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We carry SCC Super Z 6 & Super Z 8 -- also Super Z LT and Shur Grip Z along with QuikGrip link chains in most sizes

You can call 619-442-3767 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday -- 10am to 6pm Saturday closed on Sunday

OR -- you can E-mail 24-7 for a fitting appointment for your vehicle's tires -- ALL sizes!

or to ask questions

Please NOTE -- we do NOT ship NOR do we provide our snowchains or cables withOUT prefitting -- you MUST present your vehicle HERE  to avail youself of our services. if you can DO this we will be pleased to be of service and can absolutely guarantee PERFECT fit and because our SNOWCHAINS101 is included with EVERY purchase you will KNOW how to install your snowchains in the easiest way.  :)

Speed limt with chains is 25 MPH



SNOWCHAINS -- where to place em for Front Wheel Drive

FWD -- chains MUST be on front wheels --

CAN also, additionally, be on the rear wheels as well, if the vehicle has clearance for them, to prevent "hike out" when slowin and turnin -- especially when travelin downhill.

TIRECHAINS -- where to place em for Rear Wheel Drive

RWD -- chains MUST be on rear wheels --

CAN also, additionally, be on the front wheels, if the vehicle has clearance for them, so that you can STEER as well as move

Where to place em for All Wheel Drive - 4 Wheel Drive

AWD -- quite a few AWD are primarily FWD for the placement of snowchains -- READ your owner's manual to determine where to install chains. MOST of these vehicles benefit from havin chains on all four wheels, BUT, some, don't have the clearance to allow it. Check YOUR vehicles clearances and fit of your snowtraction devices BEFORE leavin on your trip with em if you wish to avoid unpleasant "consequences" ;)

4WD -- chains should normally be on the REAR wheels for highway travelin, if your only usin one pair -- you *can* put one pair on the front wheels to pull yourself up that steep mountainside or driveway -- but -- then -- when you're comin down -- the back end is going to want to try to pass the front end.

BEST -- is to chainup all four wheels -- makin yourself a virtual tank -- with the ability to go most anywhere you wish to -- OR -- the ability to git stuck worsen you ever imagined possible! ;)

Driver "experience" and "disgression" is KEY in any winter drivin situation. :)

Happy Trails

SNOWCHAINS -- where to git em

Snowbird Tire Chains

Why I chainup ALL four! [ if I chainup at all ]

One winter's day on Mt Laguna, I was proceeding down hill on the Sunrise Highway -- in my 2wd,rwd, 55 Ford SAR rig, chained only on my rear drive wheels -- vehicle in front of me wasn't chained at all -- we came to an exceptionally icy stretch - down hill curve - and the lead vehicle began to fishtail slowly then overcorrected and slid off the road and over the side - rolling over several times before comin up against a big pine tree which stopped it's fall -- watched all of this in kinda slow motion.

I, in my adrenalin racin excitement, turned to the side to pull over to render aid -- all was well -- UNTIL -- I braked to stop!

My SAR rig continued straight [ w the wheels turned left ] in the skidpath of the previous vehicle till finally stoppin -- with -- I'm shure -- my RF tire hangin in the air over the edge of the road!

Well -- I said a leetil prayer, threw it inta reverse, backed up and lined up better w the road edge -- bailed out and ran to assist the unfortunate driver and his passengers outa their battered vehicle [ was on it's side ] luckily, no one was hurt moren bumps & bruises.

From that day to this, I chain up ALL FOUR TIRES so that I kin steer as well as move.

Nearta had to clean my seat!
folks are all the time askin me what I recommend as far as to how many tires to chainup -- I say "from experience -- "

a snowchains nightmare story you DON'T want to have happen to YOU!



e-mail for snowtraction querys

phone 619-442-3767 for snowchain fitting appointments

8am to 6pm pst  6 days, closed on Sunday

Snowbird SNOWCHAINS in San Diego are the BEST!


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