Trickster Coyote strikes again

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Coyote -- "trickster" strikes agin

 As I turned around on the Sunrise Highway OC at the farthest point of my Eastern I-8 "search loop" I noticed a small white car at the end of the offramp in the dirt shoulder with a flat LF tire.

Nobody around -- SOO I reentered highway lanes headed Westbound. Couldn't stop my nagging "voice" that said "GO BACK" however SOO I turned around again, went back, and took a closer look

Not only was the LF flat and shredded but the apparent spare was flat and shredded also lying beside the car Car looked like it belonged to someone who could USE some help [ overall condition not good ] SOO I snagged one of the blown tires - headed back to base 20 and mounted up a decent tire from my stock I keep for purposes such as this -- returned to mountain location and installed it on car

I'd LOVE to see the look on the persons face when they returned



Shela LOVES to play "Coyote" tricks

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