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Mt Laguna family snowplay adventure advice

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SNOWCHAINS installation on Mt Laguna
where I perfected my SNOWCHAINS tradecraft

SNOWCHAINS vs SNOWCABLES which are YOU preferin?
We have the BEST of BOTH kinds here at SNOWBIRD SNOWCHAINS
We have SCC Shur Grip Z -- SuperZ6 -- SuperZ8 -- SuperZ LT -- AND --  Quik Grip ladder type chains to fit CARs, SUVs, PICKUPs, TRUCKs, MOTORHOMEs, TOURBUSs, TRACTOR-TRAILERs -- 
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ladder-type link-type chains have the most agressive straightahead traction -- think tank tread -- difficult to install correctly --high vibration level on roads -- wear out fast when drivin on clear pavement --

they are generally preferred by folks who are backwoods, country, hunter - suvivorist oriented

Z cables are better "allround" traction, though less aggressive then the chains -- work well with ABS brakes, automatic 4WD vehicles -- smoother riding -- are lighter and easier to install correctly -- last longer when drivin on clear pavement --

They are prefered by folks who are skier - travelers

With ANY traction device for winter drivin the MAXIMUM speed drivin should be 30mph -- LESS then 30 is likely often preferable -- sometimes 15 can be too fast!

with ANY snowdrivin situation -- the *KEY* to gittin around safely is driver experience and DISGRESSION! when manuverin.

Some SNOWCHAIN questions and HUMOR :)

Well,  the best laid plans

kin go awry --

fer the darndest reasons

Only time I've been stuck in the snow

in 40+ years

was in the parkin lot of the Sunrise Cafe near the top of Mt Laguna in the late 80's when it was an upscale Hungarian resturant -- w candle lights, white tablecloths, red velvet curtains, INCREDIBLY good food!

Had a hot date that night, and flew up the mountain on clear-dry pavement so when we got there the tires were hot -- parkin lot hadn't been plowed -- bout 8 inches of snow coverin it that I could see -- no worries -- what I couldn't see was the 2 inches of ICE under the snow --

pulled into the lot -- had a nice romantic 2 hr candlelit dinner w my gal -- went to leave -- hmm - that's interestin -- all four wheels sunk inta the snow in melted sockets from bein hot -- rig won't move -- jist spinnin the rear wheels --

now, ya gotta picture this -- dining room windas face the parkin lot -- it's an incline to back upta the road to leave -- there are cars parked close on either side of mine -- I'm tryin to rock the rig to git outta those melted wheel sockets, and I'm goin from side to side a bit as I do so -- folks ownin the cars parked beside mine are payin close attention from the dinin room ;)

I've GOT chains with me but I don't wishta put em on as she & I are both "dressed" for the occasion annnnnnd we're kinda in a hurry now to git home and git "undressed" for the occasion :)


Another couple comes out and they git inta their 4x truck and proceed to pull out to the clear dry pavement
[ this is where 4x RULES -- *they* kin move when others can't ]

I hook my 30ft "snatch" strap to my trailer hitch and toss him the other end that he hooks to his -- and he proceeds to easily pull me out onta the pavement

We shake onit and go our ways :)

Slightly embareassin fer me but the rest of the evenin made up for it ;)


2 weeks later --

I'm back, this time w  a different gal - and as we enter - the owner -- I THOUGHT we were friends ;)  pulls back the velvet curtain to the dinin room and announces to the folks assembled fer dinner

"Here's the SNOWCHAIN guy!  got stuck in my parking lot 2 weeks ago!

Well, *that* was embareasin enuf -- but, what was worse -- was when the gal turned to me and said "WHO were you with two weeks ago?!!"

needless to say -- the evenin didn't go as I'd hoped :O

Why I chainup ALL four! [ if I chainup at all ]

One winter's day on Mt Laguna, I was proceeding down hill on the Sunrise Highway -- in my 2wd,rwd, 55 Ford SAR rig, chained only on my rear drive wheels -- vehicle in front of me wasn't chained at all -- we came to an exceptionally icy stretch - down hill curve - and the lead vehicle began to fishtail slowly then overcorrected and slid off the road and over the side - rolling over several times before comin up against a big pine tree which stopped it's fall -- watched all of this in kinda slow motion.

I, in my adrenalin racin excitement, turned to the side to pull over to render aid -- all was well -- UNTIL -- I braked to stop!

My SAR rig continued straight [ w the wheels turned left ] in the skidpath of the previous vehicle till finally stoppin -- with -- I'm shure -- my RF tire hangin in the air over the edge of the road!

Well -- I said a leetil prayer, threw it inta reverse, backed up and lined up better w the road edge -- bailed out and ran to assist the unfortunate driver and his passengers outa their battered vehicle [ was on it's side ] luckily, no one was hurt moren bumps & bruises.

From that day to this, I chain up ALL FOUR TIRES so that I kin steer as well as move.

Nearta had to clean my seat!

folks are all the time askin me what I recommend as far as to how many tires to chainup -- I say "from experience -- "

where to GET perfectly fitted snowtraction

619-442-3767 8am to 6pm pst 7days

We carry SCC Super Z 6 & Super Z 8 -- also Super Z LT and Shur Grip Z along with QuikGrip link snowchains in most sizes - inCLUDING hard to find sizes!


Mt Laguna snow --

Early one winter's mornin, I was checking conditions on the mountain prior to bringin a passel of kids up to play in the hoped for snow.

Drivin up the icy, snowcovered Sunrise highway, I was doin all right w no chains on -- untill -- I encountered a flatbed ranch truck pullin a horse trailer w 2 horses init that hadn't made it to the top of one particulary dangerous curve-hill before it lost traction and came to a stop on the icy road --

now -- in itself -- that was bad enuf -- BUT! -- the movement of the horses in the trailer was causin the rig to slowly slip downhill, to the right, becausa the crown of the road, jackknifing as it did so, approachin the edge of the road where there was a steep dropoff of considerable distance!

I came to a stop behind, and then couldn't proceed uphill my self as my tires jist spun on the ice as well -- spoke w the driver as he sat petrified at the wheel, afraid to move and wishin the horses weren't -------

I hadta quickly back down to a nearby turnout where I proceded to chain up my SAR rig in RIGHT QUICK fashion, whereupon I rushed back up the hill to position my rig in front of the slip-slidin truck & trailer -- hookin up my 30 ft "snatch strap" to my tow hook & his front bumper & prayin all the while that the horses would be still long enuf so's he would'nt take me over the side W him if he went -- he's only a coupla feet from the edge now -----------

anyways -- gave him the "high sign" to apply power -- annnnd w my rig churnin and his tires aspinnin we got him straightened out and movin slowly UP & over the hill to a safe level spot where he was gonna wait for someone from the ranch to bring him chains -- don't know if he hadta clean his seat after this "adventure"

SNOWCHAINS reviews YELP San Diego
so you KNOW your snowchains will go on easily

What NOT to do!!!! DON'T lock up yer brakes and stand onem -- all these folk would have had to do to AVOID these silly crashes would to have taken their foot OFFA the brake to allow their tires to start turnin agin THEN they coulda steered away from the collisions! funny to watch -- NOT so funny to participate :(

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