"On the Road" with the San Diego Highwayman aka Thomas Weller

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NPR story 13 sept 2013

Link here to NPR's audio story extract from Story Corp's tellin of onea my experiences out "Playin on the Freeway"


full story here, from about 10 years ago --

recently, I stopped to help a feller on the 163 SB JNO the 5th St off -- down from Mercy hospital --
fella looked like onea Clint Eastwood's "salty lookin dude" w jailhouse tattoos, bulgin muscles, shaved head -- had a beat up earliy 90s Tbird w a BO tire & no spare -- been asittin there fer several hours in the heat -- he'd called a friend to bring him a spare -- didn't fit the hub -- he was from outta town -- just IN town to pick up a friend of his outta jail -- I arrived jist as his friend w the no-fit spare got there -- friend was "interestin lookin" as well,  they was both bummed  -- I gave him my card and took his wheel w the BO back to my "20" and put a decent tire on it that i keep various sizes of fer JIST this purpose [ got bout a hundred or so out behind the barn ] -- took it back to him and put it on the car -- turned to leave -- he grabbed my arm

w tears in his eyes, he said I'd "blown him away" -- he'd sat there in his car readin the card i'd gave him -- he hadn't really believed i was comin back w a tire for him -- nobody had ever done anything like that for him before!

maybe made a convert that day

anyways --