one "onscene" as yet and 2 women had the driver's door of the pickup open and were workin on the driver --
I hadn't been able to pull in *behind* the wreck so I pulled in in front and lit my arrow and strobes -- grabbed a handfull of flares, and ran back behind the wreck to lay a flare pattern closin off the lane we was in --
as I'm comin back to git some more flares, passin the women workin on the guy, I hear one ofem say "he's not breathing he's turning blue, there's something stuck in his throat! She's tryin to git her fingers down his throat to clear it and is disparin cause she cain't reach it!
WELL now, I've got a Magill forceps in onea my responder bags and I hustle to GIT it -- --
hand it to the one gal -- she inserts it down his throat -- a coupla seconds later she withdraws it and flips a LARGE wad of chewing gum over her shoulder  fella's breathin now and turnin pink agin 
meantime -- a paramedic ambulance arrives bout ten min later -- pulls in behind my rig and lights up as well -- medic gits out and begins to open doors to git gear out -- and -- a MORON motorist nearta tears onea the doors off the ambulance!! jist missin the medic AND me!!   didn't stop either!
CHP units arrive and block another lane as well --
well -- it's TIME for ME to LEAVE! --
anyways -- some months later -- I'm asittin at an intersection near home waitin for the light -- and there's a pickup w 2 good lookin gals init facin me across the intersection -- they smile, and honk and wave and I wave back -- they follow me home! -- I'm gittin a leetil worried bout what my "witch" is gonna think -- these gals afollowin me home -- it's happened before  they pull up inta my drive and explain that they were the gals at that accident scene [ both nurses ] and they jist wanted to tell me that my havin that forceps had saved that man's life!
well now, that was plumb nice ofem
on the road "to" Vegas
As the "Highwayman" -- "playing" on the local freeways -- I had made several "assists" this day -- ONE of them was on the I-8 WB between 70th St - Lake Murray and the College Ave exchanges.

I pulled up behind an older Datsun pickup on the RS and it was steaming. The gal had the hood up and had already located the problem - a small bypass hose had blown. Well, I carry bulk lengths of hose of that sort for situations like this so we proceeded to effect the repair together.

The shoulder on the road was wide and unobstructed so I pulled the rig up beside her truck for better access to my tools. She mentioned she had called her husband prior to my arrival.

As I got out from moving the rig, I glanced back up the road, and there, walking on the shoulder coming towards us, was a man who was a little shorter and a little stockier than I, with long hair, a mustache, dark complexion [ but not Hispanic ] and looked to be in his 40's, maybe.

As he came up to us, I asked the gal if she knew him but she didn't. At this point her husband arrived and I went to talk with the walker.

He asked me if I knew how to get to Las Vegas? I said, "Well, yes but I'm kinda busy right now. If you'll wait over there where it's safe, I'll talk to you in a couple of minutes."

I went back to work completing the repair with the help of the woman's husband -- filled the radiator -- ran the engine for a bit to check for leaks or overheat damage [ none luckily ] and instructed them how to "launch" safely back into the traffic flow -- [ both did ].

THEN -- I turned to the fellow who had waited patiently for my attention and noticed that he was carrying only a large, old fashioned, red Bible and a bottle of water and wore no jacket and only lightweight clothes.

He again stated that he needed to get to Las Vegas and could I get him there? I said that I could give him a lift off the freeway and to the train station. He said that he didn't have any money and showed me a wallet that had a Nevada ID in it and nothing else [ and NO -- I don't remember the name on it, but it WAS his picture ].

Well, to get him off the freeway and out of harm's way and a possible ticket from the CHP, I decided to give him a lift to a safer place.

As he got in next to Shela [ my search dog and "shotgun" rider ] she GRINNED at him and moved over without my having to tell her to.

He began to talk of his travels and having just come from Cuba as I "launched" back into traffic and tried to figure out what I was going to be able to do for him. I momentarily got the urge to TAKE him to Vegas before "sanity" returned and I figured to drop him at the Fairmont exit where he could walk safely.

But no -- he pointed to the 15 North exchange and said, "That's the way to Vegas, please".

So, I took the 15 North and swung off at Friar's Road and pulled to the curb where he could cross to the other side to catch a ride in the right direction safely.

As he got out of the rig, I handed him a McDonald's $5 gift certificate book, some of my "survival rations" from the rig's stock, and, as the skies were looking threatening, one of my "trash bag" ponchos I carry for accident victims.

As I turned to leave, he put down what he was carrying and reached out with both arms and hugged me and said, "Thank you, Thomas".

I hadn't told him my name!

I drove up the road to the first light [ short distance ] made a right to swing a u turn to come back and re-enter the freeway . He was GONE! He was only out of my sight for a moment as I turned.

THEN, I thought back to when I'd first seen him approaching us on the freeway shoulder. He HADN'T come from the 70th St - Lake Murray exchange because I'd have SEEN him as I passed, before I stopped to help the little lady!!

Got home, told the wife, she said "Tom, tomorrow's Easter."



One day last week, as I was WB on the I-8 through Mission Valley, I noted, on the other side, EB, JEO the I-805 on ramp, a vehicle that appeared to be IN traffic lanes with a FT and a fellow standing behind it!

I immediately crossed over to and exited at Texas St to return to the scene dreading what I feared I'd find when I returned! --  As I arrived on scene it was not so bad as I'd thought but noot good either.  The fellow and his vehicle were on the gore point of the on ramp from SB I-805 to EB I-8 -- right ON the POINT  w cars and trucks whizzin by on bothe sides!


As I approached, he had his spare and jack out but there was something the matter with his jack and so he'd been unable to deal w the situation.

I introduced myself and proceeded to deal w the situation posthaste as it was a DANGEROUS situation to be in. When I had finished, and gave him a card, he was astounded and asked "you mean you're NOT going to charge me for doing this?!"


He then began to cry, astounding *me*, when he explained that he had helped other people all his life but NO one had ever helped him when he needed it.

I said "well pardner, it looks like you're getting paid back a leetil t-day."  ;)

My card says "Assisting you is my pleasure. I ask for no payment other then for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encouter." 


Thomas, I met your son a few years back on crest road right before the "S" curve going to harbison canyon when my friends front wheel on his el camino broke all the lugs off. at the time we both had long hair and looked a little scummy, and he was the only one to stop and offer some help instead of floor it and swerve around us LOL like most did. He gave us a ride down the hill in the other direction then he was traveling [ went out of his way ] to my house and would not take the few bucks we tried to offer him. Nice guy.

A Christmas Story
      Christmas morning, 1997, my birthday, I was headed up to the mountains pulling my HEAVY work trailer. Suddenly a trailer tire violently blew out and shredded. As I struggled to the shoulder the trailer's hubcap came sailing past like a frizbee. I came to a smoking-grinding halt and hiked up the road to retrieve the hubcap. I had just returned to the vehicle, [all the while contemplating the hour or more it was going to take me to change the tire due to the trailers weight and access to the spare], when an older model Chevy pickup pulled up behind me.  The driver got out and introduced himself, seems I had stopped to help HIM 9 years previously when he had run out of gas on the mountain in a snowstorm.  With his help, the chore of changing the tire was MUCH lighter. When I asked what I owed him he just laughed.   What are the odds of this being random?   "Pay it Foward" 

 Wellll -- I went out on a "loop" this afternoon and "strayed" some from my usual haunts [ got that "go this way" feelin and followed it several times ] -- each time coming upon someone havin troubles and bein able to help them on their way -- untill -- the final incident -- comin around the curve on E-B I-8 near Spring I noticed quite a bit of rubber in the one lane that I had to dodge -- I had just moved over TO the one lane from the four as I approached the curve because I got one of my "feelins" 
Ahead - in the CD - I noticed a small car w it's hazards on and LF down w 2 figures between the Jersey wall and the car -- "lit up" to "land" behind them then switched to hazards only to mitigate the probable "lookielou" effect on traffic.
LF had blown and thrown it's tread - beating the fender - popping the headlight - and damaging the driver's side door as well  Female driver VERY shook and male passenger a little excited as well
They're workin on changin the tire and he says they're ok - but - my "feelin" says go check anyways  spare FLAT totally [ just stuck a thumb in the sidewall to verify ] Soooooo -- out w the air tank and presto -- servicable spare  now the gal's cryin BUT it's a happy cry.
Merry Christmas exchanged and away I launched to be home w family and friends for our evenin celebration. [ we do ours Christmas Eve  ] sure put me in the spirit for it 
 nother Christmas story                                                                                                                           
One Christmas eve, while enroute to a party I'd been invited to attend, I noticed on the other side of the freeway, a disabled vehicle that was occupied.  Returning from the party, several hours later, after nightfall, the vehicle was still there. I stopped and inquired as to the problem. The young couple, with their small child in the back seat, were traveling to visit relatives in Arizona for Christmas. Their car was in poor shape and their tires were worse. They'd had a flat in San Diego and then had another at the spot where I found them. Without sufficent funds to remedy their situation, they were destitute and desolate and rapidly growing colder.  With the help of a friendly CHP officer running interference for us we hobbled their crippled car off the freeway to a safe well-lighted area where I removed the flat tire and with the flat spare also,  proceded to my shop where I mounted up 2 tires from my stock, and returned to install them on the couples car. When they protested that they could not pay for the tires, I handed them one of my cards that I keep for just such an occasion.  It says "Assisting you has been my pleasure. I ask for no payment other than for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter". I wished them a "Merry Christmas" and sent them on their way.  I had more fun doing this than I'd had at the party.    The Highwayman
did I mention my birthday's Christmas?   ;)

A *different* Christmas run this year -- 

 Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:43 am

Well --

This is the first Christmas Eve in neigh onto 40 years that wasn't spent here on the "ranch"

My kids have grown up & have their own kids -- both have GREAT familys & hectic productive lives --

My daughter's in Virginny w her's  & my son's up in Rancho Bernardo w his --

Due to the "production" of gittin his family down here, the "witch" & I decided to "carry it to em" & cruised up to RB in 4RESQ 3 [ my 56 Mercury Amblewagon ]

Had to leave Shela home as m boy's family has a small dog, cat & bunny & it mightent do to interject a larger, type A girl-angel into the mix -- TRUST Shela, I do but theirs have never met her --

anyways --

Had a real nice, albiet NOISY ;) dinner [ my daughterin law's a GREAT cook & my son grilled me a steak to perfection ]

the kid's gifts were a HIT -- thanke to a leetil collusion tween my son & my witch bout what they was wishin for 


on the way "back to the ranch"

I got to make anuther familys Christmas eve better as they were stranded on the EB I-8, JWO the 125, on the RS w an overheated, older SUV -- the water pump was leakin slowly [ unbenownst to them ] and they had run outta coolant

first questions I asked were "did it die? or did you turn it off?" she gave the *right* answer -- she'd turned it off BEFORE it died  [ she'd noticed the temp climbing ]

it took ALL the water I had, but that was just enuf to fill the radiator and the OF resovouir -- so -- they were good to go to GIT home fer Christmas

Made ours that much better as well

Shela was right happy to have us home agin

Felize Navidad to one and ALL!

Happy Trails,
Thomas Weller
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