Coyote - trickster - strikes agin!

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Coyote -- "trickster" strikes agin

 As I turned around on the Sunrise Highway OC at the farthest point of my Eastern I-8 "search loop" I noticed a small white car at the end of the offramp, in the dirt shoulder, with a flat LF tire.

Nobody around -- SOooo I reentered highway lanes headed Westbound. Couldn't stop my nagging "voice" that said "GO BACK" however, SOooo I turned around again, went back, and took a closer look

Not only was the LF flat and shredded but the apparent spare was flat and shredded also, lying beside the car. Car looked like it belonged to someone who could USE some help [ overall condition not good ] SOooo I snagged one of the blown tires - headed back to base 20 and mounted up a decent tire from my stock I keep for purposes such as this -- returned to mountain location and installed it on car

I'd LOVE to see the look on the persons face when they returned



got ta do onea my "coyote" tricks t-day 

headin in after a SUPER day helpin folks outta difficulities on the freeways, the Coronado bridge, *and* city streets

I'm EB I-8 approachin the Waring Rd OC when I notice an older Z car on the RS bridge over Waring Rd

LR flat & shredded, no one around and car locked up

look in the window and see the "collapsible" spare settin on top of stuff in the back greenhouse window

[ these cars have a funky spare that actually inflates like an air mattress --  thing is, it takes a compressed air bottle to inflate -- car comes w one -- obiviously this person didn't have one or didn't know bout it  ]

anyways, w my handy dandy vehicle entry tool, I git inta the car, git out the spare, inflate-install it, and put the blown tire where the spare *was*

lock up the car and pull out chucklin 

SOMEbody's gonna have a surprize

jist LOVE doin this kinda thing

he he, chuckle, snort -- [ that's a Shela laugh ]  & "She" DOES too!

Jist LOVE doin these kinda things --
12/25/13 Christmas, mid mornin
DID git to feelin good enuf to go out to "play" tday -- if only fer a leetil while -- wife insisted -- cabin fever -- 
I was amazed at how littl traffic there was anywhere in San Diego -- dog park was well populated tho --
Didn't come across anyone at all in trouble -- untill -- travelin NB on I-5 near Hawthorne I spotted a PT cruiser on the SB RS w it's LF down from a blown tire -- went around @ Washington and came back SB to land behind it -- no one there w it -- LF tire shredded and the donut spare, jack, and lug wrench laid out in front of the vehicle on the shoulder -- donut spare is flat -- I suspicion that's the reason -- don't know how long it's been since the incident began but the engine's cold, vehicle's unlocked, so after changin out the blown tire and airin up the flat donut, I stow all the gear in the rear, leave a card on the door and take my leave haven to be able to have done anuther of my "coyote" tricks as I liketa callem -- after the "trickster" coyote in indian lore -- done a LOT of these over the years 
*some* day I'd love to see onea the reactions after 

Bout midday t-day, I'm comin offa the Coronado bridge EB to NB I-5 & I see, back a bit, on the NB I-5 RS, a leetil white pickup w a FT -- so I "goaround" a bit and come up behind it -- nobody there -- *thought* I'd seen someone afore I went around but --
RR is blown & shredded -- tread had flailed around and damaged inner& outer fender metal as well -- there's a good spare hanging under the bed, so I git my trusty LARGE screwdriver and lower it -- [ crank's locked in the truck IF they even HAVE one ] jacked up the truck, removed the blown tire-wheel & threw it inta the bed, beat the twisted metal inta reasonable shape so the spare will clear it, and put the spare on -- whaddaya know -- THIS spare HAS enuf air --  stuck a couplea my "pass it on" cards in the window frame and pulled outta there --
SOMEbody's gonna git a surprize 

Shela LOVES to play "Coyote" tricks
The Road You Leave Behind [ music - video ]
The Road You Leave Behind [ music - video ]

now - HERE's one bout gittin it back --
A Christmas Story
      Christmas morning, 1996, my birthday, I was headed up to the mountains pulling my HEAVY work trailer. Suddenly a trailer tire violently blew out and shredded. As I struggled to the shoulder the trailer's hubcap came sailing past like a frizbee. I came to a smoking-grinding halt and hiked up the road to retrieve the hubcap. I had just returned to the vehicle, [all the while contemplating the hour or more it was going to take me to change the tire due to the trailers weight and access to the spare], when an older model Chevy pickup pulled up behind me.  The driver got out and introduced himself, seems I had stopped to help HIM 9 years previously when he had run out of gas on the mountain in a snowstorm.  With his help, the chore of changing the tire was MUCH lighter. When I asked what I owed him he just laughed.   What are the odds of this being random?   "Pay it Foward" 

an HERE's one bout seein it "growin"
 Rode in w my bro, in his car, to City Chev this afternoon to pick up my son's diesel 4x for him [ had some work done there *I* didn't want to do  ]
Passed by several stranded folks on the I-8 and felt pangs for not bein able to help em [ feel downright nakid w-o my trusty SAR rig or one of my other specially equipped vehicles ]
One gal was particulary poigniat for me as she had a flat and as we passed she was gittin out a stroller as if she was going to walk away from the car down a nearby off ramp -- anyways I made a mental note to check on her comin back -- and she was still there -- soooo I dropped my son's truck at the home 20, and returned to the scene w my trusty rig -- annnd Shela of course  --
Now there's a van behind her car, and a feller workin on changin the blown tire w *her* tools [ small stock jack, 1 arm wrench, ect  ] he's makin a go of it but he doesn't know yet the spare is FLAT
I hand him my star wrench, cause he's jumpin on the 1 arm wrench tryin to git the lug nuts loose, and proceed to air up the spare for him.
He allows as to how HE'D passed by this gal once previously as well and when he came back by she was still there and he remembered how his wife had had a blowout on the freeway about 4 months previous and someone had stopped to help *her* ===




MY wife when she needed it"
now THAT's what I'm talkin bout   ;)


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