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TIRE CHAINS --101 for you from SNOWBIRD TIRE CHAINS in San Diego

Snowbird Tire Chains are always EXACT fit, easy to install.

We carry SCC Super Z 6 & Super Z 8 -- also Super Z LT and Shur Grip Z along with QuikGrip link snowchains in most sizes


Serving -- San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Huntington Beach, Thousand Oaks, Sacramento, San Bernadino, Big Bear, Mammoth Lakes, Tahoe, Malibu, Hollywood, Santa Monica residents -- and those from all points further North and East as well -- who have been, and are, searching for that odd, LARGE, small, or otherwise unfindable-unlisted size of TIRE CHAINS, SNOW CHAINS, OR SNOWCABLES for their car, truck, 4x4, AWD, pickup, camper, SUV, RV, motorhome, tour bus, Hummer - H1-H2-or H3 and even tractor-trailers and bobtails.

We HAVE your snowtraction! We are AVAILABLE -- 8AM TO 6PM Mon - Fri -- -10AM to 6PM Sat - Closed Sun You can CALL 619-442-3767 during those hours for an appointment to be fitted with whichever snowchains or snowcables you prefer -- Please understand that we utilize our answering machine to screen out the plethora of scamming, telemarketing, and nuisance calls directed at our age demographic, so WHEN you call, please start out yer message with yer name and number FIRST and then, yer query with tire size and vehicle type included -- we've found that traveling mobile phones tend to cut out on their messages, so if we don't pick up right away, or get back to you within a day, it might be that we missed yer call and you may want to e-mail us instead, snowtraction@aol.com -- 24/7 [ answered most of the time we're awake ;) ] Times generally take 1/2 hour for cables or an hour for chains as *they* are cut to fit exactly Please have your tire size handy [ 3 number sequence on the sidewall of your tire ] to speed the process when you call ----- further information available HERE http://www.chainsbysnowbird.com/ Reviews of our service and products supplied HERE https://www.yelp.com/biz/snowbird-tire-chains-el-cajon AND HERE https://snowchains.tripod.com/snowchainsfittintestimonials/ EASY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS TO OUR LOCATION ARE SUPPLIED W A CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT --

Speed limit with chains is 25 MPH

Please NOTE --
We do NOT ship -- NOR do we sell with-out prefitting.
This ensures that your snowtraction obtained from us will fit PERFECTLY and with a minimum of effort when you need to install them. :)

the San Diego Highwayman
Ready to Roll

Where to get TIRECHAINS for your Hummer

Fitting snow traction devices
Exact fit is important for performance and longivity

Where to get SNOWCHAINS for your pickup

SNOWCHAINS101  instruction and participation is provided and encouraged with EVERY set purchased

Where to get TIRECHAINS for your SUV

YELP reviews of Snowbird SNOWCHAINS

Folks "met" on the highway -- Click HERE

I have MANY e-mails, letters, and cards of appreciation of my fitting and SNOWCHAINS101 instructions.  When I can figure out how to post some of them without having to type them all word for word I will do so ;)

A good portion of my clients are those who have been referred by others who have previously been here. :)

some SNOWCHAIN questions and HUMOR :)

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