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my "Beulah" K.I.A 10 August 2011

about Beulah's untimely "demise"
In California, one is immediately considered "AT FAULT" when one hits anuther vehicle from the rear --
had a prior experience w THAT I did -- 
In 1969, I was traveling EB on the old Highway 80 [ before it had become Interstate 8 ] returning from a car show in Riverside, pulling the trailer I'd stayed in durin the show, crossing what's now the I-5 on what was *then* an antiquated interchange -- LONG since torn down and replaced --
when a driver entered *my* lane, directly in front of me from an on ramp and STOPPED suddenly!!
I had NOwhere to go and I couldn't change lanes [ only 2 there at the time ] as there was a Chevy II station wagon travelin directly behind and to my left -- it ended up HITTING me anyway as my inital impact w the STOPPED Plymouth wagon caused *my* wagon and trailer to jackknife into the Chevy's lane -- whereupon it struck my LR quarter, tearin the sheet metal aWAY from the gas tank filler tube leavin it hangin from the tank! the driver of the Chevy was the worst injured as she wasn't wearin a seat belt  & took the steerin wheel in the chest & face
My wife [ at the time ] and I, suffered bruises only from our seat belt AND shoulder harness buckles, I broke the steering wheel w my hands -- *she* and I had earlier JIST had an arguement bout the wearin of the new shoulder harness as she didn't like the way it "lifted and seperated" her boobs and *she* was starin out the side windah and never saw it comin  no such thing as videocams back then -- 
I had JIST installed the shoulder harnesses prior to travelin to Riverside fer the car show! & she didn't like wearin em -- the car, 0nly 2 door wagon I've owned, highly custom, was severely damaged -- it had a roll bar, extre steel braces inside the doors and other safety upgrades not yet common then, that t'DAY's cars come standard w now. all thos things saved my wife & me from serious injury 
my car was knocked into the Plymouth aGIN by the Chevy's impact and finally hit the guardrail and began to burn [ electrically ] under the hood till I pried it open and disconnected the battery.
ALL this happened BING BANG BOOM
*I* was initally BLAMED [ at fault ] for this crash as I had had struck the Plymouth from the rear and that driver apparently wasn't truthfull about HOW it happened and I had to hire an attorney to defend me -- 
I was gittin all kinds of flack from many directions UNTILL ---------------
my car was at a body shop in Pacific Beach bein repaired, when, IN walks a body shop supplies salesman -- sees my damaged car and remarks to the owner that he'd SEEN the accident happen!
He had been travelin the other direction and had SEEN the woman pull out in front of me and slam on the brakes!
ALL my troubles went away w his sworn statement!
[ which is WHY *I* always give statements when *I* witness TCs -- 
[ to give the innocent backup! ]
There's a LOT of *less then truthfull* people in this world, unfortunately  
I STILL had a damaged car that wasn't able to be completely repaired to the condition it was in before the TC - because after the attorney I was forced to hire had subtracted his fee, there wasn't enuf left of the settlement in my favor left to finish it .
My current situation w Beulah is especially galling because *my* insurance company has NOT been on *my* side from the first reporting of this incident [ the night it happened ] repeateadly tellin me that *I* needed to hire an attourney to represent me and when I finally DID -- then *they* "provided" me with *their* attourneys who have *now* told me they're going to "settle" with the woman that CAUSED this TC that deSTROYED my Beulah and damaged anuther innocent woman's car as well 
they have never even bothered to come and SEE my destroyed Beulah -- I waited till July of 2012 to begin to take her apart for repairs -- then discoverin how BADLY she was damaged, it neigh to killed *me* as well  
I'm ANGRY and feelin betrayed!!!!
I've been waitin fer 2 years and 4 months for this debacle to git straightened out correctly --
and to THIS     I finally added *my* ACTUAL witness statement to -- after waitin a ponderously LONG time for new developments to present
the MarkS poster is the driver who CAUSED the accident -- Debra Landry's son, Andrew Landry -- I know, as I talked to him on the phone after the TC -- like I said in my postin, "the apple don't fall too far from the tree" :P
LOTSA problems there :P
But, I cain't let it git me down --- I've got a lotta work -- er -- "play" [ helpin others ] to do yit  ! HOPE!

I have NEVER, in my ENTIRE driving career, even when I was young, learning, inexperienced, and reckless -- [ and I got a lot of tickets as a teenager ] EVER -- *caused* a TC involving anuther vehicle! And to be *blamed* for the one that destroyed my Beulah has been eating at me since -- 

I'm NOT happy and my faith is severely shaken!
Thomas Weller
Goose Creek Ranch
504 Macon St.
El Cajon Ca. 92019

THIS STORY  [ link below ]  ran in the San Diego Reader in an effort to locate an eyewitness to thei incident for me --
the so called "witness" who responded Mark S is actually the perpertrating driver's SON [ who was NOT there ]
and  Mommas-Girl  IS the causitive driver!
I KNOW, for I had spoken to BOTH on the phone after the incident ---