"On the Road" with the San Diego Highwayman aka Thomas Weller

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Highway Angel

Doing my part to "Pass It On"

"Don't aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference"
Well, in my short time here on earth, I've been called a lotta things -- *most* ofem printable ;)
Highway Angel, White Knight, Good Samaritan, Road Angel, Angel on the Highway, and the like are somea the printables  --
Then --
Back in 96, my son and I were watchin television for Charles Kuralt's show "American Moments" to come on, as his crew had  followed me around one day, filming my "playin on the freeway" doins
As he began to announce the show, he said --
"Highwaymen of old were figures to FEAR -- but HERE'S a Highwayman to admire!"
My son looked at me and said "Dad -- isn't a highwayman a BAD thing?" --
well, I LIKED that -- henceforth, in honor of Charles Kuralt's namin, I became the San Diego Highwayman!   

good times w my brother Steve :)
Summer @ Green Valley Falls

Regular readers of my blog will know who I am

56 Fords rule!
this became my FIRST

now, thisun *looks* lie a 56 BUT --
It's actually a 55 w a 56 crown vicky front clip

San Diego Highwayman -- DOG is my copilot!


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