San Diego Highwayman's Shotgun Shela -- DOG is my copilot

a dog's purpose?
Christmas at the shelter

Purina's Beneful brand dog food POISONED my beautiful Shela! About the Beneful dog food situation -- been feedin Shela Beneful for most of her time here w us -- purchased it in 30# bags from PetSmart and sometimes PetCo within the past year and a half -- TWO bags were contaminated w MOTH larva that beCAME moths and invaded my room where the food was stored in a collapsable air tight dog food container I've had for years -- [ as the food level drops in the bag, the sides collapse down so there's no extre air to dry out the food ] the moths flew out when the screw on lid was opened -- first bag I took back at about half full, when I noticed the moths -- I cleaned my container thoughly and filled it from the second bag the store manager had apologetically given me to replace the first moth infested bag -- bout 2 weeks later MOTHS aGIN! :P Went back aGIN and recieved aNUTHER no charge replacement -- I SHOULD HAVE switched brands right then and there :( :P Shela's health took a downturn -- I'd been checkin on dog food brands listed as bein - havin bad ingredients in em and was kinda happy I'd picked one for Shela that wern't on anybody's "list" Shela is 15, my last dog Cinder was so poorly @ 12 that I hadta have her put down as she weren't havin a good life -- hardest thing I've ever hadta do :( if I ever found out that *her* passin was the result of BULL SHIT pulled by the corporate "crap" put in *her* food !!!!!! :P but, I digress, Shela's 15 so it didn't seem like anything was "wrong" just aging goin on - -but -- "She" was presenting "symptoms" described by others as to how their dogs were bein "poisoned" SO We began to feed Shela as we fed ourselves [ people food ] and asked around as to other food brands and settled on Iams "senior" formula -- been a coupla months now and WHOA! Shela has gained back the weight she'd lost - -"She" is HAPPY, HEALTHY, NOT THROWIN UP, her coat is beautifully shiny -- so MUCH so that regular folks have noticed it at the "Dusty" [ dog park in OB we frequent ] She's sittin UP and takin notice out the "shotgun" window agin instead of layin listlessly across the armrest w her paw on my leg -- I don't know what the HELL the deal IS w Beneful dog food, but, I'll never buy it or anything that company makes ever agIN! :P that is NOT "conjecture" this is FACT! It happend TO Shela!

Sadly, my beautiful Shela passed away February 1st 2017 :(

Beautifully sad picture of a dog's life passing :(

They tell you not to cry.
They tell you that it's just a dog, not a human being.
They tell you that the pain will be over.
They tell you that the animals don't know that they have to die.
They tell you that it's important not to let her suffer.
They tell you that you can have another one.
They tell you it's going to happen to you.
They tell you that there is more pain.
But they don't know how many times you've looked into your dog's eyes.
They don't know how many times you and your dog have looked into darkness alone.
They don't know how many times your dog was the only one who was by your side.
They don't know how much fear you have
at night when you wake up with your grief.
They don't know how many times your dog slept near you.
They don't know how much you've changed since the dog has become a part of your life.
They don't know how many times you hugged her when she was sick.
They don't know how many times you've acted like you didn't see her hair getting whiter.
They don't know how many times you've talked to your dog, the only one who really hears.
They don't know that it was just your dog who knew you were in pain.
They don't know what it feels like to see your old dog trying to get up to say hello.
They don't know that if things went wrong, the only one who didn't go is your dog.
They don't know that your dog trusts you every moment of her life, even in the last.
They don't know how much your dog loved you and how it is enough for her to be happy, because you loved her.
They don't know that crying for a dog is one of the most noble, significant, true, purest and warmest things you can do.
They don't know when the last time you moved her with trouble... making sure it didn't hurt her.
They don't know what it felt like to pet their face in the last moments of their life....
In Memory of all those who went over the rainbow bridge. You all have a place forever in our hearts

Sadie -- will NOT be havin ANYthing connected with Purina!

While I'm Here --

Folks came from Germany to make this video of US "Playing ON the Freeway" [ helpin folks stranded ] The dog park sequence is HILARIOUS :) [ Watch the littl "gal" git humped by the bigger "guy" against her wishes -- then is *saved* by anuther, after which she spins around and "says" "I told you NO!" "NO means NO!" :O :) :) who says dogs can't "talk" ??

FRONT PAGE-- LA Times STORY July 24th 2008 :)
I'm gonna go "Play on the Freeway" w my Highwayman!

"Christmas at the Shelter" -- don't breed or buy while shelter pets DIE! -- Shela WAS a "rescue"


Shela the Highwayhound

LOVES to ride

"She" is a Humane Society rescue dog -- part Lab and part Smooth Collie -- extremely intelligent, and highly sensitive to verbal and body language.

She's been ridin with me for moren 9 years now. ever since the day I picked her up from the Humane Society where the first thing she did was jump into the driver's seat, sit down, put her paws on the steering wheel spokes, turn and look at me as if to say -- "Ok, I'm ready, git in and lets go!" She acted real disapointed when I indicated she wasn't going to git to drive the rig --

Nowadays, whenever she perceives the SAR rig being readied for a search loop, She eagerly presents herself to be strapped in to her shotgun seat whereupon She grins from ear to ear and displays her "I'm happy" body language as we pull out of quarters

On October 19 2004, Shela was an invited guest in the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood for the first annual Mammoth Mountain Forum members season starter shindig -- met a lot of folks -- made a lot of friends :)

More routinely, her presence and character helps to calm accident victims and familys and ONCE her perceptiveness saved the SAR rig from being stolen, I believe, as She took violent exception to an individual who had approached it late at night beside the interstate whilst my back was turned and I was occupied with an incident.

She is friendly towards most folks, so those she isn't friendly towards -- well -- I TRUST her instinct!

"She" and her human servant ;) Thomas t Highwayman, can be contacted at

Goose Creek Ranch
504 Macon St.
El Cajon, Ca. 92019

Do a Random Act of Kindness a day [ or MORE ] it'll make YOUR day as well :)

"She" was a shelter dog -- *don't breed or buy while shelter pets die*

You will never know, WHO, you missed, if you don't look there -- "She" was in the last cage at the last place I looked -- San Diego Humane Society -- waitin for ME!

my FAVORITE thank you from someone I've helped
LOOK at where littl Whitney put Shela! IN the driver's seat, where "She" thinks she belongs :)

San Diego Humane Society

the SAN DIEGO HIGHWAYMAN "Playin on the freeway" for 40 years

Email Shotgun Shela and her Highwayman

Smilin Shela
Shela LOVES to ride w her Highwayman

Cool Shela
cool shela 001.jpg
was an invited guest @ the Viper Room on LA's Sunset Strip Oct 19th 2004 -- made a lotta friends

Shela loves to SING
the Road You Leave Behind [ music - video ]
The Road You Leave Behind

shela ROCKS!

Howdy Pardner
the SCHONZE on About San Diego w Ken Kramer

sock it to me!
what happens when sometimes Shela sings too much ;)

"She" is the apple - er - Doggie of my eye :)