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Peerless Security SNOWCHAINS -Tire chains - SNOWTRACTION fittin & installing testimonials -San Diego

making shure they FIT

Speed limit with chains - cables is 25 MPH

fer starters - THIS -- is what ya DON'T want to happen to YOU! [ youtube series of videos of snowchains nightmare experience ]


Thank you Thomas for finding the right set of snow cables for my daughter and teaching her how to mount them. I thought the highlight was you told her to shout "Hee-yah!" when she muscled the cables into position, and she responded with a pretty loud "Eek!"


8AM TO 6PM Mon - Fri --

-10AM to 5PM Sat - Closed Sun

You can CALL 619-442-3767 during those hours for an appointment to be fitted with whichever snowchains or snowcables you prefer --

Please understand that we utilize our answering machine to screen out the plethora of scamming, telemarketing, and nuisance calls directed at our age demographic, so WHEN you call, please start out yer message with yer name and number FIRST and then, yer query with tire size and vehicle type included --

we've found that traveling mobile phones tend to cut out on their messages, so if we don't pick up right away, or get back to you within a day, it might be that we missed yer call and you may want to e-mail us instead,

snowtraction@aol.com -- 24/7 [ answered most of the time we're awake ;) ]

Times generally take 1/2 hour for cables or an hour for chains as *they* are cut to fit exactly

Please have your tire size handy [ 3 number sequence on the sidewall of your tire ] to speed the process when you call -----

further information available HERE


Reviews of our service and products supplied HERE https://www.yelp.com/biz/snowbird-tire-chains-el-cajon


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Jenny A.Elite 2022
Tacoma, WA
I tell everyone the story of how I met Tom whenever anyone talks about how they don't know how to put on tire chains. Because I learned from the best.

I was in my mid twenties and needed to fit my Audi A4 with chains, but the tire clearance behind the wheel was too narrow and the tire spiders were too expensive. So I went online and dug up the name of this random guy who was selling chains out of his garage, asked if he could fit my car for me, and then drove myself an hour away from home to meet him at his place all by myself because I was a strong independent girl.

Luckily I didn't die that day because Tom was the kindest, most welcoming guy. After a couple tries he found a pair that would fit and off I went. Just kidding, because he then said something along the lines of: "girl, you're not leaving here til you know how to install these yourself!"

So I then spent the better part of an hour learning from Tom how to put these things on my car. I remember his patience and encouragement to this day. He also told me stories about how he would patrol the 8 and stop to help people pulled over on the freeway shoulder.

Once I got the chains on, he complimented my work and I felt like high school graduation all over again.

Luckily I never needed to use these chains in sunny SoCal. Fast forward a few years, I got a new car but I had his old chains... I asked him if I could trade them for another set that would fit my new car. He said he didn't usually do this but he cut me some slack and took his old set back and sold me a new set for a good price. Tbh I would have paid any price for him since his lesson to put chains on has saved my butt so many times since then! AND I can get them on and off faster than all the other cars on the turnouts! He adds a wood block, some garden gloves, and a tarp to his kit, which are all essential.

THANK YOU TOM. You taught me so many life lessons that day. It's been around ten years now since we met... I still have your chains and think of you every time I use them.

Kip O.

Twentynine Palms, CA



1. Insures the correct size / type of chains.

2. Training on how to properly put on

3. Training on how to properly take off.

4. Equitable pricing.

5. Great sense of humor.

6. Gloves included!

Bill S.

Elite '2021

Encinitas, CA



I couldn't be happier to have found Snowbird and Tom. Sure, you can buy chains/cables at a lot of retailers. But they are not going to ensure that a) they fit b) you're trained on how to put them on and take them off c) and make you laugh along the way!

Seriously, I cannot recommend Tom's service enough. I now feel totally confident that when we need to put the chains on, I'll know EXACTLY what to do to put them on quickly and correctly to keep my family safe. Instructions and YouTube videos just don't cut it! Tom literally fit the Peerless chains (the most highly rated brand out there) on our SUV, and then made me do it to make sure that I got it.

I'm so glad to have met Tom. He is a legend and I'm grateful to have met him. Thanks Tom!

Joe M.

San Diego, CA



2 photos

Let me begin by mentioning I needed chains last minute! For a not so common tire size, 35x12.5" R20. So I was looking for options last minute (7am) before heading up to the snow today! I saw that "Snow Bird Tire Chains" was well reviewed. But it was still early, so I replied to the email. Tom surprisingly replied instantly! He had my size in stock. So I headed over with the family this morning. While the kids watched, Tom expertly tried 3 different sets of cables before sizing me up perfect. I can't say enough about this cool guy. He showed me how to properly install the chains and was quite entertaining. The family loved him! Within about 30 mins we were back on the road. Wish I had more time to chat with Tom, as he is just so interesting.

His instruction can't be beat! (You won't get that from your local auto parts store or online ordering.

Heading up to Julian 01/24/21

Lil bit of local history hidden in this business!

James L.

La Mesa, CA



1 photo

If I could give 10 I would. Best decision I made was getting my snow chains-cables from Thomas.

He went through 3 different sizes until he got the right size. He will demo the installation first then he'll have you do it. As far as I know, no one will do that in San Diego county. Mahalo Thomas!

Thomas is da man!

Natalie N.

Midway, Escondido, CA



Great place! He found the right fit, and gave us a lesson on how to put them on. He made putting on snow chains such a fun experience. My husband also feels much more comfortable for my trip to the snow with the kids. I would recommend Snowbird Tire Chains to anyone I know.

Stayathome M.

Encinitas, CA



Tom, a.ka. The Highway Man of San Diego, is a tire chain/cable PRO, old-school top flight service. Believe me, it's worth the trip to get expertly sized tire chain fitting, detailed hands-on instruction and lots of advise at a very fair price. I'm a Mom and after Tom's instruction had chains on our big SUV in minutes while watching guys struggle to get their chains on or waiting to pay for roadside helpers. Go see Tom!

Courtney d.

San Diego, CA


12/30/2020Updated review

Update: money and time WELL spent. Chains fit perfectly and, even though they were harder to put on in the snow compared to Tom's garage, they still only took me about 10 minutes to put on and take off. So much easier than the hour it would have taken with no guidance and saved me the hassle of buying a set that didn't fit.

12/23/2020Previous review

I had no idea where to start when it came to tire cables and chains, but thankfully found Tom and Patti. Tom is delightfully helpful and made sure the chains fit, then ensured I knew how to install them and even supervised while I did them. The extras he includes to make putting on chains easy was understandable was well worth the drive from North County.

Read more

Ashley G.

San Diego, CA



1 photo

If you need chains, look no further. Tom is THE guy. He came in to help my friends and me when we were in a pinch regarding holiday travel to Idllywild. I called and emailed him the night before a trip and had an appointment with fitted chains the very next morning. Tom went above and beyond to make sure our trip happened as safely as possible. He is really thorough and values his customers having complete understanding and knowledge before leaving his garage. I am so glad that I went to Tom and did not purchase chains from online or a store. Getting a first-hand lesson on how to approach chains is far-worth the investment. Not to mention, Tom's way of instruction is memorable and comes with loads of laughter and fun.

Andrea K.

Carlsbad, CA



If you need chains, definitely head to El Cajon to get them from Tom! I have been down there twice - one set for my Pathfinder and a second set just recently for my Tacoma. Tom makes sure the chains are a perfect fit for your tires and then he walks you through how to put them on & take them off correctly. I wrote down all Tom's instructions and carry them as a quick reference for each of my vehicles. I had to put the chains on in Mammoth a couple of years ago in a sideways snow storm - I had them on and was driving away in ~10 minutes while a lot of people were still fighting to place their chains on in the pull-out. Invest the time and save yourself some troubles - just stop down and have Tom get you situated with your chains!

Mtran0629 ..

Westminster, CA



Tom got chains onto our toyota tacoma. Called, he said he had them in stock. He made sure it was a great fit on our tires for our trip to Tahoe. Thank you Tom!

Tony K.

San Diego, CA



This is hands down the best place to get your snow chains. The customer service is exceptional.

No matter where you go, no other service will top Tom's. He took the time and explained the type of chains he offers and shows how to put them on. Tom also provides everything you will need; safety gloves, tarp, snow chain tensioner, and wooden block for easy installation.

I highly recommend Tom's to anyone who need's snow chains. The environment is cozy and has a cabin like feeling without being far from city. If you like stories, Tom has some great ones. I only heard two but wish I could have heard more. Thank You

Wana M.

San Diego, CA



The best for tire chains in San Diego!

He taught me so clear that I could do it!

Thank you so much.

American Muscle C.

Chula Vista, CA



1 photo

This place is awesome! You have to call and make an appointment with Patty and Tom. It's about a 20-30 minute appointment with Tom demonstrating how to put the snow chains on, then he has you remove , apply and then remove one last time to ensure you are applying it correctly. Tom is very informative and you can tell he cares enough to inform you of where the best spot to play in the Snow, What the best time to start your day and so on. Thank you Tom and Patty for making my first time in the snow a pleasure able one cause I can put on snow chains confidently because of your teaching. Thank you!

Terri Ann H.

Fountain Hills, AZ



The best tire chain service I have ever experienced. Tom makes it fun while informative. I highly recommend this service. He provides everything you need to go to the snow.

Patrick A.

San Diego, CA



If you need chains, this should be your only stop.

We came here on the way to the mountains. We were expecting to grab the chains and just figure it out when needed them. Nope.

He took the time to test fit it on our vehicle to make sure it would fit correctly and then spent time explaining how to properly put them on and take them off. It's a lot harder doing this in the snow so having a little experience before getting to the mountains was great!

He included a bag for the chains, a block and a pair of gloves. I think there was a piece of tarp to help keep dry also. The little 'class' alone was worth the few dollars I would have saved going somewhere else.

If you've never been wowed by anyone I'm customer service, come here. Thank me later.


Such an amazing and fun experience! Tom is an expert in chains. He'll teach you how to put them on and let you practice until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. We felt comfortable putting them on in the snow. Highly recommended. Bring CASH that way you save a trip to the ATM


After reading the excellent Yelp reviews, I drove my Jeep all the way from Yorba Linda (via Oregon) to meet Tom and have him work his magic. So glad I did! My tire size wasn't even in the books... but no matter. Tom is the master! What a great, friendly and interesting guy! He (and his lovely wife) made me feel welcome right away. He teaches you how to put chains on... including coaching on the sounds he suggests you vocalize whilst securing the chains. (He suggests that these vocalizations will attract the opposite sex... and I believe he is correct). Tom will let you practice putting on and taking off the chains as much as you'd like. When you're confident you've gotten it, he'll bundle you together a nice "package" which includes a couple of wood blocks, a nice pair of gloves, a mat of some sort so you don't get your pants wet, and, of course the chains and a box. Can't go wrong. Tom's dog is the best too! A beautiful Catahoula Red Leopard Dog (Louisiana State dog). She was watching over the lesson, and seemed to approve. Very nice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

5.0 star rating


We decided to try and put on our chains the night before our trip to make sure we knew what we were doing before we had to put the on in the freezing cold. We are so glad we did because the chains that wer sold to us at the local auto shop didn't fit! Crap...now what. We found Tom on line and emailed him at 9pm to see if he had chains to fit our extremely large tires. Not only did he but he made time for us first thing in the morning. He showed us how to put them in and then took them off and said your turn. I love it! He was not going to let us go until he knew we knew what we were doing!!! Thanks Tom! We did need them and we put them both on in the time it took the car in front of us to do one.


Decided late last night (2am) that I would surprise the family w/ a snow trip to the Mountains. However, I read online that snow chains were required and mandatory. I've never used snow chains in my life, nor did I know where to purchase, let alone what size I needed. Luckily I found Tom on Yelp! He promptIy responded to my email at 6am and locked in an appointment for me. I had read the reviews and was blown away by the positive feedback from previous customers. Let me tell you, the hype is real! Every dollar I spent today was worth it! Tom gave me the best customer service I've had in a long time! He took the time to properly fit my car, he gave me the perfect size chains, educated me and coached me on how to properly install the chains on my car, and provided me with additional tools (blocks, gloves, tarp, etc) to get the job done. I walked away 100% confident in what I was doing and with the product I was using. The roads were tough, and the chains did their job and our trip went off without any problems. Tom deserves all the credit in the world for that. I HIGHLY recommend his services, worth every penny. Bring cash, and a sense of humor!


Needed chains for a last minute trip to the mountains, emailed Thomas kind of late, but got a response within 10 minutes and had an appointment for the morning. He went through a detailed process of how to set up the chains, being a newbie to it, i learned quick and had a few laughs throughout the appointment, great guy and very professional. Definitely recommend him to anyone needing chains and a good laugh.


If you need chains, this should be your only stop.

We came here on the way to the mountains. We were expecting to grab the chains and just figure it out when needed them. Nope.

He took the time to test fit it on our vehicle to make sure it would fit correctly and then spent time explaining how to properly put them on and take them off. It's a lot harder doing this in the snow so having a little experience before getting to the mountains was great!

He included a bag for the chains, a block and a pair of gloves. I think there was a piece of tarp to help keep dry also. The little 'class' alone was worth the few dollars I would have saved going somewhere else.

If you've never been wowed by anyone I'm customer service, come here. Thank me later.

Sure thank you tom, we are in big bear mountain and i am so glad we got the chains, it started snowing on our arrival and I thank you for all your advises. You were so right. Blocks are awesome and it is so much easier to install and remove. I get to help my compadre with his chains and also another car that got stranded. Thank you and god bless you.


I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help! We would have never been able to make it up that mountain without your instructions, as we did have to put the chains on! But we had no issues at all and were able to get back on the road in less than 5 minutes! We had such a great experience working with you and I’ll definitely be leaving an awesome review. It was so nice to meet you and thank you for your kindness. I’ll be sending my friends in need of tire chains your way!!

Sent from my iPhone


Can only reiterate all the previous reviews. I called and left a message, Thomas got back to me right away. I got an appointment when i wanted, and getting there was a breeze. Thomas shows you how use the chains, and makes sure you can install them with ease, and that they're the right fit. Everything about this purchase was great. Also, your supporting a local small business, which also helps Thomas to continue to help others with his highway rescue. I'll tell everyone I know to go here.


Updated review

Tom was awesome! Incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and outstanding customer service. Took time to explain pros/cons of cables vs chains for my 4x4 and demo'd his super easily installation! This is the ONLY place I will buy chains again and sending all my family and friends needing traction control for their vehicles. These yelp reviews really don't do him justice in terms of quality and value. Completely exceeded expectations!! 5 stars plus.

Fast forward a year, I got new tires for my 4x4 before a trip expecting heavy snow in the mountains. Tom got me in same day, helped with another quick lesson on installation, and a few stories which are always great. In a world of incredibly poor customer service, he restores my faith in supporting local businesses and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. If you need chains or cables, go see Tom before any auto shop. Tom will 100% hook you up!!!


Everything about Tom the Highwayman is finely calibrated to get the job done efficiently. From the eclectic decor of his work space right down to the tire chain survival pack your given after graduating his class. Very easy instructions that was entertaining as it was knowledgeable. I came with no experience with installing chains and left with enough confidence to do it under harsh winter conditions. Thanks, Tom for everything! Our faith in humanity has definitely been restored after meeting you.

We had an odd tire size that never appeared on tire chain sizing guides. Instead of taking a risk we found Tom and got us situated and prepared.


before meeting Thomas: this is quite expensive, why don't we just watch videos on YouTube. I am sure we will figure out everything

after meeting Thomas: so glad I came, better than watching 100+ videos... worth every penny!

conclusion: if you don't know which type of snow chain to get/ don't know how to install it. this is the place for you, make an appointment with Thomas and you will meet one of the coolest person on earth :)


We have purchased chains for less online/in stores before for other cars, and have some funny now (but not then) stories about using them. These include: missing needed pieces, having the chains fall off 1/4 mile down the road before we stopped to tighten them, a kind hearted experienced big rig driver pulling over to help us as he felt sorry for me (then 8 months pregnant) standing in the snow watching my husband try to put them on. This time we decided to spend a bit more and get a better chain, a better fit, and better training. My husband and I both went and Tom fit the chains and then watched us each practice putting them on and taking them off. I'm actually looking forward to trying it out in snowy conditions. Thanks Tom.


An expert in his element! You can't find a person more dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and patient. He took the time to show us how to put on the chains, let us practice and ask questions. He also had great stories. He included with the price of the chains: a pair of gloves, a wooden block and a tarp (not for a murder)lol!! I can't wait to bring my friends here so they can have an extraordinary experience like I did.


There's honestly nothing more that I can say about Tom because other reviews already cover all the bases. One thing that makes Tom special is that he does his work as a service and not to make money. Tom undoubtedly has your safety in mind when you work with him to get chains fitted. I would highly recommend him any day. Call or email, Tom will have a quick response ready and will get you scheduled an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Moving from Hawaii, my family and I attempted to head to Big Bear in our SUV to see snow for our very first time on Christmas Day without snow chains. As we reached higher up the mountain, it got very dangerous to the point where we were skidding and almost got stuck in some snow. We didn't want to risk anything else and decided to just turn around and head home in disbelief of our failed attempt to see snow.


I did some research to find where was the best place in the San Diego area to get snow chains. My first thought was to just order them online but I came across Thomas on Yelp and read all his 5 star reviews. Called up Snowbird Tire Chains to set up an appointment.

Thomas not only gives you a set of snow chains, but he fully demonstrates how to put them on and makes sure you can do them yourself successfully. I would definitely recommend him for all your snow chains needs! Thank you Thomas for the demonstration, the stories and laughs, and overall a great experience! Can't wait to take my family to see snow.


The best ever! Tom is polite, professional and gets right to work. Thorough explanation and knowledge of the products. Great teaching how to install and best practice to make installation a breeze. This is my second set of chains/cables from Snowbird and will continue to make the drive from Orange County to east San Diego!


I wanted to add to the chorus of praise for Snowbird Chains. I am a big "service" guy. You can shop price, chains are a commodity, after all. But, I am a big believer in service with the sale, and relationships are more important than saving a buck. I can't think of a better example than this real Mom & Pop operation. We had a trip planned to Big Bear. The best storm in the past 20 years conveniently rolled in a couple of days before we were to leave. I realized a little late, that the storm was not going to pass before we were to drive up the mountain. Last minute, I search for chains, and stumble across Snowbird.

I call, they ask for my specific tire size, so I hang up, run out and scribble it down. Call back and the lovely "Mom" (of the Mom & Pop) tells me they have a set, but don't have any available appointments until the next day. I explain my lack of foresight (or eternal optimism) and that I am scheduled to leave that evening... She squeezes me in, IF I can get there in 20 minutes. I promise I will, and in the rain, make my way to El Cajon, arriving exactly 20 minutes later. "Pop" comes out, guides me into his little work area at their home.

Part stand-up routine, part history lesson, part chain training, he never stops moving, all the while explaining... Then, he puts you on the spot, and makes you physically pass a proficiency test with the chains! If you can't put them on in the safety of his garage, you are going to have a hell of a time putting them on, on the side of the road, in the mud and slush and darkness. But, following his tutelage, you make it happen, concepts become reality. You leave with chains and confidence and a smile.

I couldn't be happier with my decision or more appreciative of the service, both in accommodating my poor planning and in ensuring my safety on the road. When time came to chain-up on the mountain, it went just as I was taught and I was back on the road in a jiffy, my wife awed by my tire chain prowess We had an amazing trip, without any problems on the mountain (numerous people got stuck in front of our cabin). Thank you Snowbird Chains!

We carry SCC Super Z 6 & Super Z 8 -- also Super Z LT and Shur Grip Z along with QuikGrip link chains in most sizes

You can call 619-442-3767 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday -- 10am to 5pm Saturday

OR -- you can E-mail 24-7 for a fitting appointment for your vehicle's tires -- ALL sizes!

or to ask questions

Please NOTE -- we do NOT ship NOR do we provide our snowchains or cables withOUT prefitting -- you MUST present your vehicle HERE  to avail yourself of our services. if you can DO this we will be pleased to be of service and can absolutely guarantee PERFECT fit and because our SNOWCHAINS101 is included with EVERY purchase you will KNOW how to install your snowchains in the easiest way.  :)


snow chains can be found anywhere autozone, pepboys, amazon and even possibly get a better deal(this place still beat local stores). but having someone show you how to use the product sold, hands on cant be beat. you DO NOT want to learn how to use them when you finally need them. even if you've used tire chains there are different types, knowing what you have helps. He is a nice older man that sells tire chains out of his garage/workshop on the side. it is well kept and he's always cracking jokes. He wouldn't let us leave until my girlfriend and i installed/removed one tire chain. He even gave us extra gloves and a 1x4 block of wood to help us in the snow. take a video for reference. I read the Yelp reviews and decided Snowbird Tire Chains was the best option in town. We were not disappointed! Not only is Tom very knowledgeable but he's quite an entertaining character. Everything the other reviewers said is true so don't waste your time ~ this is the place to go. ---- f you need snow chains/cables go see Tom at Snowbird Tire Chains in El Cajon (especially if you have never put chains on before!). It is a bit more than what you would pay for chains at Walmart BUT you get instruction on how to put on/remove them, accessories, and very personal service! He was a great teacher about not only chains but traveling in snowy conditions in general...and he was awesome with our two daughters! Fabulous man and top notch service! ---- My wife and I turned up to meet with Thomas at 6pm on New Years Eve for his last appointment of 2014. He set us up with rear snow cables for our FJ Cruiser and after demonstrating how to do it, we did it ourselves under his supervision and were comfortably installing and removing in a couple of minutes or so. We left with the tire cables, two sets of gloves, wooden blocks to help with installation and removal and a holdall for the cables - all for only $145! Fantastic value - and you know they fit perfectly! The excellent reviews he receives are richly deserved and testament to his service, knowledge and attitude. I've already heartily recommended him to two of my work colleagues. Thomas is a true 'old school' Gentleman! ----- Well worth it. Believe everything that everyone says about this guy. He took care of us on almost zero notice for a last minute trip to Big Bear on a Sunday evening. We feel like we totally scored coming across him online. My husband got chains and the extras people mentioned and also did the required self install. Thomas is just a nice old guy making the world a safer place. Thanks again, Jenny (and Alan) ---- I bought a set of snow cables here, was taught how to use them, and the very next day used this knowledge to get out of a tricky situation on a steep snowy road. It would have been a big problem, and potentially dangerous, to have tried to figure out how to use the cables once I was already out in the snow. Having a package of gloves, tire block, and tarp as well as the cables made it much easier and more comfortable. Well worth the drive out to El Cajon. ---- At least in Southern California, snow chains are one of those things that you're rarely going to need. But if you do need them, chances are you're going to need them really badly. Accordingly, getting the right chains and knowing how to use them if needed was really important to me. I was very lucky to come across Tom and Snowbird Tire Chains Tom is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and he took the time to make sure I really knew how to use the chains properly. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I cannot recommend Tom and Snowbird Tire Chains highly enough. ---- The 5 stars from every single reviewer says it all. See all those kids with chains wrapped around their axles or destroyed wheel wells 1/2 a mile from the place it took them 1 hour to put them on? Don't be them! ----- Tom's chains + accessories + service costs more than a box of chains from walmart would cost you, but long term, unless you know exactly what you are doing, his service will be a saving and much better value. Well worth it. I went to him because I had a slightly unusual car and needed someone who knew what they were doing to help me. Job done. Thanks Tom. Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 19, 2013 Need Snow Chains? snow chains Today I was asked where the best place is to get snow chains. I remembered that one of you gave me a contact years ago, that I added to our Mountain Yellow Pages. Well, I gave him a call and he is such an interesting guy to talk to on the phone. He works out of his home so you must have an appointment. If those 19 folks on Yelp are telling the truth, he is the go-to-guy for snow chains in this part of the world. However, there is a catch! He won’t sell you the chains unless you have a lesson with him on how to put them on with the least amount of stress so you can get back in your warm car real fast and make it to your destination with no slipping and sliding. Such a deal! And! When I mentioned that we are on Palomar, Tomas replied, “My wife and I met on Palomar Mountain in 1995. We were on a Sierra Singles hike where you go to meet, greet, hike and learn. We were each with someone else but ended up with each other. We love Palomar Mountain!” So, give Tomas and Patti Weller a call and they will set you up with a great set of chains just in time for our next big snow! Snowbird Tire Chains 619 44two 37six7

Hello Thomas, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in purchasing our snow chains from you. The hour my son and I spent with you was invaluable. Since day 1 I have taught my son the value of Karma and the value of just being a good person in general. After we left your house/business it seemed to click again for my son. He felt better after meeting you and said "I'm glad we came here to buy our chains". We went to Big Bear that same afternoon and beat the snow to the cabin. However the next morning snow really hit us good and for a bit we didn't need any chains.... until we got to Snow Summit. After about an hour looking over the place we came back and realized we needed the chains put on. My son put them on (took a little time with the snow, ice and just cold) and we were off. On our way back to the cabin we encountered 2 people who didn't have chains. Without a mention of what to do next, my son said to stop the car so he could help push those cars. Soon as he got back in all he said was "Karma". Even on the way home and down the mountain, we needed to pull over to take off our fantastic chains :) and for some reason I just kept going down and just didn't feel like stopping. I ended up stopping at the most random spot, and we took off the chains. However, we noticed a young women who seemed to be having trouble taking off her Chains, (not the same as ours). After we finished, he walked over and asked her if she needed help. After a few minutes of looking and analyzing the situation, her Non-Fitted $60 chains ended up falling off and wrapping around her coil and axel. We had to take off her tire and un-wrap the chains. Karma..... My son and I couldn't help to Chuckle about it a few times about it on the way home. A 1 hour conversation with a complete stranger ended like a conversation with an old wise friend who made us remember what it is important. I cannot thank you enough and I will absolutely recommend anyone who needs chains to contact you. Thank you again, and I hope you keep spreading your stories and karma. Christopher

Hi Tom,

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and learn from you. When I left I had the confidence to handle getting those cables on and off quickly and in the safest way possible. I appreciate the lesson and knowing that so many of your students will be driving around the same roads I'll be on.

So later that day as I had my new set of cables in the back of my car, I was talking to my friend at work that was having the toughest time getting chains or cables for his SUV. He was planning on taking his 7-year-old daughter up to Big Bear to see snow for the first time in her life. He just couldn't find anything available locally for his 22" tires and changed his plans so he would rent a 4WD jeep and then would get chains for that rental. I was hoping to pass along the lessons I had learned earlier in the day and told him the brand of cables that I had. We looked up his tire size and by amazing coincidence it was the exact same model cables that I had. I told him to borrow the cables and that just made his day! So that afternoon, I was in the parking lot giving him a lesson on how to properly install them. The next day, he had an amazing time with his family and they took their sled on untouched snow. Overall they had a flawless trip. He did use the cables once they got close to Big Bear and was so happy to be able to drive his own car and not have to spend extra on a rental.

I'm so glad that I was able to magnify the impact of your lesson and I'll try to pass along the knowledge to whoever else needs it.

Thanks and have a great day,



We just got back from near Lake Tahoe (Bear Valley). Thank God you taught me how to put on the chains. It saved our trip. Keep up your good work. Your an inspiration for us all.


PS: if you can teach me to put on chains, you can teach anyone.

Hi Tom,

Thought you would be interested to hear how I fared with my first chains experience. This is just two days after purchasing chains from you.

I left with my family of five for Idyllwild for a 3 day getaway. The forecast called for a chance of snow less than 1 inch, starting around 4 pm. The cabin rental explicitly recommended 4 wheel drive during winter, as it was on a very steep and narrow private road. It was these circumstances that lead me to look into chains and find you on Yelp. Boy am I glad I did!

The last 4 miles of the trip we had snow, and 2 miles to the cabin we came down a steep incline to find an Audi sitting in the middle of the road with his hazard lights on. There was another steep incline just in front of him which hinted at the problem he was facing. He was trapped.

I pulled up next to him to ask if he needed any help. He told me he couldn't get up the hill, and asked if I knew a place in town that sells chains. I told him I didn't, but would be happy to give him a ride if needed. He declined saying he was going to call a friend to come and get him. I wished him good luck, and proceeded to back up about 2 car lengths back.

It was at this point that I started doing what I hoped I wouldn't have to do on this trip - put chains on the tires. I have to admit being nervous because conditions were getting rough outside, and we still had about 2 miles to go in poor terrain. With an 8, 6, and 4 year old in the car waiting to get to a warm fire place, I really wanted this to go quickly.

I have to tell you that things went so smoothly, and I give all the credit to your tutorial, the key tips you gave, and the couple of extra tools you provided with the chains. I needed and used everything you included, tools, tips and method included. It all worked perfectly for me.

As I climbed back in the car, chains quickly installed, I thought how awful that would have went if I had to do it for the first time on my own with just a set of factory instructions to read from. I confess I felt pretty satisfied as we sailed right up the hill past the gentleman that had to call for a ride. A few more steep hills later, we pulled into the driveway of the cabin we rented. Looking out the window at the snow covered mountains was a great ending to a long drive.

Thanks to your excellent services, we had a real blast on our trip - including tons of sledding. You can't see San Jacinto peak through the window because the whole valley was socked in with snow.

Thanks so much Tom!
On Dec 27, 2015 1:01 PM, "Michael C

Some snowchain questions and HUMOR :) from the Mammoth Mountain forum


Yelp reviews of Snowbird Tire chains

Woo hoo!
Date: 12/23/2012 5:01:10 PM Pacific Standard Time
I just arrived at the Lake Tahoe cabin during a snow storm! All thanks to your excellent teaching when I got to the "Chains required" point and there were no chain monkeys in sight, I knew just what to do- I had the chains on in about 10 minutes. Lots of other people were struggling, one even started driving but stopped when his chains fell off. It was such a comfort to have confidence in putting the chains on right!
John C
15 December 2012
Thank you for everything!!! I owe you a beer and another handshake. You saved my car and made me look like a seasoned pro out there on the hill. Everyone else looked brand new to the world. The chains fit perfect and all your tips were amazing. Thanks man. 
Todd W.
San Diego, CA

Can only reiterate all the previous reviews.  I called and left a message, Thomas got back to me right away.  I got an appointment when i wanted, and getting there was a breeze.  Thomas shows you how use the chains, and makes sure you can install them with ease, and that they're the right fit.  Everything about this purchase was great.  Also, your supporting a local small business, which also help's Thomas to continue to help others with his highway rescue.  I'll tell everyone I know to go here.

Powell S.
Santee, CA
Yeap, I reccommend him too.  He uses the 7.12mm chain for my jeep on 35s.  Teaches little tricks to be aware of from taking out of bag to returning to the bag, and is detail oriented.
Andrew K.
San Diego, CA
Just bough a set of tire chains for a 2000 mile winter trip I am about to go on.  I have never had better service or a better teacher concerning snow chains in my life.  Thomas will teach you the tips and tricks to SUCCESSFULLY install your chains and you won't leave Snowbird without being comfortable with installing your chains.  Take it from a ex-tractor trailer driver, Thomas knows his stuff.  The product I bought is top notch and I know that if I ever have a questions, Thomas is just a phone call away.

  • 2/27/2011
  • Chandra T

The Highwayman is your one stop shop for chains, instruction and confidence for when you are installing chains 'in country'. He is kind, efficient, knowledgable and takes pride in his business and instruction.

Being spontaneous, I decided I would take my little girls to see it snow and go sledding. But, I didn't know the first thing about how to figure out what size chains I would need or how to put them on. Fortunately, I knew this much: you don't mess around with inferior equipment or lack of preparation. But how could I get what I needed, and fast?

We called at 8:30 a.m. for an appointment. By 10:30 my 3yr old, 5 yr old, and myself were learning to install perfect-fitting cables in the most straight-forward manner.

1.5 hours later on Mount Laguna I installed both cables in about 7 minutes in a slush-filled parking lot. It would have been less time but people interrupted to ask if I needed help. (I think they were trying to figure out how come I was so fast at it!)

This is the best value you will find for outfitting your car with snow chains/cables. Thomas and pup will warm your heart and renew your faith in humanity.

Don't waste your time with one more google search or trip to tire store. Call Thomas. Learn. Go play in the snow!


David K

Chula Vista, CA

I would highly recommend seeking out Thomas (highway man) to buy tire snow chains. This man has a whole arsenal of tire chains in his garage.  You receive great personal customer service and receive valuable knowledge about snow chain application. I went to Big Bear 2/18/11 - 2/21/11 and was thankful I went to Thomas for snow chains. It snowed a lot Friday and especially Saturday. I was able to put my snow chains on and off with ease because of Thomas snow chain 101 instruction. He takes the time to personally try on your chains to assure you get proper fitting ones for your vehicle. You are taught the easiest most efficient way to put your tire chains on and off. Thomas even takes the time to have you demonstrate back to him how to apply your snow chains and will instruct you more if needed. You also receive everything you need for snow chain application (a tarp to kneel on, gloves that work excellent for tire chain application, block of wood, and personal written tire chain instructions).

Mel G


We went to Sequoia on January 4, 2011. There is a construction escort up the hill and then it is the chain control area. About 30 cars stopped all at once to put on chains after the construction area. I hopped out put both wheels up on blocks, whipped the chains around the tires, fastened them up and was back on the road in less than 5 minutes. I even double checked my work because it seemed too fast. Everyone else was still unpacking their chains and looking perplexed. It was 20-30 minutes after our arrival at the lodge that others began appearing.
Thanks Snowbird! I didn't pay extra for the snowchains. I paid for the education and the service. As far as I'm concerned I got the chains for free while paying for the fit service and education.


Good morning Thomas,

Thanks again for making what would normally be an unpleasant experience
with chains educational and humorous.  It was a delight to meet such an
excellent teacher and to learn so much from you in so short a time.  The
few dollars that I might have saved by going elsewhere are rendered
completely insignificant by the quality of the knowledge you imparted to
me and the confidence I now have that not only do the chains fit
perfectly,  but that I know how to get them on and off easily and properly.

Many thanks, John
Hi Thomas! I arrived back in San Diego (safely) yesterday after spending a week in the Sierras around Lake Tahoe.The weather was very cold and snowy. This was great for skiers andsnowboarders but difficult for drivers! Thanks to your "instructions" Iwas able to install chains, including installing chains near DaggettSummit in the middle of a snow storm with 80 mile an hour ridgegusts!!  My ten year old daughter was worried about the "snow-nadoes"seemingly tornadoe like wind whipped snow!! We were able to navigatethe frozen roads with your help!! Also, because of your "teachings" Iwas able to help a "father-daughter" set of travellers with theirchains! The father had recent hand surgery and couldnt do the chains! I was able to help them on their way because of you! Thanks again! Dave

We enter yosemite on Saturday after 2 inches of snow. We did not need the chains to get in. Snowed about a foot on Saturday nite, another 6 inches on Sunday another 6 inches on Monday and maybe 2 inches on tuesday. Snowed in!!!! I put chains on the towed jeep and they worked great. Thursday I worked the chains on the big rv and then off we went out of the park. Its 35 miles from campground to entrance of yosemite park and then another 5 miles to the snow line. Slow and steady we got out of the park. Mostly ice on the ground. Trailers without chains slide off the road. The chains worked great and your instructions excellent!,,


Have a BlueSky Day! 

Hi Thomas,
Our family started planning unexpectedly another Yosemite trip for later.  And, I realized that I didn't let you
know how our last Yosemite drive went, especially since we were expecting snow.
Our drive up was actually pretty simple.  The roads were dry and clear - no snow or rain.  But, there were
still patches of snow from their last storm.  And, it was very cold.  Then, it rained for the rest of the week
which ultimately led to...yep...snow!  On our last day, we got about 6 inches of snow!  Chains were required
on all roads, especially the main highway 41.  And, surprisingly, we saw people stuck at the hotel because
they had no chains.  For us, no problem.  We dug our car out from the snow.  I put the chains on - no problem.
(I even yelled "Hiyah!")  And, we drove out.  Down the hill, we saw a line of cars with drivers putting their
chains on to drive up.  And, some drivers looked totally lost like they've never even seen a snow chain before!
That experience confirmed that I made the right decision of seeking your help and services.  I was confidcent
that we were properly equipped and knowledgeable on how to use the chains.  That was worth so much to me
because my whole family was in our car.  Their safety is everthing.
Anyway, I'll definitely bring the chains on any winter drive where there may be snow.  And, I've recommended
you to so many friends.
So, thank you again for taking care of us.  We appreciate you so much!

We had a great time up in Big Bear this past weekend!! We definitely
needed chains all day Saturday as it was a constant downpour of snow
and/or sleet! I got them on without a problem in just a few minutes.
Thank you thank you for all your help and kindness! I KNOW it wouldn't
have been nearly so easy or simple if I hadn't had my lesson from you!

Ruth S


Thank you very much for your attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Nobody else ever mentioned moving the brake cable, which sounds like it could have been disastrous. It was well worth the drive, and I’m happy to have met you. If anyone asks about chains or cables, you can be sure I’ll direct them to you. We just got home from Big Bear, where there was plenty of snow for skiing, but the roads were completely dry! I know if I had not made the trip to you, there would have been a storm and I would have been turned around at some checkpoint. At least now, we have them for the next trip. No regrets at all.  Take good care, and I’ll see you down the road.

Best regards,




Celebrating 25 Years of "Giving Hope Wings"





Hi Thomas,I was able to put your good training to use yesterday going up to Big Bear.  The chains worked like a champ.  Same for my other friends who got chains for their suburban at 3:00.  I did see one of your other customers up there.  It appeared to be the guy in the large white truck who had the appointment after me.   He was right behind me going up the mountain and seemed to be a bit impatient with my 25 mph max speed.  When the road opened up to 2 lanes he cruised right by.  About 20 minutes later I passed him on the side of the road messing with his chains.  Just thought I would let you know in case he calls to complain.  Anyways I felt very confident with travelling in brutal conditions due to my training.  Thanks again!!  
it's interesting to note here -- that the above message forewarned me about the fella who was " a bit impatient" w the 25mph speed -- drove much faster - damaged his truck and his chains -- and then SWORE to me that he hadn't driven over 25mph and wanted *me* to pay for the damage to his truck that HE caused -- too bad -- ya never know -- I certainly appreciated the "heads up" thankee friend, ya saved me some grief. 

It was an honor to meet you, Thomas. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the detailed instruction on how to put the chains on and take them off.

I also have to thank you for the tip on Phil's. Best ribs I've ever had - and considering I've spent a great deal of time in Georgia and the Carolinas, that's saying something. My wife says when she moves out here from Florida (long story, the short version of which is that we're temporarily bicoastal), she wants to go to Phil's and hopes you and your wife will join us.

Anyway, thanks again for the excellent service. When I saw that you're a bird guy, I knew I had come to the right place.




I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service you provided me when I came to buy cables for my 1999 Cadillac Escalade. I was going to go to Wal-mart store but a good friend of mine recommended you because you make sure that the cables fit properly on the tire. I’m glad I did because the chart was wrong. I actually needed two sizes smaller for the tire size that I have on my Escalade.  You also took the time to make sure that I knew how to put them on. You also provided gloves, a small tarp and typed instructions on how to put them on. I’m very grateful to you sir. Again… thank you so much for your service, knowledge, and kindness that you provided. You will come highly recommended by me. Mike from Fallbrook


To: thomas@snowtraction.com
Subject: A Million Thanks
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 22:42:57 -0600

I had the most wonderful day.  One would think that a freak snow storm that caught our county by surprise and required me to buy and put on chains just to get home would not qualify as such.  I can honestly say that today has been one of the best and most wondrous days in my memory.  You are part of my wonderful day and I can't thank you enough.
When I left Julian this morning I had no idea what was in store for me.  It has already been an eventful 2008 and today was no exception. One of the events of this year was that I had to buy a new car last weekend.    My car buying experience turned out so much better than I had anticipated.  You saw the results, I have a beautiful Dodge Caliber to show for it.  A vehicle I did not think I could afford.  I found this one by "chance" at an incredible price and had a great buying experience at Budget Car Sales in El Cajon.  Next, I found car insurance for almost half of what AAA and others had quoted me with Wawanesa.  Amazing "chance" number two.  I worked with the dealership on financing and was promised an interest rate equal to my credit union.  Tuesday evening I was told they couldn't give me that rate and it would be 3% more.  Today I went to my bank and found they are having a special on auto loans for one week beginning today and my interest rate would  actually be .25% less than they originally promised.  Bonus!!!  With that I was able to get the same payment and extend my warranty for 6 more years.  AWESOME!!!  I waltzed in to the dealership with a check for payment in full.  After that I began my trek home. Having a new car meant I was no longer equipped for snow which I learned was falling in the mountains quite heavily.   I needed snow chains to get home to my daughter and my dog. That's when I was guided to you by an employee at Kragen near the Parkway Plaza Mall.  My heart was telling me to follow along, so I did.
My experience with you was fabulous.  You are a very special person.  The world is a much better place with you in it.  But wait....there's more.
After leaving your establishment I followed my heart some more.  It told me just start up the hill,  that everything would be ok.  I was blessed to witness some once in a lifetime moments on that drive.  First, I saw snow beginning at Highway 67 and Poway Road. What??? Continuing up 67 into Ramona the sights took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.  I have lived in Julian all my life, except for the 20 years in the middle, I've been home for the last 10.  When I came around the last bend before Mussey Grade I was astounded.  Snow covered the hills all the way down to Ramona, the sun was just breaking through the clouds to the west, it was sunset.  The most beautiful colors of pink and blue a human being could ever dream of lit the snow covered hillsides.  It was so beautiful, there aren't words. 
I stopped in Ramona to fill up with gas.  My thought was that I may have to wait for a while to make it up the mountain and I wanted to be warm.  When I reached the eastern side of Ramona a sign read "Hwy 78 closed at Old Julian Highway" so I said to myself, ok...we'll see when we get there. I continued on.  I got to Old Julian Highway the sign read " 4X4 or chains required".  This is where you come in.  I was elated!!! I had to put on chains!  I paused for a brief moment while I questioned my sanity, decided I really was happy and jumped right in.  I was done in 10 minutes flat.  I threw my hands in the air and yelled!!! Just like you told me to, only I would have done it even if you hadn't told me to because I was so proud of myself and so thankful to have had the opportunity to have met you. 
Just as I was finishing my celebration dance in my wool skirt and open shoes standing in the slush and snow on the roadside, a woman walked up to me wringing her hands and asking if I could help her please....I said I would be happy to, but, as luck would have it, they decided to open the road as far as Santa Ysabel to everyone. That was just far enough ahead for her to get where she needed to go.  I was worried about driving on pavement with the cables on so I just took it slowly and was glad I had them many times. 
When I got home this evening I called my parents and told them about my day.  My dad will be getting in touch with you as he has several pairs of snow chains from various vehicles he would like to talk with you about.  I too have my old set of cables that I will donate to your most worthy of causes after I check to see if they might fit my moms car.  I am coming back down next Tuesday to get my cruise control taken care of and will give you a call to arrange to drop them off.
I know I don't have to encourage you to keep up the good work.  It is obvious this is a labor of love for you.  I hope I can return the favor many times over as a result of your infectious gift.  I will take this experience with me and look forward to each and every chance I have to pass the kindness and wisdom that you extended to me today along to another person in this world. 
Thank you again and again,


Only those who are asleep make no mistakes.


I have an R63 for which I purchased and have used snow cables on all 4 wheels for my ski trips in Northern California. When I contacted Mercedes for their position regarding snow chains on this vehicle they said absolutely not. However, I contacted a gentleman who specializes in snow chains and difficult fitment applications and he was able to set me up without any problems. Thomas is located in San Diego but to ensure and guarantee proper fit, he will not sell unless you are able to bring the vehicle to him in person. I was so concerned about chain fitment that I had the salesperson at the San Diego dealer where I purchased my vehicle bring my R63 to Thomas for fitment confirmation before I ever saw the vehicle in person! The salesperson even had the chains in their carrying bag in the vehicle when I went in to do the paperwork and took delivery!

If snow cables will fit all four wheels of my vehicle which has 265-R45-20 tires, it should not be a problem for any of the other R Models. True, a 4matic vehicle can handle some pretty nasty snow conditions without chains, but having snowcables gives me a little more peace of mind.

Here is Thomas' website for those who might be interested:



 Tom, here's a true story:  after getting "chains 101" from you on Thursday, I took the family up to Big Bear the next day.  We decided to leave early on Sun due to an approaching snow storm, and only made it about 5 miles out of town before having to pull over to chain up.  Thx to your expert instruction, was chained up in less then 5 min, and in the process, was approached by 2 other motorists, both of whom had chains like mine, but had no idea how to install them.

 I helped them both in just a few minutes, and told them the story of how just the day before you turned me into an expert.  One of them, a Los Angeles police officer, said to tell you "thanks a million!"

regards Jon  



SNOW TRACTION fittin & installing Testimonials

Snowtraction Testimonials -- ALL vehicles fitted by the San Diego Highwayman

Monday 28January 2008

Hi Tom -- Thank you for the great instruction. We had to use the chains, and I impressed the heck out of my wife by whipping those things on in under 5 minutes!

It was great to meet you, and I will be passing along your information to other similarly mechanically challanged people.



Hey Tom,

I was smiling all the way back to Oceanside after meeting you.

Thank you so much for the enlightening and fun experience buying snow chains. I'm not hesitant about encountering snowy conditions in the mountains now.

What a valuable service you provide - reminds me of olden days when people took time with each other instead of now where everything is about mass selling and store employees don't have a clue about the products.

You are definitely unique and I always appreciate meeting another "alien." :) Makes the world more interesting.

Keep on doing what you're doing! Whooooo.......haaaaa!

Many blessings.


Hi there,

Thank you for your fun and humorous instruction, it’s an awesome service you provide!  I know I didn’t quite get the hayaaaaaa down very good last night on that last clip but I was laughing and that kind of zaps the strength.  I’m sure I’ll get it down and that last clip on quickly if needed as I’ll be out in the cold and snow and most likely will not be laughing and having the giggles J

The best to you, your wife and of course Shela.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas a grand New Year!

Thanks again,


Thanks Tom, I used the chains for Many Miles this weekend. Lots of ice.
Worked great. Storage bag, gloves and tarp all came in handy. I did loose the blocks as they shot off into the san bernadino forest while driving off of them....at least they are bidegradable!
Couldn't help laughing at myself as I remembered your specific instructions and steps putting them on and taking them off.
Even caught myself grunting as I put on the rubber band!
You provide a great service to So. Cal drivers. Keep up the great work.
Happy New Year Tom,
Just wanted to let you know that I sucessfully put on and took off my new chains two times on the way to Portland last week. The onlookers were so impressed with my speed (and kong-fu yelling technique) that I was asked to help them put their chains on.
Thank you again& I will recommend you to anyone in need of chains!
Take care,

24 March 2006
Dear Thomas,
I am so happy I decided to call you for my snowchain needs a few weeks ago. I watched a lot of people struggling in the slush as I quickly put mine on trouble free. Your attention to detail is unsurpassed!
The trip to your house was well worth it; the chains went on easily and worked like a charm. We stopped to chain up about three miles before the CalTrans roadblock. in those three miles there were three wrecks, two were 4WD SUVs, one a roll-over and another that slammed into a big rig that was chaining up.

Also, there were a lot of people stopping to adjust or deal with ill-fitting chains.

The ones you sold us went on and stayed on all weekend until I-80 was dry. My wife, who is really not familar with treacherous winter driving conditions, felt safe the whole time. I like to think it was due to my driving but I think the chains played a large part.
Thanks again and I'll be glad to send people your way for chains.
02/23/2006 08:17 AM

Posts: 25
Joined: 11/03/2005
I've only posted a couple of times, but have seen numerous comments regarding The Highwayman and his chain service.
Since the b/f and I will be heading up next week, I thought I'd pay him a visit to hook up my Explorer. I had memories of growing up, my dad in the freezing snow, yelling "these stupid f****ing chains". I wanted to avoid reliving these memories as much as possible.
I have to say The Highwayman is one of the kindest, most generous, and seemingly genuine people I have ever met. First off, he invites you to his house for a chain fitting. He takes the time to explain how things work, then gets you down with the tires to make sure you know what you're doing. He wants his customers to feel confidant that they can install chains themselves.
I am so fortunate that I found The Highwayman on the forum and that I live down the freeway from him. I will definately recomend his services any chance I get. I wanted to publicly say "Thank You" for all the help.

**The b/f says if Sheila needs a babysitter or home, she's welcome anytime.

02/23/2006 12:03 PM
The Highwayman

You're making it hard on me girl! -- now I have to live up to your praise

Was a pleasure to be of service

Shela says "woof aroorooo woof arf grr" [ translation -- "sorry, I wuff my highwayman " ]
Thank YOU for delivering exactly what I needed. I always like to deal with a pro and I am convinced that no one knows more about chains [ and cables ] than you do. I enjoyed meeting you and I enjoyed the visit and I am really happy with what you sold me.

I just hope that if my wife and son are stranded on a road somewhere, someone like you is the one who stops to help. [ my greatest compliment ]
Thanks again,
Tom Sweeney
Hey Highwayman,
I hope all is well and I just wanted to let you know how my trip to Mammoth went last weekend. We arrived without incident and with no snow on the ground Friday, but by the time we woke up there was a steady snowfall. When the storm finally passed on Sunday, 25 inches of snow had fallen and my small 2WD Ranger was buried. However, with the help of your cables and the sandbags you gave me, I was able to pull out of that snow drift with little trouble. Thanks again for your help and good luck to you in the future.

Hi Thomas,
I spent one full week on the internet calling around to get snow cables for my car. Out of 100s of websites and phones calls, you were the most nicest and educated person I encountered. Since I had a 10" lift and 38" tires, I thought I would never find cables for my car. I drove out 31/2 hours each way to your facility and found it worth while because not only you had the cables for my tires but you gave me so many tips, tricks, and supplies to make my job easier on the snow. This type of business and customer service is very hard to find. I wanted to Thank you for your service and will highly recommend you to all my friends and family.
Brian Safdari
I have to say the experience was outstanding. You made it pleasurable,educational, and interesting. It definitely shows that you enjoy what your doing and you give us, the novice all of the information we may need to make chains an enjoyable and benefical experience, or at least as enjoyable as it can be to put chains on in the snow and cold.

I also want to compliment your web site, communication, ect... It gives just about all of the information.

Thanks for everything and I will definitely recommend your services to everyone that will listen.
Thank you very much for everything...everything went fine... we appreciate what you did for us...my brother-in-law bought his own chains and had a miserable time with a flat tire and loosened brake lines that had to be fixed...so we saw how awful it could have been...once again we appreciate your great customer service we will be happy to send anyone we know who needs chains to you :-)

SnowChains101 - Special Thanks to The Highwayman

10/25/2004 10:11 AM


As a longtime "lurker" on this forum, I firstly would like to say a kind hello to everyone. I've very much enjoyed reading so many of the posts over the past year or so as they've proven most helpful and educational.

But, I really would like to extend a special thanks to The Highwayman. After having read the advice of so many here on the Forum, I met with him over the weekend for SnowChains101. It was the best decision I could possibly make to ensure being safe and secure as the winter driving season approaches. He is as professional, courteous, friendly and genuine as they come. I had no snow chain experience whatsoever, and needed to learn installation/removal from scratch. Thus, it was really a pleasure to gain some of his insights and skill, and to be finally confident in handling chains from start to finish.

I continue to second the notion(s) expressed here previously that anyone who is either a) unsure on chains for their vehicle b) unsure on installation/removal c) just interested in tips of the trade to make the trip to visit The Highwayman. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks so much, Highwayman. I am forever grateful.

Best to all.

Chair 17 Productions


My family and I will have to second that thanks:-)) The Highwayman set up my truck and RV with cables this past week and we are ready! Great products, great experience, and you leave knowing exactly what to do---highly recommend him.

It was great learning about The Highwayman through this forum. Who says forums aren't useful? And to think we were just 10 minutes from where he lives. Doh!

Took Saturday morning and went down to El Cajon to see the Highwayman. It was a beautiful drive down the five, past Trails where the waves were firing and I was without my stick It was all better though when I got to meet Highwayman and his lovely wife, his great dog. After a full tour of the rescue rig and a bit of coffee, he got me my Z-cables, showed me how to put 'em on and some tips that make it a much less painful chore. Spent a bit of time shooting the breeze and then had to return for a dinner for my mission.

Anyhow, it was worth every mile and dollar to see you Highway and I look forward to seeing you again! Give Shelia a pat on the head for me.

-- Llama



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