San Diego Highwayman -- DOG is my copilot

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Highwayman's "Experience" daily blog

In 1996, Charles Kuralt, on his national TV show American Moments, said bout me --
 "Highwaymen of old were figures to FEAR! -- but here's a Highwayman to admire!"
Well, I kinda liked that, so --  been the "Highwayman" ever since ;)
Carryin, instead of a sword & a pistol, tools & a gas can ta help others with.
"What wisdom can you find that is greater then kindness?"    

Home at the "Ranch"

Ready to Roll

Semper Fido -- Always Vigilant
Howdy stranger *caution* I'm "on duty"

Shotgun Shela
I'm a HAPPY dog! I'm goin for a RIDE w my Highwayman!

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