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the San Diego Highwayman THANKS you for yer support

It's a good day when I git to help at least one
It's a GREAT day when I git to help more :)



Shining World Compassion Award recipient Thomas Weller 2009

I liketa be out "playin on the freeway" as I call it, much as I can


If you'd liketa help me help others -- you can DO so by donatin funds for fuel & expenses



You kin send checks here -- to

Thomas Weller


San Diego Highwayman

Goose Creek Ranch

504 Macon St.

El Cajon, Ca. 92019



ps -- if you wish, and include your mailing address w your donation, I will send w my "Thankee kindly" four of the cards I give folks when I've helped them outta their troubles -- one fer *YOU* to keep for yerself, that has mine and Shela's picture on it -- and the other three for you to GIVE to others that *YOU* help in some way you can  :)




enjoy the GOOD Karma you git in return! 


Shining World Compassion Award

Sowing the Seeds of Compassion

By the Los Angeles and San Diego News Group (Originally in English)

For over 40 years, Mr. Thomas Weller has voluntarily patrolled San Diego’s highways in his own rescue vehicle, offering assistance to accident victims and over 6,000 stranded drivers with flat tires, empty gas tanks, busted belts or overheated engines. Widely known as the “San Diego Highwayman,” he doesn’t ask for anything in return but instead, presents a card to the receiver of his unconditional love that says: “Assisting you has been my pleasure. I ask for no payment other than for you to pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you encounter.”
The mission started when Mr. Weller was 16. On a cold winter night at about 2 a.m., he was driving a car alone in a snowstorm and slid off the highway into a snow bank. After spending hours in the freezing cold, and beginning to give up hope, a man stopped to rescue him. The words from the man, when he asked what he owed for the help, are those that now appear on his card.

During the day, Mr. Weller works just enough to cover his expenses so the remaining time can be spent selflessly helping others. When the weather is really bad, he will surely head out on the highways and back roads looking for folks in trouble. As he says, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life, that we cannot sincerely help another without helping ourselves.”
Today, Mr. Weller’s mission is accomplished together with the faithful Shela, whom he adopted from a San Diego dog shelter. Mr. Weller describes Shela as his angel and “a person in a fur suit,” for she has often played the role of a guardian angel.
To his joy, the seeds he has sown have been germinating and his garden has been growing. One day he spotted a car stopped on the other side of the highway. By the time he turned around, he found that another car had already pulled up behind it. When he asked the do-gooder why he had stopped to help a stranger, the man said, “Four months earlier, my wife had a blow-out on the freeway, and someone cared enough to help her.” As he looked at Mr. Weller, he continued to say, “By the way, thank you for doing that for my wife.” Mr. Weller’s kindness has surely inspired others, like a ripple effect spreading out goodness to uplift humankind. Local residents talk more about him, and local media have started to report his Good Samaritan deeds.




Yer support is greatly appreciated


If you are one of those folks I've "met on the highway" and ya'd liketa send a note bout the circumstances of that "meetin" -- and any difference it made for ya  -- and what you've done to "Pass it on" -- I'd like that too 


GOOD onyas and safe journeys to ya!

Ways to support my "mission"

"The Road You Leave Behind"

e-mail the highwayman

Shela LOVES to "ride"
Ready to Roll -- I'm a HAPPY dog!

Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours, or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass to someone else. Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance.
It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear. So too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and to-do lists will expire. The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.
It won't matter where you came from or what side of the tracks you lived on at the end. It won't matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant.
So what will matter?
How will the value of your days be measured?
What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave.
What will matter is not your success, but your significance.
What will matter is about what you learned as well as what you taught.
What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.
What will matter is not your competence, but your character.
What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many felt good when they were around you and how you served them. What will matter is not your memories, but the memories that live in those who loved you.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what.
Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident. It's not a matter of circumstance but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters.


To each of us is givin a life.
To live with honor and to pass on havin left our mark.
It is only essential that we do our part, that we leave our childern strong.
Nothing exists long after it's time has passed.
Wealth is important only to the small of mind.
The important thing is to do the best one can with what one has.
You are known forever by the tracks you leave --